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A Trip to Russia! Dire Desires Bows Hot New Scene

YNOT Releases Revealing New Interview on Exceptional Entrepreneur

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Popular pro-am site Dire Desires continues to consistently release high-quality ebony hardcore! This week they take “A Trip to Russia” with exquisite beauty Russian Cream.

“In our first convo Russian Cream asked me “How big is your dick?” That’s when I knew I had to get my hands on her,” Jay shared. “So we planned to get together and when we got together, this was the result.”

Russian Cream finds out just what the hung stud is packing in his pants. First, she teases him on the balcony, adding to the view with a sneak peek up her dress at her shaved snatch. She rubs her round peach of an ass on Jay’s rigid rod, then kneels and fellates him, worshipping his ample manhood.

Back in the pad on the couch, Jay provides the impish ingenue with a deep dicking, making the beauty’s eyes practically pop out as he goes balls deep in her tight pink pussy. She cries out in surprise, shocked by his size, then relaxes and enjoys being fucked like a rag doll into a series of shuddering orgasms.

“Oh my God, I love working with Jay,” Cream said. “His dick was so big and he fucked me so good. Definitely a twelve on a scale of one to ten. I know the next time gonna be epic!”

Dire Desires again demonstrates their dominance with this glossy, energetic, hardcore release! See it now at https://diredesires.com/members/a-trip-to-russia/.

Jay was recently interviewed by Alyssa Collins from YNOT about his business acumen, career trajectory, and where his wildly popular site is headed. The exceptional entrepreneur opens up in “Dire Desires on Building a Successful Pro-Am Site” talking about how he does his magic. When asked by Alyssa how he consistently creates great content Jay doesn’t hesitate to share his secret.

“I try to get better every video I shoot. I watch porn a lot, for educational purposes of course. LOL. But I was a fan of the industry way before I started and that’s not gonna stop whether I’m in it not.

“To answer your question, I shoot great content because I base my concepts on real life situations.

“Here’s the perfect example, some of my fans don’t like that the models in my scenes don’t get fully naked in every video. A big reason for that is because in real life situations, a woman doesn’t always get naked. If you are sleeping next to your wife, you may roll over pull her panties to the side and get to it. Or she may not have any panties on, but she has a t-shirt on, and you just get to it.”

Read the full interview now at https://www.ynot.com/dire-desires-building-successful-pro-am-site/.

And after, sign up for his newsletter and the Dire Desires affiliate program that offers 50% off!

Watch the latest Dire Desires podcast interview on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIj6rZZUvSA.

Check out Jay’s new apparel line at https://desiresbrand.com/ and pick up some merch!

Follow Russian Cream on X at https://twitter.com/Russiansocreamy.

Visit her Dire Desire’s page for more scenes and social media at https://diredesires.com/model/black-russian/.

Follow Dire Desires on X at https://twitter.com/TheDireDesires and visit their OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/d_desires.

Dire Desires Bows Breathtaking New Darling Nicky Scene “In Town”

Jay Satisfies Hot, Horny Slut in Scorching New Thirsty Thursday Drop

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Award-nominated site Dire Desires dropped another hot new Thursday release featuring brown-eyed, Bronx-born beauty Darling Nicky. The thirsty lady lets her lover know that she’s “In Town” and is eager to sample some more of Jay’s God-tier sexual skills in the scorching new scene.

Jay knows what’s up right away.

“I just happened to be home when I got a text from Nicky,” Jay said. “She told me she was in town and asked if I was busy. Everyone knows that’s just code for ‘I need some dick.’ I love fucking Nicky, so I was more than happy to help her out.”

Jay does more than help the tatted temptress – he fucks her into a puddle of quivering, tingly, blissful satisfaction! Darling Nicky lovingly takes his thick erection into her hot little hands and sucks it with pure passion.

Shot and edited masterfully, the unforgettable new clip captures the exquisite ebony beauty expertly pleasured by her well-endowed lover. Jay penetrates her pretty, pink pussy, satisfying the all-natural honey all over his place in what she describes as their usual magic.

“I’ve been working with Jay for eons and everything we work together we always make magic,” Nicky said. “This time was no different.”

The popular Pro-Am platform once more sets the standard with this glossy, energetic, hardcore release! See it now at https://diredesires.com/members/in-town/.

And after, sign up for his newsletter and the Dire Desires affiliate program that offers 50% off!

Watch the latest Dire Desires podcast interview on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIj6rZZUvSA.

Check out Jay’s new apparel line at https://desiresbrand.com/ and pick up some merch!

Follow Darling Nicky on X at https://twitter.com/xDarlingNicky.

Visit her Dire Desire’s page for more scenes and social media at https://diredesires.com/model/darling-nicky/.

Follow Dire Desires on X at https://twitter.com/TheDireDesires and visit their OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/d_desires.

Dire Desires Bows New Hyphyy Lee Scene and YouTube Podcast Interview

Jay Gets Deep Inside Bay Area Creator in
“The Dire Interview Episode 4: Hyphyy Lee”

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Dire Desires released the fourth installment of their in-depth interview followed by a hardcore sex scene today. “The Dire Interview Episode 4: Hyphyy Lee” stars the Bay Area-born adult content creator showing off her stuff after a penetrating interview covering the kinky redhead’s fantasies – like having a train run on her by two guys at once… or five girls!

“No fetish is too far for her,” Jay shared, “and she has a fantasy of having a train being run on her by 5 very attractive women. Hyphyy was dope to interview and she was able to share her ups and downs in the adult content world.”

With three years under her belt and a rapidly growing fanbase, Lee is far from inexperienced. Still, the lusty beauty admitted this was her first time opening up about herself on camera.

“Now this was my first interview ever, so I was hella nervous, but Jay kept me relaxed and comfortable,” Hyphyy said. “I got to tell my story and some jokes. But when the interview was over. I got fucked really good. Made the interview well worth it.

See it now at https://diredesires.com/members/the-dire-interview-episode-4-hyphyy-lee/. And when you’re done, sign up for his newsletter and the Dire Desires affiliate program that offers 50% off! Then when you’re done, watch her interview on YouTube by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIj6rZZUvSA.

Check out Jay’s new apparel line at https://desiresbrand.com/ and pick up some merch!

Follow Hyphyy Lee on X at https://www.twitter.com/hyphyylee.

Follow Dire Desires on X at https://twitter.com/TheDireDesires and visit their OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/d_desires.

Dire Desires Releases Red Hot New Tina Starr Scene

Petite Ebony Starlet Shines in “My Girlfriend’s Sister”

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Dire Desires has another unforgettable new Thursday release ready this week for their growing fan base. Tina Starr shines in a hot new scene from the popular pro-am site as she enjoys a ride on Jay’s rigid rod in “My Girlfriend’s Sister.” The scene stars the stunning young starlet as a cock-obsessed younger sister who won’t take no for an answer, at least not when it comes to Jay’s king-sized prick.

“Woke up in my girl’s house after night out of partying. Got up to head home and girl’s sister is in the living room basically naked. I knew she had a little crush on me, and one thing led to another and here we are,” Jay said.

A fan of the site, working with Jay was a dream cum true for Tina.

“Jay was such a joy to work with,” Tina said. “I had so much fun, and he made sure I was comfortable. I honestly couldn’t wait to fuck him because I had been a fan of his videos. So as soon as I got to climb on that dick, I started creaming instantly. I can’t wait to shoot some more with him.”

Watch “My Girlfriend’s Sister” now at https://diredesires.com/members/my-girlfriends-sister/ and, while you are there, sign up for his newsletter and the Dire Desires affiliate program that offers 50%!

And be sure to check out Jay’s new apparel line at https://desiresbrand.com/ and pick up some merch!

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Follow Dire Desires on X at https://twitter.com/TheDireDesires and visit their OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/d_desires.

Dire Desires Drops Hot New Scene ‘Let Me Suck That Big Dick’

Award-Nominated Pro-Am Site Bows Juicy New Creampie Scene with DaiDai

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Award-nominated Pro-Am site Dire Desires has a scorching new scene for fans this week! “Let Me Suck That Big Dick” stars DaiDai with Jay in a clip that’s as real as it gets! In the incendiary new release, the tatted cutie with mesmerizing eyes, nose piercing, and braids demands to show off her oral sex skills on the dick of her dreams.

“I rarely check my DM’s but something told me let me check it this day,” said Jay. “She told me she gonna come to my city just to suck my dick. Two weeks later I get a call and she’s telling me she’s at the airport and if I could come pick her up. I picked her up we got back to the crib and she wasn’t playing and she was ready to suck my dick.”

The unusual erotic encounter turns into a sensual lovemaking session as he gets deep in the braided and tatted all-natural ebony seductress, stretching her tiny pink pussy open while she moans in bliss. Her hypnotizing cries and tight little wet snatch send Jay over the top. He fills her full of his hot load.

“I couldn’t hold that nut and I let off in her,” Jay said. “Her pussy is absolutely amazing!”

DaiDai enjoyed herself as well, as she eagerly shared.

“Jay is the most professional person I have worked with,” said DaiDai after the scene. “The quality of our video turned me on watching it. I would recommend all ladies work with him ASAP and he has one of the prettiest dicks I have ever seen. Top five dicks no lie!”

Watch DaiDai in action sucking Jay’s big dick then taking a passionate pounding and a pussy full of creamy love now at https://diredesires.com/members/let-me-suck-that-big-dick/.

ICYMI, last week Dire Desires received a nomination for Best Pro-Am Studio at this year’s Urban X Awards!

“I’m grateful,” Jay said. “To be acknowledged is everything. Please take a moment and vote for me. Thanks!”

Vote for Dire Desires now at https://urbanxvoting.com/voting/voting-9/.

For more about the 2023 Urban X Awards, visit https://urbanxvoting.com/. Follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/urbanXawards.

Follow DaiDai on Twitter at https://twitter.com/daidaifacebae.

Follow Dire Desires on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TheDireDesires and visit their OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/btsofdesires.

Kendra Sunderland Makes Incendiary Debut at Ricky’s Room

“Chemistry Class In Session” Stars Library Girl and Alex Jones

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Award-winning site Ricky’s Room brings the heat once again this week with an incendiary new release starring Kendra Sunderland and Alex Jones. “Chemistry Class In Session” mixes the breathtaking pair of adult performers like a kinky science experiment. The results are a scorching hot fuck session that’s sure to satisfy even the most jaded porn fan again and again.

Kendra is a vision of lust in black lingerie. She starts the scene by teasing the viewer with her incredible body. Then the gorgeous, tattooed blonde wastes no time putting her talents to the test against Alex’s rigid rod and after he savors the OSU’s Library Girl’s pretty peach, planting his face in the Penthouse Pet’s exquisite bubble butt and licking all the way through her juicy crack as she cries out in bliss.

What follows is some of the hottest sex ever captured on camera as the picture-perfect pair pleasure one another in several positions. Alex plunges deep into her soaking wet pussy, her natural, pierced breasts hypnotically jiggling. His fingers nimbly massage her clit until she cums on his rock-hard cock, waves of bliss visibly racking her mouthwatering curves. When it’s his turn to climax, the mesmerizing siren gets to her knees and takes the ripped, hung performer’s load in her open and inviting wet, pink mouth.

“If you look up the definition of a sexy couple, you are going to find pictures of Kendra Sunderland and Alex Jones,” Ricky Johnson explained. “Not only do they just look incredibly hot together, but the sex vibes they were putting out could probably be felt miles away! I can’t wait to bring their energy back to Ricky’s Room.”

Kendra found her first time at Ricky’s Room exceeded all her expectations.

“I guess I’d like to say that it was an incredible match-up and insanely fire scene,” Kendra said. “I’ve always wanted to shoot for Ricky’s Room, and I can’t wait for my fans to see it plus other scenes that are yet to come!”

Her handsome, ripped costar Jones agreed.

“I had a great time shooting for Ricky’s Room,” Alex added. “Everyone on set was really cool, the shoot was quick, and working with Kendra was amazing! Hopefully won’t be my last time shooting with her.”

See “Chemistry Class In Session” now at Ricky’s Room at https://rickysroom.com/videos/chemistry-class-in-session.

Follow Kendra Sunderland on Twitter at @KSLibraryGirl.
Follow Alex Jones on Twitter at @AJonesXXX.

Visit Ricky’s OnlyFans at onlyfans.com/rickybehavior.
Check out Ricky’s Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/rickybehavior.

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The Flourish XXX Entertainment Drops Pair of Hot New Scenes

Oliver Flynn Nails Katalina Kyle, Leana Lovings Learns Love from Isiah Maxwell

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX Entertainment has released a steady stream of mind-blowing hardcore content since day one. This week they’ve continued that glorious tradition with a sizzling new pair of scenes to keep fans salivating from their marquee series!

First up is the latest installment of their lush series The Pros. ‘The Pros Episode 10 – UFC Champ house party goes WRONG’ stars Oliver Flynn as the champ who meets sexy slut Katalina Kyle at his post-fight celebration but gets caught up in some drama when her man freaks out. Later, the hot, inked blonde seductress returns and forces her way in. Moments later she’s on her knees deep throating his massive cock, lapping up his shaved balls with her pierced tongue, then getting fucked deep in her slick, shaved snatch as her big, pierced breasts bounce and she wails in bliss, squirting with each juicy orgasm.

Katalina said, “I had done a collab with some of the flourish content team earlier, my birthday scene, so that is how we all got to know each other. This shoot was for one of their main series and I loved it! I loved the interaction. It was so much fun. Working with TJ was awesome, his idea, he was a master planner, and how we brought it to life.

It was my first time shooting with Oliver and he was great. He saw what I wanted with the words, and we made it happen.”

“My first time working with TJ and The Flourish and it didn’t disappoint,” costar Oliver added. “Katalina was super, just incredible.  Let me say it was fun to actually do a party scene. It felt authentic and we rolled with it.”

“Katalina is a flourisher,” TJ said, “her swag, how she brings it. And Oliver is my guy. We all have a level of intensity, so we simply love shooting together and Oliver has a captured scene upcoming in one or two months that is insane that we shot as well!”

The new release also features MassagebyBlack, DruffBandit, StrawberryRed, and Devin Drills in supporting acting roles. Witness the incredible scene now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/The-Pros-Episode-10-UFC-Champ-house-party-goes-Wrong.html.

Follow Oliver Flynn on Twitter at https://twitter.com/OliverFlynnVIP.
Follow Katalina Kyle on Twitter at https://twitter.com/katsmeowxo.
Follow Massage by Black on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Experience_Blck.
Follow DruffBandit on Twitter at https://twitter.com/druffbandit_snw.
Follow StrawberryRed on Twitter at https://twitter.com/trystrawberrii.
Follow Devin Drills on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DrillMediaGrp.

But the Pro’s wasn’t the only powerhouse Flourish XXX series to see a new release this week! TJ took fans back to school with ‘Flourish University Ep 13 Leana Lovings’ dropping to their delight! Leana gets a lesson she’ll never forget from hung stud Isiah Maxwell. Ginger Grey acts in the scene as well.

Isiah wastes no time treating the irresistible, petite brunette to a taste of his thick, long prick, fucking her gorgeous young face while his strong hands explore her natural, barely legal curves. Soon the stud is penetrating her pretty, pink, shaved pussy, his girthy manhood probing deep into her as the two make love from the pool, across campus, and end up indoors in a bed.

“The mood was great,” Leana said. “TJ certainly has a lot of energy, and it was absolutely fun working with him and the team. As for Isiah, it is always fantastic working with him. The format of Flourish University was fun. Also, the sex in the pool was a first for me ever and me and Isiah did a new position or two.”

Ginger added, “I was doing some acting and it was a fun vibe environment, it was the first time working with TheFlourishXXX!”

“I had wanted to work with Leana for quite some time and it just never seemed to happen when she was in South Florida, even though we film there quite often,” TJ explained. “But then we found ourselves in Los Angeles at the same time and our schedules allowed so we immediately locked in and made it happen.”

The busy CEO said he already has ideas to use Leana in other series.

“So happy as now I have worked with her and see her range. I wish to even have her crossover into our Captured XXX hardcore series but sort of play a role like Harley Quinn just tearing up shit,” he laughed.

See the newest Flourish University scene now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Flourish-University-Ep-13-Leana-Lovings.html.

Follow Leana Lovings on Twitter at https://twitter.com/LeanaLovings.
Follow Isiah Maxwell on Twitter at https://twitter.com/isiahmaxwell.
Follow Ginger Grey on Twitter at https://twitter.com/GingerGreyXXX.

Follow The Flourish on Twitter at https://twitter.com/theflourishxxx and on Tik Tok at https://www.tiktok.com/@theflourish. The Flourish XXX is a Top 8 worldwide producer on ManyVids. See their content now at https://TheFlourishxxx.manyvids.com.

Meat my Girlfriend! Kitana Montana Stars in New Adult Time Pilot

Tatted Temptress Also in New Naughty America Scene with Lawson Jones

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Alluring sex goddess Kitana Montana stars in a pair of new scenes and she wants to be sure her fans know about both! First up is ‘Meat my Girlfriend’, the accidental gang bang from Adult Time Pilots.

Johnny Palms, Donny Sins, Lawson Jones, Clarke Kent, Elias Cash, and Rion King eagerly await the arrival of a slutty stripper at a bachelor party. The boys all agree she’s a knockout except Johnny who freaks out and takes her to the bathroom. Turns out they’ve been dating six months and neither has been exactly honest.

What better way is there for them to reconcile their differences than her fucking him and his five friends in a shameless, free for all gangbang that includes standing double penetrations and lots of hole stuffing! They pay plenty of attention to the tatted blonde temptress, from her perfect breasts down to her tight, pink pussy and winking pucker.

“It felt so amazing having all those hard cocks all to myself,” said Kitana. “I’m a dirty girl and I love making hardcore scenes, so this was perfect for me. I had such an amazing time. All the guys were really sweet, and they took amazing care of me, as you can see in the hot preview on their site!”

See her taking on six hard cocks now in an extended fifteen-minute trailer at https://adulttimepilots.com/meat-my-girlfriend/.

She’s also got a new scene out from Naughty America’s Perfect Fucking Strangers site, ‘Sexy Kitana Montana models a sexy lingerie for a private client’ featuring the irresistible beauty with stud Lawson Jones.

Running 37 minutes, the 4K HD clip stars sex goddess Kitana at the lingerie store trying out sexy lingerie Lawson bought for his girl. She notices his chubby and can’t pass up the chance to feel that big cock in her mouth and pussy. She even takes a hot load in her mouth!

“I love being dirty and fucking in public,” said Kitana. “That’s why I came so hard shooting this scene. You can see it when you watch me. It’s all real! Check it out!”

See it now at https://www.naughtyamerica.com/scene/napfs-kitanalawson-31591.

And ICYMI, she has a new DVD release out from Devil’s Film. The exotic alt beauty stars in ‘BAD Relatives 2’ as a tatted temptress brother-in-law Brick Danger can’t resist!

See the trailer now and pick up your copy at https://www.adultdvdempire.com/3025288/bad-relatives-2-porn-movies.html?partner_ID=46386249.

Follow Kitana Montana on Twitter at https://twitter.com/kitanamontana and on Instagram at https://instagram.com/kitana.montana1/. Visit her OnlyFans at http://onlyfans.com/kitanamontana. Buy her replica pussy at https://mypornboutique.com/kitana-montana-pussy.html.

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