Kiara Diane
Kiara Diane

Sexy Starlet Adds Video Vixen to Her Resume

VENICE, CA – Kiara Diane is breathtakingly beautiful. That’s why it’s no real surprise that the insatiable blonde starlet has been inundated with work. Once people see what this stunning young star on the rise is capable of in a scene they simply cannot forget her. Soft spoken and shy with hauntingly beautiful curves and a sexy smile, Kiara leaves a trail of broken hearts and puppy dog crushes everywhere she goes.

That’s why it came as no surprise to the newly crowned video vixen when she was recently cast as the lead of the newest Steel Panther music video “Community Property.”

“I play the lead singers girlfriend,” Kiara says. “He is in love with me but we have a huge problem. He’s a total manwhore.”

According to Kiara trouble enters the equation from the very first line of the chorus – “My heart belongs to you, but my cock is community property.” Kiara pretends to be the type of girlfriend who is jealous, a role that took real acting for the carefree bohemian.

“I play the girlfriend who does not agree with that,” Kiara explains. “I get to kiss the lead singer. He tells me he loves me, I say it back, and then they zoom down and there is a girl giving him head. It’s pretty funny. I am supposed to be mad but in real life I would be the one instigating it.”

Kiara is featured throughout the video in several scenes as the loyal but jealous girlfriend who trashes the singers apartment when she realizes he is off with other girls on tour being unfaithful.

“I had a lot of fun shooting that music video,” Kiara smiles. “Everyone on that set was great. Including the band. Thanks guys!”

Kiara was also featured in the video “Ten Miles Wide” by Escape the Fate, which released last week on FUSE and MTV. In that she plays a flight attendant. With all this attention from Tinseltown starting to pour in Kiara wants to reassure her fans that she plans on still doing what they love her best for.

“Don’t worry guys I still plan on fucking on film every chance I get,” Kiara explains. “I’m not crossing over just yet, not until I’ve done it all.”

Let’s just hope that day is far away for this insatiable beauty.

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