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Sienna Sinclaire Ready to Put the ‘Rah! Rah!’ Into Your ‘Ahh! Ahh!’

Certified Sex Coach Knows How to Guide People to Greater Sex Lives

VENICE, CA – If you’ve never thought you could use a couple tips in the bedroom, you probably haven’t been paying attention to your partner. But sometimes openness in the bedroom isn’t as easy as it should be and it takes a third party to get things moving in the right direction.

As a certified sex coach, Sienna Sinclaire is experienced at working with individuals dealing with issues from simply spicing up the sex life to helping people develop more meaningful and lasting relationships.

“I offer sex, relationship and love coaching along with better educating you in all areas of sex,” Sienna said. “I’m not a therapist, counselor or sexologist. My services are for coaching only.”

The difference is that Sienna avoids past issues or traumas, instead focusing on current issues dealing with sex and relationships. She’ll meet with a person via phone, email or in person. For some, a single session can take care of things, while others choose ongoing assistance.

“I can help a person become a more confident and sexual person,” she said. “I don’t think anyone who is honest with themselves would think that they couldn’t use a little guidance. I want them to know someone is out there.”

For more information on Sienna’s sex coaching or any of her other skills, visit www.siennasinclaire.com. For more on Sienna visit https://risingstarpr.com/news/?tag=sienna-sinclaire.

Sienna Sinclaire Going Live on Porn Star Pundits

New Social Network One of Many Topics the Versatile Beauty Will Discuss

VENICE, CA – Last week she announced the creation of Sienna Sinclaire Social, the site that caters to fans of pinups, burlesque, fetish and the like and now the media barrage begins. This Tuesday she’ll be appearing on Porn Star Pundits.

Porn Star Pundits is hosted by two-time award-winning radio personality and comedian Johnny Dam (The DAMage Report) and Dawn Tulman (ToiBocks). The duo brings together the top porn performers and cover the week’s top stories in the adult business.

“I’ve had such a good time with recent appearances on Playboy Radio and now co-hosting on CyberstationUSA, it’s like I can’t say no,” Sienna said. “Plus I have so much going on with my shoots and developing Sienna Sinclaire Social, it’s important to get the word out. I think people are really going to love it.”

Porn Star Pundits airs Tuesdays from 5-6 pm PST. Sienna’s appearance will be this week (Oct. 19). Visit www.newdissidentradio.com/porn_star_pundits.html for
more information.

Last Call airs Fridays from 6-8 pm PT on www.cyberstationusa.com. Her social network can be found at http://siennasinclairesocial.com/.

For more on Sienna Sinclaire visit https://risingstarpr.com/news/?tag=sienna-sinclaire.

Sienna Sinclaire Creates a New Online Social Network

Site Focuses on Pinups, Burlesque, Fetish and Much More

VENICE, CA – There are those who are happy to rest on their laurels and then there is Sienna Sinclaire. Besides being the webmaster of two successful websites, modeling, writing, co-hosting the Last Call show on CyberstationUSA.com, she has now created her own online social network.

At Sienna Sinclaire Social, fans of Sienna and fetishes in general have finally found a gathering place that caters specifically to them.

“People love to join social networks that cater to their niches or the things they love,” Sienna said. “My website caters to those who have a love of pinup, burlesque, vintage, fetish and porn.

“Most social websites only cater to just fetish or pinup whereas mine puts them all together,” she continued. “The reason is that most pinup models are also burlesque performers and some cross over into fetish modeling then nude modeling leading to the adult industry. So I’m just combining them all and bringing the community into one social network.”

Anyone over 18 with a love of pinup, burlesque, vintage, fetish and porn will love the fresh content. Sienna Sinclaire Social is also offering monthly prizes, the opportunity to post your own photos and videos, join discussions on a variety of topics, create a blog, forum or group, play free games and, naturally, view Sienna’s videos, photos, join in chats with her and be the first to know about events and photoshoots she’s involved in.

The October contest is to win a free Halloween costume from PureDelish.com. People can enter through Oct. 24.

To view and join Sienna Sinclaire Social visit http://siennasinclairesocial.com/.

For more on Sienna Sinclaire visit https://risingstarpr.com/news/?tag=sienna-sinclaire.

Sienna Sinclaire Joins ‘Last Call’ as Co-Host

Guest Appearance Lands Gorgeous Model a Permanent Role on Web Show

VENICE, CA – Sienna Sinclaire’s appearance on CyberstationUSA’s Last Call was so enticing that she was immediately offered a co-hosting slot on Swami’s show.

This week Sienna and Alexis Ford will be asking the questions when an all-star lineup joins them on the airwaves at Cyberstationusa.com.

• Boxing insider Julian Kasdkin of Doghouseboxing.com.
• Strikeforce welterweight Paul Bradley
• Digital Playground contract performer Raven Alexis
• Porn star/feature dancer Alia Janine
• Newcomer to the adult industry Brooklyn Jade

“When I did the interview I had no idea I would end up being part of the show,” Sienna said. “The offer was a very pleasant surprise. I love doing this kind of work by talking to people and getting to know what goes on inside their naughty world. Swami is a great host and every week is going to be a don’t-miss show.”

This week’s Last Call airs Friday (Oct. 8) from 6-8 pm PT on www.cyberstationusa.com.

For more on Sienna Sinclaire visit https://risingstarpr.com/news/?tag=sienna-sinclaire.

Sienna Sinclaire will be on ‘Last Call’ This Friday

Fetish and Glam Model to Sex up CyberstationUSA

VENICE, CA – This Friday evening, beautiful glam and fetish model Sienna Sinclaire will appear on CyberstationUSA’s Last Call on the Sport Swammi show and it’s not just because she’s sexy.

Since the show is broadcast audio-only over the internet, she’ll be bringing her charm, intelligence, wit and friskiness to the world wide web. That shouldn’t be much of a stretch for the talented performer/model, who also works as a sex coach, burlesque performer, belly dancer, director, writer and columnist.

It worked like a charm on Playboy Radio earlier this month, so there’s no question this will be an excellent, interesting show.

While Sienna is best-known for her websites that feature her fetish and glamour work, she has recently started working for other companies, too.

“My websites have been doing great so I wanted to branch out and thus far it’s been a great experience,” she said. “There are a lot of people with some really neat ideas.”

She will appear on the CyberStationUSA radio show Last Call Friday night between 7 and 7:30 pm PT. Go to www.cyberstationusa.com for more information.

For more on Sienna Sinclaire visit https://risingstarpr.com/news/?tag=sienna-sinclaire.

Sienna Sinclaire’s Playboy Radio Tell-All

Sexy Secrets Will Be Revealed in Monday Night Appearance

VENICE, CA – It’s not often that fans get to hear their favorite performers tell their dirty secrets and even ask them questions directly, but that’s what they’ll get when Sienna Sinclaire appears on Playboy Radio’s Night Calls show this Monday, Sept. 13.

It will be the second-ever appearance on the show for Sienna, who will be grilled by co-hosts Christy Canyon and Nicky Hunter.

“I was on the show about a year and a half ago and it was a blast,” Sienna said. “Last time they said I was so sweet and innocent and that this time they’re going to get me naked. We’ll see what happens!”

Sienna is famous for her glam and fetish work, which she features on a pair of websites that she maintains herself. She only recently has agreed to work for other companies.

“It’s a big step for me, working for other people,” she said. “But this will give me the opportunity to work with people I’ve always wanted to work with and I’m excited to see with the ideas other people come up with. The creative process has always intrigued me and it will be fun being on this side of it for a change.”

Much more than a sexy model, Sienna is also a sex educator, pin-up model, burlesque performer, belly dancer, director, writer and columnist.

Night Calls broadcasts live Monday through Friday from 4-7 PST from Los Angeles. The show can be heard on channel 99 on both XM and Sirius. Listeners are encouraged to phone in their questions and comments by calling in toll-free at 877.205.9796. Sienna’s appearance will begin around 5 pm.

Sienna Sinclaire Joins Rising Star PR

Successful Fetish and Girl/Girl Playing Well With Others

VENICE, CA – If you haven’t heard the name Sienna Sinclaire yet, you’re not alone. For over two years she’s been working exclusively for her own websites. She’s never worked for another company, but those days are coming to an end. We’re entering a new era for Sienna Sinclaire and the adult industry.

She’s not just a gorgeous model who has done some of the finest fetish and glamour work of anyone in the industry in recent years, she’s also a sex educator, pin-up model, burlesque performer, belly dancer, director, writer and columnist.

“I’ve been working really hard building my site and company over the past couple years and I’m ready to take it to the next level,” Sienna said. “My main focus is my website but I am also ready to start working with new companies and photographers.”

Other than being flat-out beautiful, Sienna carries some impressive physical statistics: She’s 5’ 5”, 115 pounds, blonde-haired and blue-eyed. She’s also well-educated, holding a major in international business and two minors in French and international relations from the College of Charleston. After college she worked and lived in London for over a year.

“I don’t think I’m your typical adult model,” she said. “Sure, I get naked and love having naughty photos taken of me. But my work as a sex coach, director, dancer and writer are every bit as important to me and as big a part of me as modeling.”

Sienna runs both her sites (one fetish and one glamour) personally and is currently working on a book based on her experience as a sex educator.

“I have a lot to offer people,” she said. “It’s not all about getting naked for the camera, but it’s sure been a great way to start.”