Bad Girl Ballerina Nicki Blue’s Media Spin: Website, NickiBlueTV, Camming

Spends the Weekend as’s Pornstar of the Day(s)

VENICE, CA – If you’re looking to get in touch with Nicki Blue, you may only be a click away before you’re seeing her live and who knows what she’ll be doing, but she’ll be doing it for you. She has signed on to webcam on, which gives her—and fans—every opportunity to keep in touch.

This comes on the high heels of her joining Valley Babes XXX for representation and moving to Reno, where every weekend she is in town she will feature at the Penthouse Club.

For those looking for something extra special, check out Clips4sale ( where she does exclusive fetish and request videos. She also has her own YouTube channel, NickiBlueTV, and has been keeping her exclusive membership site, updated, including favorites like Soft Demand Japanese Naked Circus Movie. Fans can go to for all her contact info, free videos/pictures and much more.

The ballerina-turned-bad girl boasts E-cup breasts and natural red hair that has firebush-loving men frothing. She was also featured as the Pornstar of the Day last Friday and through the weekend.

Follow Nicki on Twitter (@NickiBlue) and check out her personal website at She is also on Tumbler at Check out her Valley Babes XXX page for booking information at Check out her webcam shows at

The Penthouse Club is located at 1060 Telegraph St, Reno, NV 89502. Call 775.333.9000 or visit for more information.

Casey Cumz Makes Final Nominations Cut for Urban X Awards’ Rising Star Female

New Interview With XXX Wasteland Gives Inside Look at the Superstarlet

VENICE, CA – The finalists for the Urban X Awards are in and Casey Cumz has made the short list in the Rising Star Female category, one of only nine to make it for final consideration for the July 21 show.

Casey’s star has certainly been on the rise in recent months and XXX Wasteland’s Adam Wilcox took a moment in time and got some straight answers from the starlet in an interview posted this week.

In the piece she takes on the condoms controversy, about some of her favorite talent, how she grew up and the book she’s currently penning.

“A lot of the time, the sex you have in porn is not the same as the sex that you have outside of porn,” told XXX Wasteland about condom usage in porn. “It’s very aggressive, it’s very fast-paced, it’s very rough a lot of times, and it’s a lot more extreme than what the average couple experiences. And sometimes condoms wouldn’t be so good in that situation and could actually cause damage.”

To read the full XXX Wasteland interview go to

The 5th annual Urban X Awards will be held at Beyond the Stars Palace, 417 1/2 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA. For more information go to Follow them on Twitter @UrbanXAwards.

For constant updates stay tuned to her Twitter ( She can be booked through OC Modeling (

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Prepare for Sienna Sinclaire’s New Book With Naughty Merchandise

Be Ready for ‘Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles’ Book Debut

VENICE, CA – With Sienna Sinclaire’s new book, Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles, off at the printers, it’s not too early to start stocking up on your Naughty Travel Girl souvenirs, and Sienna has quite an assortment for fans to choose from.

What better way to commemorate your naughty stay in LA than a tank top, boy shorts, clutch bag, iPad sleeve or write down your dirty entries into the Naughty Girl journal. Wake up with coffee in your Naughty Girl mug, hit the road with the Naughty Girl travel mug, then go to sleep on Naughty Girl pillow.

There are many ways to prepare for the publishing of Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles, including following her naughty adventures on Twitter (@naughtytravels and @siennasinclaire). Folks should also be keeping up with Sienna Sinclaire’s Naughty News ( and be a part of her social networking site (

Visit the Naughty Girl’s Travel Store at

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Melina Mason Joins Rising Star PR Juggernaut

XXX Wasteland Interview Offers Excellent Introduction to the Young Talent

VENICE, CA – When your teachers in high school are telling you that you should be in porn, maybe they have noticed a pattern in your interests and are telling you something you need to listen to. We don’t know how good a listener Melina Mason was in school, but she took that advice to heart and now she is a starlet on the rise in the adult industry.

Growing up in Long Island, NY, which she calls mostly boring, she did find ways to fill her time.

“I’m capitalizing on a combination of my strengths and weaknesses,” she told interviewer Leonardo Blues this week. “I’m a pretty girl without any shame and a sex drive that always got me into trouble. Even my teachers in high school said I should go into porn. It’s just who I’ve always been.”

By signing on with Rising Star PR she has made it clear that she wants to be taken seriously in her chosen career. She’s seeing results already, with a fantastic and meaty interview on the XXX Wasteland site this week (

With her dark beauty and busty figure (34F-24-36), she was an immediate hit in Porn Valley. Producers, directors and performers were clamoring to work with her. Until recently she held out on the guys, doing only girl/girl work. She has now broken the seal and is slowly increasing her list of things she’ll do.

Follow Melina on Twitter (@Melina_Mason). To book her contact LA Direct Models at

Christie Stevens Looking to Go From New to Known

Busty Blonde Starlet Is Already Busy Shooting, Looking for Promotional Opportunities

VENICE, CA – It was as simple as a Google search. Last year Christie Stevens typed “porn agencies” into the search engine and you don’t have to fast-forward very far before she debuted in November of last year and over the past few months she has put her energy toward turning herself into what she’s wanted to be: a porn star.

With classic porn star looks—blonde, beautiful and busty—she certainly has what it takes physically. A look at her early scenes and it’s obvious she has what it takes in front of the camera, too. That something special that you can’t put your finger on, but you want so desperately to put your finger in.

Now that she has a few scenes under her garter belt Christie knew it was time to start promoting herself rather than risk getting lost in the endless shuffle of Porn Valley. She’s hired Rising Star PR to handle her publicity, will be attending Exxxotica in Chicago next month and has a rapidly-filling schedule of companies booking her for the steamy shoots she’s becoming known for.

Christie measures up at 34D-26-34 and is doing various types of scenes with men and women. The college grad has worked for Digital Playground, Jules Jordan Video, Third Degree, Penthouse, Naughty America, Brazzers and others.

Follow Christie on Twitter (@iluvchristie). To book her contact LA Direct Models at

Alia Janine Featured on Inked Angels This Week

Last Week’s Tom Gulley Show Was So Hot He Was Kicked Off His Server

VENICE, CA – The tits and tattoo crowd have met their match in Alia Janine, who is featured with on with an interview and several photos that show off her tattoos as well as various other assets.

Alia’s resume carries impressive numbers not limited to 34FF-24-34; she also has 10 tattoos that have so far added up to 20 hours under the needle with more to come. She has scorpions and dragonflies, Slayer lyrics and a lotus, and even Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers tattoos that vouch for her National League credentials. No designated hitters for this all-natural beauty!

The site then went into other details—turn-ons, turn-offs, blowjobs, squirting and the whole fun list. We can offer one teaser, out of context:

“When I was a teenager I used to use a handle to an old hair brush. I was always too nervous to try anything else because I didn’t want to get sick or have to go to the hospital because I got something stuck up there.”

Those who tuned in to hear her on The Tom Gulley Show last Friday heard something that almost brought down the entire internet, and did get Gulley promptly booted from his server. Yet, through some crazy glitch, oversight or simply a stroke of luck that gives you an unexpected opportunity to still catch the show, fans can go to and catch the show in rerun status. See it while you still can!

For more:
Inked Angels:
Two White Guys podcast at
Her collaboration with Dr. Chauntelle at

Book Alia via Chris at Foxxx Modeling ([email protected]) and visit her Foxxx page at

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The Purrfect Time to Catch Up With Gen Padova

WHACK! Column Debuting Soon; Website Offers; What’s Brewin Replay

VENICE, CA – Among all the many things that have happened to Gen Padova lately—becoming a columnist for WHACK! Magazine, her What’s Brewin After Dark appearance, more StickPorn, celebrating 10 years of, she is now surrounded by litter of kittens (bids from approved households are now being accepted for the adoption process) because, obviously, she wasn’t busy enough.

Cute little kittens aside, this is your opportunity to play catch-up-with-Gen. While she runs out for more balls of yarn, you can enjoy her appearance on What’s Brewin After Dark, which has been archived at It’s an excellent opportunity to see what’s up with your favorite starlet. Gen called it “a vast discussion on general likes and dislikes, pet peeves, random questions, the fascination of poo to, and what do men really like to read and listen to? And hear the brains explode late at night over at Brewin’ After Dark when they asked Gen, ‘Why do you think the world isn’t as shallow as you once thought it was?’”

Last week she announced that she would begin writing for a column for WHACK! Magazine and the first one will debut July 6, of which all will be reminded of plenty. Lifetimers are loving their Forever Fapper Miles! So in honor of the success and to spread the fapping love, new Lifetime Members will receive a signed DVD Kick Ass Chicks: Gen Padova featuring all six Kick Ass scenes with a signed 8 x 10.

Her official site is Follow Gen on Facebook ( and Twitter (@gpadova), Visit to see her amazing one-dimensional creations.

Sienna Sinclaire: How Not to Lie in an Open Relationship

Superstar Lends Well-Learned Advice to Alternative Lifestyle

VENICE, CA – Getting into an open relationship isn’t as easy as it sounds. With the emotions of more than two people at stake, things can turn volatile any moment. But it can also be mutually-satisfying and create a stronger bond between two people. Some people think that an open relationship means you can browse Meet and Fuck all day long looking for hookups, and for some that is the case, but it’s not the case for all. Every relationship is different and everyone in that relationship needs to be respected in order for it to work.

This week Sienna Sinclaire does a blog post giving great advice about dating and what not to do. With her help, you can learn not only about her sexy, steamy sex romps with her erotica but also learn about dates gone bad.

Looking for love isn’t easy but being honest will make it much easier to find what you’re truly looking for. You can look for significant others on Nerd Dating Sites, in bars and through friends as well as numerous other channels but it’s really important to tell the truth and make your intentions clear before committing to anyone.

The advice from her blog might seem obvious on the surface-things like don’t lie, be open, respect the others involved-but there are nuances that only a sexpert like Sienna might have. Open relationships aren’t easy as they might seem to the beginner, nor need they be as needlessly complicated as they often become. They often come about because of a dead bedroom situation between a couple so just take it step by step and it should be fine.

Under “Lying to Your Other Lovers” advice, Sienna offers the following: “Maybe you’re being honest with one girl you’re dating, about being in an open relationship because it was her idea. But don’t lie to your other lovers about only seeing them. Don’t use your time on a date to befriend some random guy at a bar to take photos of the two of you, so that you can text your other lover showing her that you’re out with ‘friends.'”

Little things go a long way, and Sienna’s blog can help keep you on the path toward healthy, more sensual relationships.

To read Sienna’s post go to

Follow Sienna on Twitter (@naughtytravels and @siennasinclaire) and on Facebook at
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Alia Janine on Tom Gulley Show This Friday

Jason Horton Podcast Shows Delightful, Big-Breasted Star

VENICE, CA – Looking to tap into the sublime and intellectual side of the busty superstar, Tom Gulley has booked Alia Janine for a Friday appearance on The Tom Gulley Show.

To warm up for the Friday night show, fans can see and hear another side of the lovely Alia, check out the new edition of the Two White Guys podcast where you get to see and hear Alia in all her glory as hosts Jason Horton and Josh Mattingly jump right into things, asking her about the dirty stuff straight-off for an insightful and comedy-filled 15-minute interview.

They go through her history, baby mama drama at strip clubs and then take a tour of her many tattoos. And that’s just the first five minutes.

Tom will be taking a different approach, the veteran broadcaster—described as The Mike Douglas Show meets SNL—he will probe Alia in other, no less interesting ways.

The Tom Gulley Show airs Monday through Friday at 8 pm EDT on For more visit and Watch live at or

Watch the Two White Guys podcast at Also check out her collaboration with Dr. Chauntelle at

To book Alia email Chris at Foxxx Modeling ([email protected]) and visit her Foxxx page at To book her for media opportunities contact Rising Star PR.

Follow Alia on Twitter (@alia_janine). Look for more at and

Lisa Ann Shooting in Los Angeles All Week

Break From Feature Action Allows Her to Focus on Scenes

VENICE, CA – This is a home week for Lisa Ann, one of those that pays off for fans over time, packed with shoots for her site as well as for companies like Wicked, Naughty America and

With that occasional week where she doesn’t have feature obligations in some corner of the country, Lisa fills her schedule with shoots that will have fans satisfied for months ahead. She spent a full day working on content for, did her Stripper Town radio show on Spice Radio with guest Kendra Lust.

The rest of the week filled up fast, with everyone wanting a piece of Lisa they can call their own since having the biggest star in the adult industry in your movie or on your site can’t help but draw the best kind of attention.

For those who are hoping to catch her famous feature act, she has a summer tour schedule all worked out and folks in New York, Jersey and Pennsylvania will be among the many lucky folks with the opportunity to see her live.

She’s also working with Fleshbot on some upcoming promotions and members of know that she is constantly giving them bragging rights with new, exclusive material.

Join the masses and follow Lisa on Twitter (@thereallisaann).

Lisa’s Stripper Town radio show airs Tuesday nights on Sirius XM channel 103 from 9 pm to 11 pm (PT). Visit