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Sunny Daze Releases Her 1st-Ever Gangbang Scene  

TadpoleXStudio Helps Kinky Cutie’s Dream Cum True

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Adorable Sunny Daze is excited to announce her 1st-ever gangbang is now available for purchase! For the kinky cutie, it’s literally a dream cum true to see her deepest fantasy brought to life and shared with the world.

“For years, gangbang porn has always been my favorite genre to masturbate to,” the petite young brunette shared. “I’ve always loved imagining myself in the girl’s position, being the center of attention for a group of men.”

She explained that the feeling is unlike anything else in this world.

“It’s such a magical combination of helplessness to the grasp of men much bigger than her and the empowerment of being the most beautiful girl in the room, all the men craving only her,” she said. “I’ve always enjoyed a mix of praise and degradation as a submissive, and a gangbang brings it all together, along with my desire to be the center of attention in all the spaces I occupy.”

The all-natural nympho shared she met Tad in Chicago last year, under the naughtiest cir-cum-stances imaginable!

“The first project I worked on with TadpoleXXXStudios was the record-breaking 100-guy gangbang he hosted for the illustrious Rebel Rhyder,” Sunny said. “During Exxxotica Chicago 2023, they were searching for guys to partake in the gangbang as well as female performers to be fluffers for the event, and I jumped at the opportunity. I’m a wild girl, and throwing myself into such a crazy event is totally up my alley. The event itself was such a game-changer for me in my porn career as well as just in general being a major sexual highlight in my life so far, and it started my relationship working with Tadpole.”

Things progressed quickly between the two as the like-minded free spirits let their imagination and arousal take over and start pushing the boundaries.

“From there, we shot a handful of scenes, some boy-girls, a threesome, and this orgy,” Daze continued. “It’s always been such a great experience working with Tadpole; he’s always had my back, and I knew when I wanted to plan my first gangbang scene that he was the man to call.”

Sunny shared the details of how the most memorable moment of her tender young sexual life was both carefully curated and captured.

“We planned it for a few months, he helped me put the team together, and then it was finally the day of the gangbang I have been dreaming about all these years,” she said. “I was the first to arrive at the hotel with Tadpole. We talked about the final product, what I was looking to achieve from this scene, and how I wanted to personally own and distribute this work as it is so important to me to have this experience and hold it as my own.”

After that, Sunny said that real fun started!

“One by one, the six guys entered the room, all so kind and respectful,” she said. “I gave them each a little goodie bag as a thank you for participating, even though I know that being able to be inside of me was thank you enough.”

Sunny explained that she only had experience with one of the six men soon to be inside of her.

“Jay Huddie was the only guy I had personally known from working together in a previous TadpoleXXXStudios scene, “Sunny Daze’s Sugar Daddy Gets Her a BBC.” I felt very comfortable working with him, so he brought a calming energy for me. A few of the other guys were a part of Rebel Rhyder’s 100 guys gangbang, so I definitely fluffed them at that event, although there were so many dicks for me to tend to that I don’t remember many faces.”

Sunny said that the shoot went smoothly and was fun and easy.

“After paperwork and photos, it was finally time for me to shine, and it was everything I dreamed it would be,” she said. “Tadpole and Sal Shooter took turns shooting the scene, getting great angles of all the action. There are some great shots of the guys waiting in line for their turn to get a blowjob from me or to fuck me in missionary. We played in a lot of different positions, starting with my personal request of having all the guys stand around me, letting me take turns pleasuring them with my mouth; One in my mouth, both my hands occupied, another dick resting on my forehead, I was truly in heaven. This is what I crave when I say I want to be the center of attention. This fun moment made the cover for the scene as well as the DVD of Tadpole x Sunny Daze scenes, coming soon!”

But that was only one of several amazing moments according to the stunning starlet.

“One particularly stand-out position had me riding one guy with two cocks at my face level. Tadpole said I should take a selfie and post it while we were still fucking, which wound up making an iconic post on Twitter along with a silly anecdote from the scene. I’m literally still getting fucked as I’m doing my best to maintain composure and post one of the selfies I took at that moment online. The whole scene was so lighthearted and fun, I hope everyone takes the time to check it out.”

Sunny said she wants fans to feel like they are actually there with her.

“The way it was filmed really feels like you’re in the scene, enjoying the moment with us,” she said. “That authenticity is what I’m all about. My fanbase knows that the scenes I film are all very empowering for me, and that what I deliver to them is genuine. I chase experiences that inspire me, and the people who support me love to see me having fun. By the end of the scene, I was a sloppy mess, full of multiple creampies, a face covered with cum, and smiling ear to ear. I rode that high for days after, and I relive that day every time I watch the scene back, which is quite often.”

Tad had plenty of praise to share about the experience as well.

“When beautiful porn star Sunny Daze asked me to organize her first-ever gangbang I was thrilled,” TadpoleXStudio owner Tad Pole shared. “I was honored. She has been in a few of my scenes already and she displays so much energy that I knew this would be a fun gangbang to direct and shoot. She didn’t disappoint! This is a must-see gangbang with a lot of cream pies.”

Sunny wasn’t done singing his praises either.

“I can’t thank Tadpole enough for giving me the chance to live out this longtime dream of mine, and I am already dreaming of hosting another,” Sunny concluded. “I’m really looking forward to being the center of attention for a group again. I know you’ll enjoy watching it and living in that magical moment with me.”

See it now at one of the following sites;

ONLYFANS https://onlyfans.com/xsunsub

FANSLY https://fansly.com/xsunsub

MANYVIDS https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1005924010/xsunsub/Store/Videos

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The Flourish XXX Drops Red-Hot New Lexi Lore Meta-XXX-Verse Scene

Also, Summer Col in Wild New Anal BBC Threesome

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX has a red-hot new Lexi Lore XXX VR scene that’s set to own your thoughts all summer long like a catchy pop single. One look at this sizzling new release is all it takes to burn the image of this heartbreakingly beautiful adult star at the peak of her erotic power into your mind forever. Award-winning stud Isiah is the perfect person to help highlight her kinky talents.

“Meta-XXX-Verse VR Ep 7 Lexi Lore and Isiah Maxwell” features Lexi playing a country girl who attends a life-changing party in the hills of Los Angeles and experiences mind-blowing sex with one of the longest BBC men on the planet while using crazy new VR technology.

“This was my first time working with TheFlourishXXX and it was a cool concept shoot and easy shoot day,” Lexi said. “Isiah was a gentleman and an awesome performer as usual.”

Her costar had high praise for his scene partner.

“I always love it when I work with TJ and TheFlourishXXX,” said Isiah. “Lexi was amazing as always. I loved working with her!”

The Flourish XXX CEO admits that he knew putting them together was sure to set off fireworks.

“I was happy to bring these two together and they made amazing art in their form of passion and performance,” TJ shared.

Experience it now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/updates/Meta-XXX-Verse-VR-Ep-7-Lexi-Lore-and-Isiah-Maxwell.html.

And don’t miss Summer Col’s hot new scene “The Pros S2E05 Summer Col in Anal BBC Threesome” where she gets a whole lot of thick cock up her backside in a thirsty threeway! Released to their site June 14, 2024, with a runtime of 57:35 and 539 photos, the ultra-hardcore scene stars Jamie Knoxx and Trucifer Deville fucking Summer Col into a puddle of shivering bliss – at her request!

The scene starts with Summer Col reaching out to her boyfriend’s football player teammates to bribe them into helping him get more playing time since he’s miserable when he is home with her. Summer doesn’t just say she’s taking matters into her own hands, she takes their cocks into her eager hands and gets right to work convincing them with her mouth, ass, and pussy.

“I love TheFlourishXXX,” Summer Col said. “I watch their Captured series a lot as it reminds me of Narcos. To be a fan of their work and work with them in a very fun scene was amazing. I hope to work with TJ and the team much, much more!

“Summer has a super positive vibe and when she was on set everyone fed off of her warm energy,” TJ said. “Amazing woman as well as performer.”

See her in action now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/The-Pros-S2E05-Summer-Col-in-Anal-BBC-Threesome.html.

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Bosslady 1st Ever Gangbang! The Flourish XXX Drops Hardcore New Scene

Datjguy, Masked Prophet, MassagebyBlack,
& Phantom Strokes Her Special 1st Time

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX is thrilled to announce the release of their latest ultra-hardcore scene, “Bosslady 1st Ever Gangbang and Porn Baptism.” Datjguy, Masked Prophet, MassagebyBlack, and Phantom Strokes do the honors in the incredible new drop shot by Mark Canon.

First, Mr. Flourish dresses up like a priest and baptizes the curvy beauty in the pool in a hilarious intro while the boys wait in the back, eager for their moment. Then he feeds the sexy slut to the wolves. The hung studs waste no time working open the hot, juicy holes of this gorgeous gal in her real-life first time taking on multiple partners at once. The boys make her first time special and by the end, she is squirting in bliss and quivering from climaxing so hard.

Phantom added, “I been trying to work with Bosslady so when TJ hit me up and said he needed me for the gangbang and told me it was her, I swear I almost jumped out of my seat!”

Bosslady fantasized about having this type of experience. Now that the scene is wrapped and released, she is excited about how it all turned out.

“When I asked TJ to produce a gangbang for me he went above and beyond,” explained Bosslady. “He freaking got dressed up in a priest outfit. I am so happy that it turned out the way that it did. Flourish is family to me.”

Flourish CEO TJ explained that he just clicked with the beauty from the moment they met.

“I met her in Chicago at Exxxotica and we hit it off,” TJ said. “Both of us are very authentic. We put together this amazing shoot and I’m glad it turned into something special. This is just the beginning for us and Bosslady!”

Don’t wait! Experience the incredible new scene now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/BossLady-1st-Ever-Gangbang-and-Porn-Baptism.html.

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