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Vix Cin Interview

Age:  45
Height: 5’3″
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Chest Size: 38DD
Tattoos: 2 sleeves, 7 others
Piercings: 6 including my ears
Nationality: Hispanic
Natural or Enhanced: Boobs are enhanced
Twitter: @Vix_cin
IG: @_vixcin_
OF: @Vix_Cin

Where are you from? South of Boston

What turns you on? A man’s hands on my neck, kissing the back of my shoulder 

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be? Ludacris

What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? 30+ guy gangbang at Splash Mocha with my friend Subgirl 

What are you hoping to do on camera and who are you hoping to work with in the future? On camera… a solo gangbang… be the center of attention with 4-5 guys and get creampied by all of them… and who would I like to work with? Hmmm… Jadynn Stone, xxxEBunnz and Jay Hefner

What are you best at sexually? Riding dick and kissing 

What’s your favorite position? I love to be on top 

What was it about The Flourish company that made you want to be part of the Content team? Networking and making connections with a well-established brand in the industry. Meeting amazing people and growing relationships. 

What’s next for you? Growing my fan base, retiring my husband and more travel

The Flourish XXX is also happy to announce that they will have a booth at the upcoming Adult Entertainment Expo being held in Las Vegas from Wednesday, January 4 – Saturday, January 7, 2023. Fans can find their favorite stars signing for The Flourish in booth #2300 including Vix Cin!

For more information, visit https://adultentertainmentexpo.com/.

The Flourish XXX Releases Ray Ray Open Texas Gangbang

Also, Flourish Amateurs Bows Explosive New BDSM Mandii Marie Scene

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX is excited to announce the release of Ray Ray Open Texas Gangbang, featuring petite blonde natural nympho, Ray Ray. The cock loving, ink sleeved petite blonde takes on multiple male partners, often two at a time, in a high intensity free for all that see her taking load after load to the face! It was a dream scene, according to Ray Ray, who described sausage parties as her specialty!

“Gangbangs are my thing, my jam,” said Ray Ray. “So, when you know it’s Ray Ray in it you know I go all in.”

She also expressed her love for the company and explained this is just one of several more incendiary new scenes on the way from the two.

“I love working with TheFlourishXXX and TJ is my close friend,” she said. “We did over seven shoots that week and we still haven’t gotten thru half of the releases! Look for more collaboration between our studios, mine and TheFlourishxxx.”

Flourish CEO TJ, aka Mr. Flourish XXX, explained why it’s hard not to be impressed by a one-of-a-kind girl like Ray Ray.

“You fall in love with Ray Ray not because she is nasty as hell, that’s too easy to fall for that, but because her passion, her work ethic and attention to detail is second to none,” said TJ from The Flourish XXX. “She sets the bar as far as being easy to work with. We will be shooting her not only for TheFlourishXXX site but also, I have two third party major production deals and I want to get her involved there as well.”

See Ray Ray get her jam jumping now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Ray-Ray-Open-Texas-Gangbang.html.

Flourish Amateurs also has a new release, featuring gorgeous Mandii Marie. What starts out as a normal gonzo scene with the tattooed petite Brunette sex goddess turned into something more, with reciprocal heavy ass eating and anal fingering, BDSM, bondage fucking in cuffs, and more! When Flourish CEO TJ says they bring out the beast in people during their explosive scenes, this is what he’s talking about.

“I haven’t traveled much since last time I was with the team, miss them much,” Mandii shared. “In talking to TJ we just wanted to give my fans something for the Thanksgiving holiday and also do some fresh marketing. The shoot was easy with Ralph and Nissa aka Mrs. Flourish XXX did the videography.”

Mrs. Flourish XXX Nissa added, “I told them to get more hardcore around the middle of the scene. We saw some cuffs that go on your wrist and ankles and next thing you know they both are licking each other’s rear ends all bondage and going hard.”

See it now at https://tour.theflourishamateurs.com/trailers/Amateur-Battle-Mandii-Marie-vs-WrecckitRalph.html.

Follow Ray Ray on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ray_ray_xxx.

Follow Marie Mandii on Twitter at https://twitter.com/marie_mandii and check out her OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/mandiimarie.

Follow Nissa aka Mrs. Flourish XXX on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MrsFlourishXXX

TJ aka MrFlourishXXX’s has his own brand new Sheer POV account! You can follow him now at https://www.sheer.com/mrflourish! Follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/mrflourish69.

Follow The Flourish on Twitter at https://twitter.com/theflourishxxx and on Tik Tok at https://www.tiktok.com/@theflourish. The Flourish XXX is a Top 10 worldwide producer on ManyVids. See their content now at https://TheFlourishxxx.manyvids.com.

The Flourish XXX Releases Wild New Pros Lifestyle Masked Event Scene

‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Meets The South Florida Lifestyle in Extraordinary Ep 6

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX released a hot new episode of The Pros this weekend that pushes all the limits. The Pros Ep 6 Lifestyle Masked Event Vanna Bardot

features Vanna Bardot, Musa Phoenix from Episode 5, Violet Cox, Solo The Bull, Nikki Sweets, Electra Rayne, and Mandii Marie. Directed by Mr. Flourish, this extraordinary erotic encounter stars Musa Phoenix playing a professional ball player in the wrong place at just the right time.

In homage to Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, the story follows the star as he stumbles upon a private soiree where all the attendants of the lifestyle event, including men in business suits and women in various stages of undress, all wear masks. One glimpse into the taboo underworld is all it takes for this pro and he can’t stop fixating on the woman in charge, Vanna Bardot. The lifestyle takes over and everyone watches Violet Cox and Solo The Bull have sex. Musa discovers he can have what he desires most, but in order to smash Vanna he’ll have to pay a steep price.

“The mood was great, shooting with Musa was great and TJ was good to work with this being our first time,” said Vanna.

“Shooting with Vanna was awesome,” said Musa. “She is an amazing performer and we made things very hot for the scene. This concept from TJ, aka Mr. Flourish. was amazing. This first time I’d been in a masked group concept. This was my 2nd shoot with TheFlourishxxx and I sincerely hope to continue to work with them.”

“This ‘lifestyle + masked’ shoot was a cross of several different things and EXTREMELY risky to put together,” TJ explained. “But, the VISION came through and we produced a great product. Not only was Vanna and Musa amazing but the entire cast, and Violet Coxx and Solo The Bull had their sex part of this scene as well, that is how it is in Central slash South Florida in the lifestyle. We wanted to portray that.”

See it now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/The-Pros-Lifestyle-Masked-Event-Vanna-Bardot.html.

Follow Vanna Bardot on Twitter at https://twitter.com/vannabardot

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Videographers: https://twitter.com/mrflourish69 & https://twitter.com/MrsFlourishXXX

The Flourish has a new Tik Tok account of their own! Follow them now at https://www.tiktok.com/@theflourish. The Flourish XXX is a Top 10 worldwide producer on ManyVids. See their content now at https://TheFlourishxxx.manyvids.com.

The Flourish POV Specialty Site Bows Hot New Pair of Releases

Daisy Diva & Stephanie Love Satisfy Lovers in Unforgettable New Scenes

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish POV, the smaller, sister site of TheFlourishxxx.com, has a hot new pair of releases out featuring two of their Flourish Brand Management signed talent, starting with darling Daisy Diva and Marcel Shred. The gorgeous blonde with the big, beautiful tits goes to work on Marcel’s joystick, sucking and slurping away while making eye contact with the viewer. Just see how long you can last! Daisy explained how it all went down.

“Marcel had reached out to me when I had some commercial work to do in Atlanta and we made it happen,” said Daisy. “The POV was done a couple of months ago, but we never got around to putting it out. We plan to do some more work down the road for our fans.”

Her costar shared his gratitude for her and the company.

“Thanks to Daisy and The Flourish for giving independent creations a lane to be heard and seen more,” Marcel said. “Since this POV more big names I have attracted to shoot with, and the momentum is real.”

See it now at https://tour.theflourishpov.com/trailers/POV-of-Daisy-Diva-and-Marcel-Shred.html.

Follow Marcel Shred on Twitter at https://twitter.com/marcelshredpov

Follow Daisy Diva on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DaisyDivaSub

And don’t miss their other new release, a POV of rising inked star Stephanie Love and Miami Playhouse

“I was at a Flourish shoot house making tons of content with performers and Playhouse hit me up to do something and I was like why not? I love to perform in front of a camera and want the world to see.” said Stephanie Love.

Playhouse added, “shooting with Stephanie love was amazing, her feel, her looks and she constant laugher. Also, thanks to TJ for having me over to be creative with different talent in the South Florida Flourish shoot house the week we did it!”

Experience it now at https://tour.theflourishpov.com/trailers/POV-of-Stephanie-Love-and-Miami-Playhouse.html.

Follow Stephanie Love on Twitter at https://twitter.com/lovestephanie22

Follow Playhouse on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Playhousefans

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The Flourish XXX Bows New Stephanie Love Threeway with Brick and Black

Also, Flourish Amateurs Drops Banging Brick Scene with Hot Wife NoFaceMom77

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX continues to release a flood of hot new content, with each new mind-blowing drop jam packed with jaw dropping hardcore sex designed to leave you dripping with satisfaction.

This week the main site released Pool Hall BBC Threesome starring sexy pierced and tatted Stephanie Love with legendary crack packing dynamic duo, Brick and Black. Stephanie, a former Mormon from Utah and self-described nympho, is an inked porno dream cum true as she takes on two big black cocks at once in public!

Experience Black and Brick Cummings don’t waste any time getting to the ultra-hot sex in the gorgeously shot new release. First, they take newcummer Stephanie on top of the pool table, balls and all, then again beside the table and finally on the sweaty couch in the pool hall. The dirty blonde cougar just can’t get enough! There are no dull moments in this blistering new gonzo scene shot by TJ of TheFlourishxxx.

Stephanie Love, who signed recently with The Flourish for management, praised TJ and her costars, saying her debut scene turned out beyond her wildest expectations.

“OMG this was my first threesome on screen, and it was simply amazing,” said Stephanie. “The boys, my Flourish team, made sure I was very comfortable on the pool table and catered to me but also gave me tons of great dick. TJ was simply in a zone filming, and he won’t tell you but there was this part where he did a slide under me and them like sliding into home base to get the PERFECT shot. I could have not asked for anything more. This scene has been my fastest growing scene out the gate ever and I’m so proud.”

Experience Black, aka Massage by Black, enjoyed the vibe this hot new rising starlet brought to the set as well as the blistering hot sex. He explained he is thrilled to have the newcummer on the team.

“I had seen Stephanie’s work before and so when TJ told me she signed to our Flourish Brand Management I knew we would work together,” said Black, “and she did not disappoint. Her body is amazing, but her vibe is so infectious it’s awesome. Can’t wait to do more work with her as we have some plans in the work all of us.”

The Flourish CEO TJ lavished praised on the performers, reiterating his commitment to providing fans with the highest quality modern porn imaginable.

“This is what I do,” TJ explained, “bring super talented people together and say let’s make ART. Nothing stands in our way from delivering fire content.”

See the amazing new clip now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Pool-Hall-BBC-Threesome.html!

Follow Stephanie Love on Twitter at https://twitter.com/lovestephanie22. Check out her OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/stephaniethestripper. Stephanie is represented by 101 Modeling. Visit her model page at https://www.101modeling.com/site/talent/view.php?t_id=1178&pageType=profile.

Follow Massage by Black on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Experience_Blck. Visit his OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/massagebyblack.

Follow Brick Cummings on Twitter at https://twitter.com/brick_cummings and check out his OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/brickkummings.

But the sexy fun doesn’t end there. Over on the Flourish Amateurs site, TJ released an absolute banger of a scene that is blowing fans minds, Amateur Milf NoFaceMom77 vs Brick Cummings.

“Brick and I got to spend the afternoon in Nashville with some good eats and live music prior to us laying our hands on each other,” purred NoFaceMom77. “Let’s just say the build-up was intense and he’s a great mother fucker. I want more!”

“She was cool to work with and it was a great time in Nashville that we spent with others,” Brick said. “I like how our collaboration was on the idea we came up with and she felt great all the way. Can’t wait to do more with her!”

Watch the trailer now at https://tour.theflourishamateurs.com/trailers/Amateur-Milf-NoFaceMom77-vs-Brick-Cummings.html.

Follow NoFaceMom77 on Twitter at https://twitter.com/RealNoFaceMom and visit her OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/nofacemom77.

Follow Brick Cummings on Twitter at https://twitter.com/brick_cummings and check out his OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/brickkummings.

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Flourish Fetish Drops New Mena Carlisle Cosplay Scene

The Flourish XXX Shares Sizzling New Gang Bang Scene with Insatiable Karla

HOLLYWOOD – Flourish Fetish is proud to present their latest drop, Starwars Cosplay Fetish Concept feat Mena Carlisle. Mena is joined by Massage by Black in the clip where she plays a disobedient storm trooper who can’t follow cruel Vader’s commands. Mena makes up for it with an impromptu blowjob that turns into a deep penetration in her tight, pink gash.

“Can’t say I’ve never done cosplay before because my whole persona is wearing a mask or shades etc… but I’ve never fully dressed up for a scene like this,” Massage by Black said. “If was fun especially when I’m working with Mena. We have great chemistry.”

See the trailer now at https://tour.theflourishfetish.com/trailers/Starwars-Cosplay-Fetish-Concept-feat-Mena-Carlisle.html.

Follow Massage by Black on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Experience_Blck and on his OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/massagebyblack.

Follow Mena Carlisle on Twitter at https://twitter.com/imenacarlisle and on her OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/imenacarlisle.

The Flourish XXX also had a new release to brag about, Karla Throat Goat Milf Loves Anal by BBCs. Insatiable Karla is joined by powerhouse tag team duo Brick and Black and Kingposeidon305 for a wet and wild fuck session. The horny MILF takes all the big black cock she can get inside her, savoring every second of being spit roasted and double penetrated. Turns out three big black dicks were just what she needed!

“This was one of the funnest times I have had,” said Karla. “It felt so good to work with dedicated content creators who made it so easy for me that night. I just had to give my ass up to the guys and they made sure all my holes where filled.”

“This was an excellent shoot,” agreed Brick. “When we finished it, I rang TJ and told him ‘I think we made a banger’.”

“I loved getting all my holes stretched, fucked and finished in!” Karla added. “Especially by three huge BBCs. Also love DVP. Looking forward to more fun! I’m not a talker as you can see, and can actually be shy, but once I see naked huge cocks I become a complete dirty slut!”

Enjoy a taste now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Karla-Throat-Goat-Milf-Loves-Anal-by-BBCs.html.

Follow Massage by Black on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Experience_Blck
Follow Brick Cummings on Twitter at https://twitter.com/brick_cummings
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The Flourish XXX Bows 2 Hardcore New Captured Releases

Episodes 14 and 15 of Crime Thriller Series Available Now

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX continues to offer the highest quality adult content and the most exciting series and scenes. This week they’re proud to promote the release of not one but two new Captured scenes, episodes 14 and 15. The story was so big it ran both sex packed episodes!

In Episode 14, Penelope Woods has some girlfriends over for girl-on-girl action to celebrate a big financial score. But what happens in the VIP room doesn’t stay there and the syndicate wants in on the action. Turns out she can’t trust any of her lovers as her and Daisy Diva get taken by a hardcore crew out to make that money. But Penelope is a player who knows how to work the game. Soon the gorgeous slut is riding big dicks and milking her new friend’s king-sized cocks. Enjoy the thrilling hour plus episode with hot BBC threeway sex!

“It was fun working with the girls Ray Ray and Daisy, and hanging with the crew,” said Penelope Woods.

See Captured Episode 14 now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/updates/Captured-Episode-14-Penelope-Woods-Ray-Ray-Daisy.html.

In Episode 15, luscious blonde newcummer Daisy Diva experiences her very first BBC gangbang with Ace Hardz, Brick Cummings, Chris Mac and Joey Panama. After capturing her, the boys from the previous episode deposit her gorgeous naked butt on the sofa then proceed to fuck her senseless in a non-stop, energetic, erotic scene featuring her first-ever squirt

“This was my first ever BBC gangbang and it was fun,” Daisy said. “They went at me pretty intense and hard, and I had to catch my breath sometimes. I was exhausted in a good way after the gangbang, and I think I squirted for the first time during it!”

“It was cool to be part of a girl threesome and when we had a collaborative conversation, we decided to make it a part of something bigger,” Ray Ray said. “It was a great week of filming for me with TJ and the Flourish team and I have my premier on the Captured Series coming up to be filmed in late October so I’m so thrilled.

“This was an amazing day,” recalled Brick. “To film part one and part two in the same day, be in a threesome and then a gangbang. Dreams can come true. Both Penelope and Daisy were amazing in their performance and Ray Ray and I did a threesome that week that was insane!”

See it now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/updates/Captured-Episode-15-Daisy-Diva-BBC-Gangbang.html.

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Flourish Amateurs Bows Hot New Hotwife Riley Jacobs Scene

The Flourish XXX Drops New Sweet Vickie Cuckold Cinematic Clip

HOLLYWOOD – Flourish Amateurs released a smoldering new scene featuring hotwife Riley Jacobs with Brick Cummings. In Riley Jacobs Calls Over the BBC Handiman the two quickly get to work on each other! Riley calls over the hung stud to fix her AC and while he works eyes him up and down. It doesn’t take long for Brick to realize his gorgeous client needs her personal pipes plumbed as well.

Wrapping his hands around her sweet thick ass cheeks turns Brick into a new man! What starts out as a fun set up quickly turns into a scorching hot scene as the lusty brunette turns up the heat for her chiseled lover, holding nothing back.

“I absolutely love working with Brick!” Riley Jacobs said. “I was so excited to see him again last month and couldn’t wait to get my hands on him! I can’t wait for more sexy and fun scenes of ahead of us!”

Her costar couldn’t agree more!

“I been wanting to shoot with Riley Jacobs for a minute and it just so happen our schedules aligned,” explained Brick. “We wasted little time in making something happen. Love the cute script we came up with as well.”

See Riley and Brick in action now at https://tour.theflourishamateurs.com/trailers/Riley-Jacobs-calls-over-the-BBC-Handiman.html.

The Flourish XXX recently dropped a taboo new scene featuring scorching hot blonde PAWG Sweet Vickie with Brick Cummings. Hot Wife Sweet Vickie say Cucks Just Watch starts with the ink drenched sweetheart strolling through a brisk fall evening in Dallas.

Sweet Vickie tells her cuck he can watch her with her BBC lover for the evening in his penthouse. Brick Cummings shares an intense vibe with the dirty MILF and the two have wild sex while her cuck watches with a glass of wine enjoying the view.

“I loved the cuck scene with Brick,” said Sweet Vickie. “Having my hubby watch me with another man is a complete turn on. I loved the passion and romance of this scene. There is such an amazing chemistry between me and Brick when we are together, and TJ has great vision.”

See Hot Wife Sweet Vickie say Cucks Just Watch now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Hot-Wife-Sweet-Vickie-say-Cucks-Just-Watch.html.

Follow The Flourish XXX on Twitter at @TheFlourishxxx.

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Follow Riley Jacobs on Twitter at @RileyAnn120.

Follow Sweet Vickie on Twitter at @SweetVickie83.

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Flourish Fetish Drops New Meela Clothespins BDSM Scene

Also MILF’s 3some RedHotWife88 & Haute Teacher Enjoy BBC of Brick Cummings

HOLLYWOOD – Flourish Fetish has a hot new scene out, Meela Clothespins BDSM POV then gets BBC. Redhead Meela came to Mr. Flourish looking for a BDSM bondage session. She had no idea he had Clothespins in mind, with heavy flogging and paddling. But for a BSDM sub queen she is, her blowjob was probably top 10 of all time as well as her THROWBACK game.

“This scene was everything that I had hoped for and more,” said Meela. “I have been on the BDSM scene all across the USA and lost my Twitter and fell out of place but reached out The Flourish Fetish and asked for a special hardcore flogging spanking with some surprise. The Clothespins by Mr. Flourish was totally a surprise and he made it turn out so great. Then the orgasm control and I think I was in the mood to give the best head that I may have gave in the past year. Great scene and glad I am back.”

“Meela and I fit right in,” said TJ, aka Mr. Flourish. “There was some funny parts in the main scene that you have to see it in full. It’s not in the trailer due to controlling the length of time. And when we really got ACTIVE I must say we bought the best out of each other in how we challenged each to reach a higher FREQUENCY.”

See the amazing forty-minute clip now at https://tour.theflourishfetish.com/trailers/Meela-Clothespins-BDSM-POV-then-gets-BBC.html.

The fun doesn’t end there. Flourish Amateurs dropped a hot new threeway scene this week with Brick Cummings enjoying both a blonde and a redhead at the same time. In Milfs RedHotWife88 and Haute Teacher with Brick the lovely ladies are in the mood for some muscular BBC and tag team the hung stud. The action-packed amateur gonzo scene has it all, even unique new positions not seen in previous threesomes.

“RedHotwife asked how good Brick was when I met him over the summer,” explained Haute Teacher, “and when I told her how many times I came she immediately wanted to join in a threesome. We really took turns on him and gave him all he can handle. It was over 35 minutes of pure joy!”

RedHotWife88 replied “I love my girl Haute Teacher and now love Brick. This was my first shoot after a hiatus of sorts but this was the perfect scene for me to get my groove back. And appreciate the outreach of Flourish Amateurs and Brick in showing our talents worldwide.”

“They called me, wanted a one-on-one again, and also a threesome, and I felt obliged to deliver,” said Brick. “The mood this time was easier as I was already familiar with Haute Teacher as we did a scene previously. I am glad they wanted to include me in RedHotWife88 first shoot in a long time.”

See it now at https://tour.theflourishamateurs.com/trailers/Milfs-RedHotWife88-and-Haute-Teacher-with-Brick.html.

The Flourish has a new Tik Tok account of their own! Follow them now at https://www.tiktok.com/@theflourish.

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Brick’s Room from Brick Cummings Brings SubGirl to Flourish Amateurs

‘SubGirl vs Brick Cummings lock horns in Dallas’ Available Now

HOLLYWOOD – Flourish Amateurs is excited to announce a hot new scene this week from Brick Cummings’ Brick’s Room featuring one of the hottest amateurs of all time – SubGirl! SubGirl vs Brick Cummings lock horns in Dallas is a super gonzo amateur session with top PAWG and amateur SubGirl aka Subgirl0831 taking on the Flourish’s own Urban X Awards BBC nominee Brick Cummings. The nearly thirty-minute scene features the well-matched pair going all gas no brakes from face fuck to facial finish!

“I met Brick for the first time on my Dallas trip,” said SubGirl. “I want to start by saying he is very professional, so well mannered. Let me just say, he didn’t disappoint. He was up for anything, so our scene was shot gonzo style, which is very much in SubGirl fashion. It was amazing from start to finish. You definitely will not want to miss seeing this scene!”

“SubGirl lived up to what the talk was all about,”  said Brick. “We found time to get some one on one in and as usual I brought my intensity. She matched it and responded well. She was open to many positions and we fit live a glove together. Can’t wait to do more ‘fun work’ with her for our platforms and some up and coming stuff I can’t disclose yet.”

“Brick is one of my day one guys,” said Flourish CEO TJ, “along with Experience Black. I had been talking to SubGirl and he husband for months. We tried to get together in May but logistics were an issue but I am super thrilled Brick and SubGirl0831 were able to lock in during a Dallas trip.”

But the fun between these two won’t end with this scene, not according to TJ.

“There is more on the way,” he added. “Stay tuned!”

See SubGirl vs Brick Cummings lock horns in Dallas now at https://tour.theflourishamateurs.com/trailers/SubGirl-vs-Brick-Cummings-lock-horns-in-Dallas-.html.

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