Christie Stevens Remembers Her First Time for AIP

Porno Dan’s Wheel of Debauchery This Friday

VENICE, CA – Christie Stevens may be a seasoned superstar today, but it wasn’t all that long ago when she was brand newbie and recalling her first time for AIP Daily was easy for her—and it’s sexy for us.

While we can’t give away the juicy details–you need to go to 2013/my-first-time-on-camera-christie-stevens/ to get all those–we’ll give you a little lead-in to set the stage:

“After I graduated I floated around a few months wondering what to do with this B.S. in Mass Communication in an economy where there were more college grads than jobs,” she wrote. “I considered law school as my father is an attorney and even took an entire LSAT prep course before deciding it was horribly boring and that an office job was just NOT for me. After a background in stage performance (ballet jazz tap hip hop you name it) my entire child/teen-hood and stripping for seven years after that I decided to pursue my passion of entertainment and sex and take the plunge into the adult film industry that had been a dormant, repressed desire of mine for quite some time.”

And what a decision it turned out to be. It has been announced that Christie will be appearing in the The Lone Ranger XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody. The movie will release in September and add to her feature/parody resume, which also includes OMG…It’s the Dirty Dancing XXX Parody (Septo Studios/Juicy Entertainment), which will be out May 15. The trailer for that can be seen at

This Friday, May 3, Christie is booked for Porno Dan’s Wheel of Debauchery. Yet another great Christie event you don’t want to miss! Also check out her Brazzers scene that came out last week, “Spy Nerd,” which can be found at http://

Follow Christie on Twitter @iluvchristie. For more on Christie Stevens visit http://

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