Lisa Ann Paid Tha Cost 2B Tha Boss :)
Lisa Ann Paid Tha Cost 2B Tha Boss 🙂 Is First-Ever Site for One of Industry’s Biggest Stars

VENICE, CA – Fans of Lisa Ann have been shocked over the years to discover that she had no official website. They can prepare to be shocked all over again–this time because she now has one of the finest websites of any performer in the industry:

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time,” Lisa Ann said. “I never felt like I had the time and it wasn’t until recently that I met anyone that I thought could do it the way I wanted it done.”

Lisa has teamed up with Brand Danger, which also operates websites for Kayden Kross, Holly Randall and others. Her site debuts when the clock strikes midnight, flipping the calendar over to July 1, just in time for the July 4th weekend.

“Having a professionally-run, top-of-class official website is absolutely essential to any model serious about the long-term viability of her career,” Brand Danger owner Rodeo Danger said. “It’s not the old days where you put up a famous model site and had 1,000 members overnight. It’s more of an uphill fight these days, but there are many avenues of revenue stream available once a site is live. These days a subscription site is only a part of the portfolio; however, the official site is the cornerstone upon which all other revenue streams are built.”

The new site will feature exclusive photos, video, regular video chats and a blog written by Lisa herself. Her first live show on will be broadcast free on July 8 at 6 pm PST.

“I love to connect with fans, which is one of the reasons I go on the road so much,” she said. “I can’t be everywhere at once, but with the website, it will be the next best thing.”

In the hours leading up to site’s launch, Lisa Ann will appear on Sin City Sessions, which broadcasts at She will be live on the air beginning at 9 pm.

Last week Lisa shot for volume two of Wicked Pictures’ Cougar Hunter. Jonathan Morgan directed.

“Jonathan is an excellent director and I always enjoy working for him,” Lisa said. “I always know that his scenes will be both hot and gorgeous.”

To listen to Lisa Ann on Sin City Sessions show, go to The call-in number is 347.945.7655. She will be on the air June 30 at 9 pm.

To see her new website, go to


MILF Worship 8
MILF Worship 8

Director Pushes ‘Ultimate MILF Adventure’ to Next Level

VENICE, CA – The worshipping of women is essential to society, but in the adult industry it’s only been in recent years that a gal could get past 25 or so and have any hope at a viable career. Francesca Lé, the 2009 CAVR MILF of the Year, celebrates MILFy goodness with her MILF Worship series, with volume 8 hitting the streets this week.

“It wasn’t that long ago that a woman performing after 30 seemed almost freakish,” Francesca said. “It was virtually unheard of. It says a lot that fans have received this kind of product so openly. I don’t see it as a trend, I see it as an important offering to an audience that wants to see more than 18-year-olds getting rear-ended.”

MILF Worship #8 stars Natalie Rosa, Shayla Lavoux, Jennifer Adams, Genna Eve and Lexi Stone.

“We lined up some really great talent for this volume,” Francesca said. “It’s so important to get the right performers and to match them up right. The ladies are absolutely beautiful and the guys really do them right.”

Francesca Lé’s MILF Worship #8 is available this week from Exquisite.


Wasted Youth 8
Wasted Youth 8

Keeps Girls Off Street By Shooting Them for ‘Wasted Youth’ Series

VENICE, CA – The empathy of performer/director Mark Wood seems to know no bounds. The man simply cares about his fellow humans, especially the younger of the opposite sex. Perhaps it’s this regard for teenage girls that has made his Wasted Youth series so popular.

“Some people say I care too much,” Mark admits, “but I don’t think that’s possible. These girls need help. If I can give them a good lay and put a few bucks in their pockets, I think it puts them in an excellent position to get their lives and careers on track.”

Volume 8 of Wasted Youth streets this week with a cast that includes Mindy Lynn, Misty Rivers, Natalia Rossi, Megan Moore and Sunset. Blonde beauty Tenaya graces the cover.

“I’ve been exceptionally happy with the series, but I think this is certainly the best one yet,” Mark says. “I don’t say that must because I got to screw Mindy Lynn and Megan Moore, though they were both incredible. The whole cast really stepped it up and I’m thrilled with the final result.”

While the modest man doesn’t want to take too much credit for helping needy teens, the truth is that many girls who have appeared in his series have gone on to great things.

“All I can do is try to help,” Mark says. “If we all do our little part, then I think the world will be a better place. I’m just doing my part.”

Mark Wood’s Wasted Youth #8 is available this week from Red Light District.


Alanah Rae
Alanah Rae

Big-Breasted Babe to Ready for ‘Crazy’ Crowds

VENICE, CA – If it seemed like Alanah Rae had a lot of luggage when she hit LAX yesterday, that’s not just because she couldn’t decide what to wear this weekend—she had to bring her costumes for her dancing debut at the legendary Al’s Diamond Cabaret in Reading, PA.

“I’m no stranger to dancing or traveling, but it is always exciting to go to a new place,” Alanah said from the airport. “I’ve heard a lot about Al’s and I’m excited to be dancing on that stage. They say the crowds are crazy out there!”

It’s true, Al’s is a top-notch stop on any feature dancer’s tour and host to all the top acts, which Alanah is quickly becoming. At five-feet and seven-inches and boasting incredible 34D’s, the 21-year-old is more than easy on the eyes.

She will be performing Thursday through Saturday, June 25-27, with the following schedule:

Thu: 10 and 12
Fri: 9, 11 and 1
Sat: 9, 11 and 1

“I admit I’m a tad bit nervous going to a new club and a new town,” she admits, “but I’m betting that will only make the shows that much more exciting!”

Alanah Rae will be appearing June 18-20 at Al’s Diamond Cabaret. The club is located at 1810 N. 5th St, Reading, PA 19604. For more information visit or call 610.373.5277.

Fans can see more of Alanah Rae at her official MySpace page:


Rhyse & Rhylee Join LA Direct Models
Rhyse & Rhylee Join LA Direct Models

Sexy Step Sisters Working On Cutting Edge Website

VENICE, CA – No matter what kinds of adventures the two bubbly blondes embark on, Rhyse and Rhylee Richards are always in the white hot center of the spotlight. This week the dynamic duo took steps to increase the glare, so to speak, by joining forces with LA’s premiere talent agency LA Direct Models.

“We’ve been making a lot of changes getting ready for a big career push lately,” offers Rhyse. “This was just the next step for us.”

“But it’s far from the last big news,” hints her coy counterpart Rhylee. “We have a lot in store so keep your eyes and ears open because the Richards sisters are just getting this party started!”

Last week they made quite a scene, first at the skinworXXX party with close friends Eva Angelina and Teagan Presley, then the next day at Erotica LA where they took to the airwaves of Playboy Radio for a naughty interview.

“It’s was amazing the number of fans who walked up to us and begged to take a picture,” Rhylee recalls. “We weren’t even signing and we had a line coming out the side of the Wicked booth where Playboy was broadcasting.”

“That was a lot of fun,” Rhyse admits.

This week the two are hard at work on their latest web project, a couple of cutting edge web sites so secret they won’t speak about them in public.

“It’s a big deal,” Rhylee assures us.

“You’ve never seen anything like this before,” Rhyse confirms. “It’s going to blow fans minds.”

Until then these lovely ladies can be booked through LA Direct Models at They can also be booked for feature dance work through A List Features

For more Rhyse Richards and Rhylee Richards, please visit their official Myspace @


Tatum Pierce Outed as Dirty Celeb The Grinch
Tatum Pierce Outed as Dirty Celeb 'The Grinch'

Porn Princess’s Alter Ego ‘The Grinch’ Confirmed

VENICE, CA – It may be the meanest web site on the entire internet. What started out as a little more than a joke by “the original reality blogger” Nik Richie overnight became one of the fastest growing obsessions online, a guilty pleasure for Newport and Scottsdale locals that quickly became a national phenomenon. Fans of the site, also known as ‘the Dirty Army’ would send in pictures of rivals and the socially inept, then put them on blast by dishing dirt on their personal lives and spreading rumors both real and imagined. Other visitors would then chime in with zingers of their own. Clearly not for the thin skinned, the site’s mean spirited humor resonated with a growing number of online viewers. Regulars on the site became known as ‘Dirty Celebrities’ known by the terrible nicknames Nik or other contributors gave them.

While most of the girls taunted on the site would rather die than have their real identities exposed, some wear it as a badge of pride. Porn’s newest princess Tatum Pierce is one of them. When she was outed this week on the site she decided to embrace it instead of digging a hole in the sand to hide her head or denying it.

“My first time on ‘The Dirty’ was about two and a half years ago,” Tatum recalls. “The first picture was of me and my three girl friends who later went on to be the dirty celebrities ‘Krusty’ and ‘Canary.’ At first they just called me a “SHIM” then around May of 08 they gave me the dirty celeb title as ‘The Grinch.’

According to Tatum she never really took much of what people said about her seriously.

“I knew the things people said were mean but I just didn’t take it to much to heart,” Tatum offers. “I mean why should I care what people I don’t even know have to say about me?”

That made it easier, explains Tatum, to laugh it off when she finally did meet Nik Richie in person.

“I met Nik Richie back in the summer of 2008 when his identity was still a big secret in Las Vegas at a Dirty Celeb Party at Prive,” she recalls. “It was funny cause when I was introduced I thought he would be cruel or disrespectful but he’s actually a super nice guy.”

Since then the two have gotten along well according to Tatum.

“I have hung out with him a few times when he passes thru OC and he has always been a sweetheart,” says Tatum.

According to Tatum it came as a shock being outed for her choice of becoming a porn star on ‘The Dirty’ simply because it happened so fast.

“When I recently got into the industry “The Dirty” knew before I could even tell my friends,” Tatum explains.  “I remember getting a text to look at the dirty and when I did my jaw dropped to the floor! The headline was “GRINCH GONE PORN”! I hadn’t told one person yet and they found my pics that I had sent into LA Direct Models for consideration and immediately posted them.

In the end Tatum is happy for the exposure being outed on ‘The Dirty’ has given her.

“It sucked but it was a lot less phone calls I had to make to tell friends,” Tatum concedes. “Any publicity is good publicity plus that month i made LA Direct Models top 10 most searched girls on their site. I remember thinking ‘wow, thanks Dirty.’ I guess even though they hate on me they still love to search and look and find dirt on me.

Now more than ever Tatum wears his status as a ‘Dirty Celebrity’ with pride.

“I take it all with a grain of salt and brush it off,” Tatum admits. “I enjoy being called a “Dirty Celebrity.’ I’m even considering making a spoof movie out of the whole thing. Why not make fun of them making fun of me, right?”


Heidi Mayne
Heidi Mayne

Blonde Babe Laughs at Being Duped by Sacha Baron Cohen

VENICE, CA – If there is one thing you can say about sexy MILF Heidi Mayne, it’s that she has an extraordinary sense of humor. That’s why when she saw comedian Sacha Baron Cohen recently on Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards dressed as his latest incarnation “Bruno” she burst into side-splitting peels of laughter. She picked up her phone and dialed her publicist who confirmed that she had indeed been duped by Cohen and his cohorts and was actually in the new movie Bruno – which premieres today in Los Angeles.

“In October 2008, I was called by my agent, LA Direct Models, and asked if I would be interested in performing in a very unorthodox shoot,” Heidi explains. “The premise was that this ‘guy’ was a 30-something-year-old virgin and his virginity to a porn star on camera. I was told he was AIM tested, so of course, I was game.”

From the start Heidi thought something was just a little off, but didn’t want to make trouble.

“I arrived on set and met a surprisingly large crew,” Heidi laughs. “The director tells me that the guy is very nervous and needs to be coaxed a bit, but he is totally in agreement with whatever I do to him. I was also told not to let him out of the bedroom. I found this very strange and inquired about the legal ramifications of practically ‘raping’ the poor guy, but the director said there would be no issue like that, I needed to get him completely naked and try to take advantage of him.”

According to the bemused adult film actress, that was when things got a little strange.

“So I’m in the bedroom with him and the first thing I notice is that he is wearing way too much makeup. I went with it and started talking to him and he had the worst fake German accent.”

From there things got even stranger.

“I start to get frisky with him and he basically starts running all around the room as if I’m a blood-sucking vampire out to drain him dry,” Heidi explains. “He was acting terrified! I start stripping him down and notice that dude has on like three layers of underwear. At this point I was personally convinced that this was a gag, but I was still going with it. He asks me to put on a t-shirt that has the print of a naked man’s chest on it and a mustache. He continues to run all around the room until I get him completely naked, at which point he cups his ‘package’ with his hands and barrel roll jumps out the window, through the glass–and I’m standing there thinking, This cannot be real.”

This week her suspicions were confirmed while channel surfing and running into one of Cohen’s eccentric movie promotions in full character.

“I’m just flipping through the channels when I see Sacha Baron Cohen come out dressed as his character Bruno, and my jaw hit the floor. I called my publicist and he confirmed that I was in fact shot for the movie!”

While many of the people that end up in Sacha’s movies end up angry, Heidi found the whole incident funny.

“I personally didn’t and don’t mind being made fun of,” the patient blonde beauty laughs. “I find it rather amusing, they paid me well to not have sex with Sacha Baron Cohen. All I want to know is, can I walk the red carpet for the premiere?”

Calls made to the production company confirmed that Heidi Mayne was indeed shot for the upcoming blockbuster summer comedy.

Heidi Mayne can be booked through her agent LA Direct Models.  For more information please visit


Club September 2009
Club September 2009

Bombshell Featured Throughout Special Vivid 25th Anniversary Issue

VENICE, CA – It’s been 25 years since Vivid first began rolling out VHS tapes and that history is well-covered in the September issue of Club, which features Nikki Jayne along with Vivid Girls Meggan Mallone and Hannah Harper on the cover of the magazine.

The issue includes features a massive article detailing Vivid’s first two-and-a-half decades, an extensive interview with Steven Hirsch, a look back at the dozens of Vivid Girls over the years and several other articles.

“It feels like there’s always a landmark that’s happening with Vivid,” Nikki said, “but this issue really captures the history and gives people perspective on how things came together. I learned a lot reading it. The pictures weren’t too bad, either! It’s an honor to be part of such an illustrious history.”

The cover shot of Nikki, Meggan and Hannah was shot especially for the issue by Michael Bisco and features a nine-page pictorial within the magazine.

“This is the first time we’ve ever given a single company so much coverage with a single issue,” U.S. Editorial Manager Lisa Massaro said. “It was important to find an image that really reflected where the company is at the moment, and this photo really says Vivid.”

The September issue of Club streets today.


Kagney Linn Karter
Kagney Linn Karter

’Playful Sex Kitten’ Featured in XBiz ‘Hot Issue’

VENICE, CA – There were rumors of Kagney Linn Karter’s return to the stage in recent months and now it’s finally happened. After launching her feature career a couple weeks ago, the June Penthouse Pet returns to the stage, this time making her debut in Oxnard, CA.

Kagney will head north to perform Thursday through Saturday, June 25-27, at the Spearmint Rhino in Oxnard.

“I know it’s early in my feature career, but I’ve put a lot of work into my show,” Kagney says. “I spent years on stage before getting in front of the camera, so I feel at home. And the great thing is I get to go to new places and meet new people that I never would have had the opportunity to get to know otherwise.”

Kagney is also featured in XBiz’ June “Hot Issue,” which features on rising stars, directors and trends.

“This blonde bombshell exploded right out of the gate onto the triple-X scene since first appearing late last year,” they wrote. “The playful sex kitten has lit up the pornosphere with her all-American good looks and vigorous sexual appetite.”

The article goes on to discuss some of her bigger roles, particularly anticipating her role as Kelly Bundy in X-Play’s much-anticipated Not Married With Children XXX.

For fans looking to follow the antics of the adult industry’s hottest young superstar, they can now get nearly-constant updates via Twitter at

The June issues of Penthouse, AVN and XBiz–all of which feature Kagney–are all on sale now. For much more Kagney visit and


Savage Beauty Kiara Diane
Savage Beauty Kiara Diane

Eloquent Beauty Meets Savage Desire in Human Form

VENICE, CA – It is with great pleasure that Rising Star PR announces the signing of up and cumming new starlet Kiara Diane this week. At five-foot-eight with striking blue eyes and a wild mane of dirty blonde hair this sexy new 22-year-old makes a welcome addition to the stable of both rising and established stars.

“Kiara combines all the eloquence of a classic beauty with the savage edge of a women you can’t help but lust after,” explains Rising Star founder and publicist Devan Cypher. “She is the type of woman whose beauty is so captivating, so mesmerizing, that you fall in love with at first sight.”

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest the laconic girl with two first names followed her roommate down from Seattle in late 2008 to sign up with LA Direct Models. Within a few days she was working on her first porn shoot for Naughty America.

“I admit I walked on set, scared as hell. I was shaking when I was filling out my paperwork,” Kiara recalls. “Then when the actual sex scene came along, I loved it. I couldn’t believe I was actually getting paid for this.”

Since then she’s been working away quietly waiting for her moment to come. This week she’s decided she’s not waiting any longer.

“I’m ready to take my career to the next level,” Kiara fiercely states. “This is going to be my year, come hell or high water, so watch out for me!”

To book Kiara Diane contact LA Direct Models or visit A lithe and skilled dancer, Kiara is also available for feature dance booking through the Lee Network. She can be found online at and followed on Twitter where she posts as @kiaradianexxx.