Kris & Berman Show Coming to WSUL NY

Also; First Morning Show on biggest Internet Radio Station!

VENICE, CA – The journey has been longer and harder than a fresh bag full of porn star dicks, but they’ve finally arrived! The Kris and Berman Show will soon be mercilessly pranking guests and providing mind blowing porn star interviews from an all new source.

Starting April 29th, the Kris and Berman Show are making their long awaited terrestrial radio debut on one of Upstate NY’s premier stations as well as becoming the first morning show on the web’s biggest Internet radio station, The Mixx Radio.

“I’m thrilled that this is finally happening, and pissed off it took so long for someone to finally take a chance” on us, host Alan Berman said Thursday night. “I’d like to thank all the people that helped us along the way including all the porn stars who came on the show. Without you none of this would be possible.”

The Kris and Berman Show have been a hit on the Internet radio scene since their incarnation on the former wARKLive over 3 years ago. Since then Kris and Berman have gained a following with their brash personalities and their wild sense of humor. Using social media like Twitter, promotion, and a never ending drive to succeed, they managed to grow their audience by leaps and bounds.

They have interviewed an eclectic mix of people from politicians to actors and musicians, but are most known for their interesting interactions with those in the porn community. Whether it be fighting with Alia Janine against measure B in California to a heart to heart with accused syphilitic porn star Mr. Marcus.

“The porn world has been very good to us” says host and stand up comedian Kris Hasbun. “At some point, we expected to be on Satellite on one of these porn stations doing our show but those stars never aligned, now well just have to figure out how to get hot chicks to get nude without cursing.

If you’re not in Hudson Valley of New York, you can catch the Kris and Berman Show on or on the tune in radio app under WSUL or the mixx radio.

For more on the absolute madness go to Follow them on Twitter @ KrisandBerman. Also check out @themixxradio.

For more on the Kris and Berman Show go to

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