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Hot New MILF Brooke Barclays Opens Wide in Penetrating New Interview

Busty Blue-Eyed Brunette Shares Her Sexy Story
& Naughty Plans for 202

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Breathtaking beauty Brooke Barclays has a revealing new interview out that’s red-hot and raunchy. In the penetrating new piece, the stunning blue-eyed brunette shares her sexual preferences, her dirtiest fantasies, her kinks and turn-ons, her naughtiest real-life sexual experiences, and other incendiary details from her sex life!

Brooke talks about the taste of cum, the taste of pussy, her first scene, how many people she’s fucked at once off-camera, her favorite position, her favorite performers, and more. When asked what gets her off, the hottest new MILF in porn doesn’t hesitate.

“I’m a very lucky lady in that my fantasies come to reality daily,” said Brooke. “I love engaging with new partners. The thrill of ‘what’s going to happen next’ is a very real turn-on for me. I love that adrenaline rush! I’m turned on by conversation, eye contact, chemistry, and body movement. For me, all the actions leading up to sex are just as important as the actual act itself!”

Barclays also shares her goals for 2024 and beyond and hints at new sites launching soon.

“To shoot more with studios and new talent and really expand my portfolio!” she shared. “I’m in the process of launching my new OnlyFans and other content sites right now, building up my content for a successful launch. I’ll share more about that as I get closer.”

Read the penetrating new Q&A now at

Brooke also recently launched her site where fans can come to learn all about the rising MILF star and peruse a gallery of images of the gorgeous MILF for free. She’s also included a section where other adult performers can contact her to collaborate on creating sexy new content for their fans.

“I’m looking forward to meeting and working with amazing new people this year,” Brooke shared. “I’ve already lined up some exciting shoots and can’t wait to share all the details when the time is right.”

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Brooke Barclays Interview

Brooke Barclays is the hottest new MILF to hit adult entertainment in years. The breathtaking brunette with stunning blue eyes will steal your heart with her enchanting figure, naughty personality, and insatiable sex drive.

One good long look at what this divine sex goddess has to offer on camera is all it takes to fall in lust with this Nexxxt Level nympho!

Do you like to masturbate?

I love to masturbate! I’m a very type-A person and function at an insanely high level so I constantly masturbate daily. Mostly after coffee and everyone is out of the house!! Obviously I love a good vibrator as the Magic Wand (Hitachi) is my favorite go-to!

What do you fantasize about? What turns you on?

Oh well, I’m a very lucky lady in that my fantasies come to reality daily. I love engaging with new partners. The thrill of ‘what’s going to happen next’ is a very real turn-on for me. I love that adrenaline rush! I’m turned on by conversation, eye contact, chemistry, and body movement. For me, all the actions leading up to sex are just as important as the actual act itself.

What’s your favorite position?

My favorite position is Doggy Style. Lazy Dog is a not-so-distant second.

Who do you think is better at oral sex – men or women?

Men! 100%!

Do you like the taste of cum?

Everyone’s cum is different. Has anyone ever said that? Ha ha! I enjoy it for the most part, yes!

Do you like the taste of pussy?

Pussy is fabulous! A true delicacy!

How often do you have sex?

I have sex every day at least once. Probably more if I averaged it out. Let’s just say sex is something I have zero shortage of both on and off camera!!

What’s the craziest sexual thing you’ve done off-camera in your personal life? Or where is the craziest place you ever had sex in your personal life?

The craziest places I’ve had sex are in a Lamborghini and on a park bench! Both were super-hot in very different ways. The Lambo was behind a strip club and definitely an impromptu situation. The park bench was with a Go-Pro and methodically planned out down to the attire and time of day, so as not to get caught.

How many people have you had sex with at the same time?

The most people I’ve had sex with at once was a foursome! Three gorgeous ladies, including myself, and one very very lucky gentleman. It was a birthday celebration!

How did you get into the adult industry?

My husband signed me up for this site behind my back! Next thing you know I’m shooting with Tyler Nixon!!!

How long have you been working in adult entertainment now?

I’ve been in the adult industry for almost two years. It will be two years this July!

Who have you shot for so far?

I’ve shot for mostly larger production studios including but not limited to: Team Skeet, Nubiles, Adult Time, MissaX, HotMilfsFuck, Girlfriends Films, and a couple of others.

What are some new things you are looking to try out on camera this year?

I’d love to shoot with some different companies and do more collabs. Basically, my goal for this next year is to be on camera more!!

Do you get off in your sex scenes?

I do get off in my sex scenes. That’s part of the fun!!

What’s the hottest thing that you remember about your first scene?

Tyler Nixon is the absolute hottest thing about my first sex scene. He’s definitely my ATF. We have the best chemistry, and the sex was off the charts. I watch that scene a lot and masturbate to it!

Do you prefer scenes with people you’ve worked with before or new talent?

People I’ve worked with are always the easiest and best as everyone has been so great this far. But I live for the unknown and the adrenaline that comes with being with someone for the first time, so I’d say it’s a toss-up! I do have a long list of talent I’d love to work with!

Have you learned any new sex tricks from working in this industry?

Oh gosh, I learn something new every time I’m on set. The women in this industry are just super and I’ve learned a lot from them. Some of the guys too.

What type of sex scene do you prefer, soft and sensual or rough and hard?

Trick question! All the above. It depends on my mood and the vibe. I’m all about soft and sensual but do love rough and hard when the occasion calls for it. My favorite is when rough and hard turn sensual. That’s when you know some chemistry has built up!

What kind of porn do you watch?

I like to watch scenes with 2 girls together or 2 girls with a guy.

What are your goals in adult entertainment for this year?

To shoot more with studios and new talent and really expand my portfolio! I’m in the process of launching my new OnlyFans and other content sites right now, building up my content for a successful launch. I’ll share more about that as I get closer.

Who are some companies you are hoping to work with that you haven’t shot for yet?

There are still so many companies I haven’t worked with yet, despite being around for almost two years. I’d love to work with Vixen Media Group, especially for MILFY. I’d love to shoot for Naughty America and Wicked and Jules Jordan and Brazzers. The list is long but hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have added some of them to my resume.

Where can your fans find out more about you?

Follow me on Twitter/X at @BrookeBarclays or visit my site at


Daphne Dreams interview

Age: 36

Height: 5’11

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Hazel

Chest Size: 34 DDD

Tattoos: No

Piercings: No

Nationality: American

Natural or Enhanced: Enhanced

How did you pick your screen name?

Daphne on Scooby-Doo was my favorite childhood cartoon character. “Daphne Dreams” sounds like the name of a girl who is sweet and innocent, yet she also has a mysteriousness about her that keeps you intrigued. So much so that she ends up in your dreams…

Where are you from?


What turns you on?

A good kisser. Bonus points if you are good at kissing both sets of lips!

How did you get in the business and who was your 1st shoot with?

Submitted my casting application on the Flourish website. My first shoot was with Ace Hardz and Cory Strokes.

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be?

Dwayne Johnson

What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Being a Swinger + Double penetration with someone else’s husband.

What are you hoping to do on camera and who are you hoping to work with in the future?

A gangbang, but accompanied by another girl to share the fun with! In the future, I would love to experience shooting a scene for Blacked.

What are you best at sexually?

Riding on top (all variations)

What’s your favorite position?

On top

What’s next for you?

Earning my QOS badge

How long do you see yourself doing this or being in the porn industry? What are your career goals?

For as long as it brings me joy! Career goals: To be published in an adult magazine and work with some of the top performers in the industry.

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Suzanne Holly Interview

Age: 54

Height: 5”4

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Chest Size: 32D

Tattoos: None

Piercings: Just ears

Nationality: American

Natural or Enhanced: Breast Enhancement

How did you pick your screen name?

Hubby picked it! Suzanne is my middle name.

Where are you from?

East Coast

What turns you on?

Sexy men with a beautiful faces

How did you get in the business and who was your 1st shoot with?

Started out as a swinger but hubby loved to get it on film from the beginning. First shoot using lights etc was DFW Knight

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be?

Taye Diggs or Lebron James

What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Probably Rim Jobs

What are you hoping to do on camera and who are you hoping to work with in the future?

More DVP, anal, rim jobs, erotic oil massage, very open… Jamie Knoxx Ace Biggs Slim Dark.  A lot more I just can’t think of right now!

What are you best at sexually?

Would love someone else to answer this lol .. not sure. I can make myself squirt well. Sensual, kissing, eye contact etc. submissive so up to please

What’s your favorite position?

Depends on the guy but usually love doggie and missionary

What’s next for you?

Some events this year, hopefully going full-time and social media face reveal

How long do you see yourself doing this or being in the porn industry? What are your career goals?

Not sure, do feel the clock ticking since I’m 54. I’d like to enjoy this for as long as I can.  Hopefully at least 5 years

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Tatiana Amor Interview

Age: 45

Height: 5’5”

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Chest Size: DD

Tattoos: Yes

Nationality: Mexican

Natural or Enhanced: Enhanced

How did you pick your screen name?

I’ve always liked that name or Samantha but Tatiana is more Mexican.

Where are you from?

A small town by the coast in Mexico.

What turns you on?

Passion and a hot, dark-skinned body.

How did you get into the business?

Hubby and I decided to explore the lifestyle as a hobby.

Who was your first shoot for?

My first shoot was with ChrisHasABig.

If you could fuck a celebrity, who would it be?

Chris Hemsworth and Jason Mamoa.

What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Getting pounded in a swinger’s party in Vegas.

What are you looking to shoot, and who do you hope to work with?

Keep having fun and enjoy it. I just melt for strong big guys.

What are you best at sexually?

I love riding and BJs.

What’s your favorite position?

Doggy style.

What’s next for you?

Build a brand and keep enjoying the next dick.

How long do you see yourself working in the industry?

5 years.

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Vix Cin Interview

Age:  45
Height: 5’3″
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Chest Size: 38DD
Tattoos: 2 sleeves, 7 others
Piercings: 6 including my ears
Nationality: Hispanic
Natural or Enhanced: Boobs are enhanced
Twitter: @Vix_cin
IG: @_vixcin_
OF: @Vix_Cin

Where are you from? South of Boston

What turns you on? A man’s hands on my neck, kissing the back of my shoulder 

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be? Ludacris

What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? 30+ guy gangbang at Splash Mocha with my friend Subgirl 

What are you hoping to do on camera and who are you hoping to work with in the future? On camera… a solo gangbang… be the center of attention with 4-5 guys and get creampied by all of them… and who would I like to work with? Hmmm… Jadynn Stone, xxxEBunnz and Jay Hefner

What are you best at sexually? Riding dick and kissing 

What’s your favorite position? I love to be on top 

What was it about The Flourish company that made you want to be part of the Content team? Networking and making connections with a well-established brand in the industry. Meeting amazing people and growing relationships. 

What’s next for you? Growing my fan base, retiring my husband and more travel

The Flourish XXX is also happy to announce that they will have a booth at the upcoming Adult Entertainment Expo being held in Las Vegas from Wednesday, January 4 – Saturday, January 7, 2023. Fans can find their favorite stars signing for The Flourish in booth #2300 including Vix Cin!

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Double Header From B. Skow Due Next Week

New Fleshbot Interview Gets to the Core of the Popular Director

VENICE, CA – We’re just a week away from an incredible day when B. Skow releases two new movies on the same date, the pair crossing the finish line just in time for awards consideration.

On Sept. 26 he will release The Gardner and Beautiful New Faces 3 through his Skow for Girlfriends Films. The Gardner is one of the most-anticipated movies of this busy month as it features not only an edgy screenplay, but the anal debut of superstar Jessie Andrews.

Beautiful New Faces 3 is the latest in Skow’s updated version of his long-running and extremely popular New Faces series. This edition has a lineup of young superstars: Dakota Skye, Carter Cruise, Ava Dalush and Lily Evans.

Writing about New Faces in a recent review, Captain Jack at ADT said that Skow “is a master at making the girls comfortable and bringing out their best for their first scenes,” and a new article by Fleshbot says his “eye for talent is as sharp as it’s ever been.”

Fleshbot’s Tucker Bankshot interviewed Skow and they talked about his move to Girlfriends, and they discussed both next week’s releases.

“Every girl that we shoot, I have to know them, I have to meet them,” he said of the talent in the Beautiful New Faces series. “I’ll put them in one of my other movies in a featured role and if they catch my eye, I book them. That’s how the series started and we’re up to three. It’s doing amazing.”

Both trailers are available from Rising Star PR.

Read the Skow interview on Fleshbot at

Watch the trailer for The Gardener at

2014 NightMoves Awards nominations
Best Director (Feature)
Best Feature Production: Abducted (Skow Digital); Daddy’s Girls (Skow Digital)
Best Production Company: Skow Digital
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Bonnie Rotten Kicks Off 2014-15 World Tour

Great Reviews Rolling in as Big New Releases Draw Near

VENICE, CA – The reigning AVN Female Performer of the Year is winning fans worldwide and she is about to embark on another tour that will sweep across the U.S. and into Europe and Africa before returning to the States for the 2015 AVN Awards and XBIZ Awards.

Bonnie’s Rotten World Tour kicked off last weekend in Fargo and continues this week in Milwaukee. In the coming months she will also be performing in South Africa, Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

“This is definitely the most ambitious thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Bonnie said. “Going to Germany earlier this year really opened my eyes to the possibilities there are both here and abroad. Berlin, Zurich, Barcelona, Johannesburg—this is going to be incredible!”

“Incredible” is also a word that’s coming up in reviews of Bonnie’s scenes and movies. At XCritic, Don Houston just gave B For Bonnie (Jonni Darkko/Evil Angel) a 4.5 Highly Recommended review, saying she is “proving time and again that a woman can enjoy extreme sex acts no matter how nasty they seem and literally own them as a result.”

On Adult DVD Talk, fu_q also gave the movie a 4.5, calling the movie an “exceptional production” and Bonnie “the single hottest star in adult right now,” he writes: “As would be expected when it’s all killer and no filler like this, the result is nothing short of awesome. It’s become clear that Bonnie is the real deal, and her willingness to ramp up the heat and take things to a higher level is quickly becoming legendary. Bonnie is awesome and so is this flick.”

Also writing for ADT, Captain Jack turned in his own glowing review of B Is for Bonnie: “Bonnie Rotten is the reigning Performer of the Year and for good reason. She deserves every accolade that comes her way. Bonnie really enjoys her job and does such a good job at it! She is one of those performers who you know what you are going to get when she appears in a scene, and that’s hot explosive action! Bonnie is great in all 4 scenes and all 4 have something different going for them.”

Anal Candy Disco Chicks, which she directed for her own production company (Mental Beauty), scored a great review from Art Koch, who says, “If you think you have seen this incredible performer at her best, just wait till you watch this one. It is a sexual ride you will not soon forget.”

Upcoming Bonnie releases include Twisted Lesbian Anal Spit Play (Dana Vespoli/Evil Angel), which came out last week; Christy Mack and Friends (New Sensations), which releases this week; Bonnieland: A Gangbang Fantasy (Mental Beauty); Cape Fear XXX (DreamZone Entertainment); and Rocco’s Perfect Slaves 5 (Evil Angel/Rocco Siffredi).

Check out the Bonnieland write-up by Dan C at Die-Screaming as well as the trailer at XCritic has a gallery from Cape Fear XXX at

Bonnie’s Rotten World Tour 2014-15:
Sept. 18-20: Silk, Milwaukee, WI
Sept. 23-28: Sexpo, Johannesburg, S.A.
Oct. 2-4: Klic Klic Salon Erotica Expo, Barcelona, Spain
Oct. 9: Erofame w/ Pipe Dream Toys, Hannover, Germany
Oct. 15-19: Venus Fair, Berlin, Germany
Nov. 7-8: Rockstar Cabaret, Wolcott, CT
No. 13-15: Deja Vu, Washington Park, IL
Nov. 21-22: Crazy Horse, San Francisco
Nov. 28-30: Extasia Expo, Zurich, Switzerland
Dec. 10-13: Thee Dollhouse, Tampa, FL
Dec. 18-20: Silver Dollar, Portland, OR
Jan. 16-17: Tiffany’s Cabaret, Buffalo, NY
Jan. 21-24: AEE Expo, Las Vegas
March 19-21: Blush Exotic, Pittsburgh, PA

Bonnie’s 2014 NightMoves Awards nominations:
Best Female Performer
Best Adult Film Star Feature Dancer
Best Ink
Best Parody (Drama): Rambone XXX (DreamZone Entertainment)
Best All Sex Release: Performers of the Year 2014 (Elegant Angel); Tattooed Goddesses (Jules Jordan Video); The Best In XXX (Wicked Pictures)
Best All Girl Release: Destruction of Bonnie Rotten (Devil’s Films); Women Seeking Women #100 (Girlfriends Films)
Best Fetish/Specialty Release: Bonnie Rotten Is Squirtwoman (Elegant Angel); To the Core (Mental Beauty)
Vote for her at

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Ryder Skye Lands Co-Host Gig with Last Call on CyberStationUSA

Hot Interview Leads to Regular Gig for Popular Superstar

VENICE, CA – The multi-talented Ryder Skye is adding another dimension to her illustrious career: She’s becoming a part of the media covering the industry.

Known as one of the industry’s most articulate performers, she’s always been a favorite interview for journalists, good for a quote or a long form interview. Her 2014 comeback has been full of great articles and interviews and now she’s getting the opportunity to be on the other side of things.

Sports Swami, whose long-running Last Call show airs on CyberStationUSA, has asked Ryder to be a part of the team.

“Ryder has already stepped in and is a natural,” Swami said.

The show is best known for interviews with adult stars and boxers and its history of knockout interviews includes Ryder just a few weeks ago, which is how she landed the gig. She has already interviewed two mainstream guests, Invicta/UFC MMA fighter Amanda Bell and mainstream actress/producer Courtney B Turk.

“We did an interview recently and we clicked immediately,” Ryder said.

The show airs Fridays at 11 pm EST/8 pm PST. The shows are also archived for convenient listening 24 hours a day. For more information go to

Check out Ryder’s anal debut, “Dare for a Big Dick,” at

For bookings contact VIP Connect: [email protected].

For everything Ryder go to Her official website is For up-to-the-second updates, follow her on Twitter (@ryderskyexxx).

Fleshbot Pounds Jessa Rhodes With 20 Hardcore Questions

Next Week: Featuring in Tucson; Later in Sept: Philly

VENICE, CA – Everyone wants to know about Jessa Rhodes and Fleshbot has done a public service with a sizzling new 20 Questions feature with the sassy young starlet.

Jessa confides that she led a very sheltered childhood and didn’t know anything about porn when she was young, but once she was exposed to it, she became a fan of Jesse Jane—someone she know calls a friend and mentor.

She says it’s doggie that gets her going, but missionary that gets her off. She also says that porn has opened her eyes to new sexual experiences.

“Being in the adult industry has broadened my sexual horizons,” she told Fleshbot. “I’ve realized there are so many people out there who are ashamed of their sexual fantasies. My advice to them is to remember you are two people, the person other people see on the street or at work, and your sexual self. People are afraid of divulging their fantasies to their partner because of judgment. But sex is animalistic and a part of everyday life. There’s no need to feel guilty or ashamed about what gets you off. If we all did that, we wouldn’t be here.”

Jessa creates and fulfills fantasies every time she appears in a scene, and she’s had some amazing releases come out this summer. She stars in She’s Trending (New Sensations), Sisters of Anarchy (Digital Playground), Raw 19 (Manuel Ferrara/Evil Angel) and Doctor’s Orders (Brazzers).

Next week Jessa will be featuring at Tens in Tucson. The following week she’ll be at the Gold Club in Philly.

Read Fleshbot’s 20 Questions interview at

Jessa Rhodes’ 2014 NightMoves Awards noms
Best Adult Film Star Feature Dancer
Best Feature Production: The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee (New Sensations)
Best Parody (Comedy): Just In Beaver Fever (Devil’s Films); The Love Boat XXX Parody (X-Play)
Best All Sex Release: Tasha’s Pony Tales (Reign Productions); The Best In XXX (Wicked Pictures)
Best All Girl Release: Secret Life of a Lesbian (Pink Velvet)

Vote for Jessa in the 2014 NightMoves Awards at

Profane Clothing is shipping Jessa’s new t-shirt and tanktop and all the proceeds will go to the Christy Mack Fund. For more information go to

Fans who would like to score outfits that Jessa has worn in movies can email her at [email protected]. Let her know your interests or specific outfits from movies you like she will let you know what she have available.

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