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Indica Flower Takes on Double Dick Duty in Hot New HussiePass Scene

Hippie Hottie Also Stars in New Releases from Karups & BFFS

HOLLYWOOD – Indica Flower is an adventurous girl so it may come as a surprise that “Double the Pleasure for Busty Coed” (HussiePass) was the first time she ever got fucked by two guys at the same time, but it’s true. And it did not disappoint.

The Louisiana lover had the opportunity to get dicked by Brian Omally and Oliver Flynn, a couple of seasoned cocksmen with a taste for busty young babes. The desire is clearly mutual and can be seen in the twinkle of Indica’s eyes when she knows the sexy fun is at hand.

After a proper interview where viewers get to know her, the flesh slowly gets revealed and it’s spectacular: She says women tend to go for her ass, while goes for all of it, the 32DDs being particularly popular.

“Bring in the slaves!” she says as they’re about to come in. “I’m feeling a little feisty today,” she admits.

Oliver and Brian oil her up like she’s never been oiled before and even she marvels at the slickening process. She shows off some moves she’s picked up during her years as a stripper and the guys are most impressed. If there was any concern that she could multitask with a pair of peckers, the double BJ put an end to that.

She’s a generous and capable lover and even when getting the daylight fucked out of her, she can keep sucking a cock at a championship level. So much talent in this one.  In the end she’s got a face plastered with cum and her smile is bigger than ever – another day she will never forget.

“I feel rejuvenated,” she said after the scene, “and hungry!”

Indica has works with Mr. Flynn in Young & Nasty 4 (Karups) where he plays the roommate with a date – and Indica doesn’t like the girl. How does she put a stop to it? Naturally she seduces him and shows him that whatever that dumb girl he’s supposed to be going out with ain’t got nothing on Indica!

Also look for Indica in “Dick Jockeys” (BFFS.com) where she joins forces with Val Steele and Stella Raee to take on Peter Green’s cock.

Indica Flower is represented by Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed and bonded in both California and Florida. She is available for BBGG, BG, BJ, bondage, facial, fetish, GG, solo, swallow, taboo and toys. Her page is at https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/indica-flower/. Follow her on Twitter @IndicaFlowerxxx and check out her OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/indicaflower.

To book Indica and many more fabulous performers contact Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed in bonded in both California and Florida, at https://hussiemodels.com.

“Double the Pleasure”: http://www.hussiepass.com/members/scenes/double-the-pleasure-for-busty-indica-flower_vids.html
“Dick Jockeys”: https://www.bffs.com/movies/dick-jockeys
Young & Nasty 4: https://www.adultdvdempire.com/3034372/young-nasty-vol-4-porn-videos.html?partner_ID=46386249

Hussie Models is a Licensed & Bonded Adult Model Agency, primarily providing models with the “boy/girl next door” look to the adult entertainment industry. Hussie Models represents many of the hottest male and female models working in the porn star industry today. Follow them on social media at @HussieModels.

Hussie Models only works with reputable producers and studios with verified credentials. To see a list of current clients and book talent please visit https://hussiemodels.com/home/.

Ruben Slikk Is Spoiled Forever After Making His Debut With SeeHimFuck.com

Val Steele Makes Sure This Is a First Time That Will Never Be Forgotten

HOLLYWOOD – Ruben Slikk is spoiled. His first scene was for SeeHimFuck.com and giving a man that much attention in his debut, it’s hard to imagine how he’ll ever recover. All that lady love and camera time and intense attention, he’s going to think it’s always like that.

In “Ravishing Ruben Slikk’s Slick Asshole,” SHF contract starlet and all-around beautiful sexpot Val Steele brought all of her man-pleasuring experience and passion and it may not have been a fair way to break in Mr. Slikk. Of course, it’s hard to feel too sorry for the guy.

“It was fucking amazing, I wanna do that shit again,” Ruben said just after completing his porn star debut. “The only different thing about it was trying to cum on time.”

He was still pretty new to rimming – a big part of every SeeHimFuck scene – having had it done two days earlier, presumably in preparation for this scene. “It took some practice to make it look less hectic than it was,” he said. “I was biting my fist because her tongue ring was super strong. I felt like she lost her tongue ring in my asshole! I like it, though, I really like the rimming. That’s something I’ll be doing in my personal life.

“And Val, she’s fucking…someone I wanna keep fucking!”

You wouldn’t know it was Ruben’s first scene if he didn’t say as much. He appears confident and ready, and when Val gets in there and starts lapping at his armpit and giving him the sexy eyes. As she takes his cock into her helpful hands, Ruben has no problem keeping it up.

As she takes his feet, he appears perfectly at home, but once she starts gobbling his dick, he is clearly experiencing new levels of ecstasy and it wasn’t lost on Val, who was eyeing him closely, and she seemed to take things to another level. Once he’s on his back, legs up, and she’s tonguing his ass, Ruben encourages her vocally, telling her how much he loves and to keep going, and Val loves his response. And the fucking, well, they both obviously enjoyed that. As will viewers.

Check out “Ravishing Ruben Slikk’s Slick Asshole” https://seehimfuck.com/updates/Ruben-Slikk.html. SeeHimFuck.com’s COVID-19 Quarantine Special has been extended! Get 30% off initial signup for the first month, a 3-month subscription or a full year!

Check out Ruben Slikk on Twitter @AstroSlikk and on OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/astroslikk.

Val Steele is represented by Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed in bonded in both California and Florida. To book her check out his Hussie page at https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/val-steele/. Her Twitter is @asphyxiateval and her OnlyFans is https://onlyfans.com/valsteele.

You can find SeeHimFuck on SeeHimFuck.com, on Twitter at @seehimfuck, and Instagram @seehimfck.

SeeHimFuck.com Releases Danny Mountain’s Debut for the Site

Contract Star Val Steele Gives Him All-Pro Welcome to SHF

HOLLYWOOD – SeeHimFuck.com contract starlet Val Steele staged a reverse British invasion with her co-star in “Danny Mountain’s Debut.”

The Englishman is one of Porn Valley’s hottest cocksman and Val makes him feel welcome in his first scene for the world’s best man-focused website.

After watching him strip solo, she greets him with the traditional SHF oil-slickening and then sniffs and licks Mr. Mountain’s armpits before working her way down to more sensitive areas.

First stop is his feet, which get rubbed, licked, toes sucked and overall worshipped. Once he’s relaxed by her fancy footwork, Val moves on to his cheerio to show off her tremendous come-from-behind rimming technique.

Unlike many guys, Mountain was no stranger to having a lady rim his rectum and if the look on his face didn’t give it away, he is happy to say it: Val is lickin’ amazing!

“Honestly, that was one of the best rimjobs I’ve ever had,” Mountain told an interviewer following his scene for the classic post-SeeHimFuck closing segment. “I’ve had it done multiple times and…yeah! She did an amazing job!”

He also loves the foot worship and asked about Val’s work smiled and nodded. Yeah! Sometimes there are no words in the afterglow of such a tremendous experience.

Of course, there was hot sex being had, too. Big-dicked Danny was generous when returning all her favors and he gave the purple-haired pretty a great fuck right down to the massive, multi-splurt cum blast that splattered her stomach and cute token muff.

Danny Mountain’s Twitter is @dannymountain10 and his OnlyFans is https://onlyfans.com/dannymountain10.

Val Steele is represented by Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed in bonded in both California and Florida. To book her check out his Hussie page at https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/valerie-steele/. Her Twitter is @asphyxiateval and her OnlyFans is https://onlyfans.com/valsteele.

Check out “Danny Mountain’s Debut” at https://seehimfuck.com/updates/Danny-Mountain.html. SeeHimFuck.com’s COVID-19 Quarantine Special has been extended through Aug. 1! Get 30% off initial signup for the first month, a 3-month subscription or a full year!

Follow them on SeeHimFuck.com on Twitter at @seehimfuck and Instagram @seehimfck.

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SeeHimFuck.com Signs Val Steele as First Contract Star

Purple-Haired Alt Beauty ‘Understands the Brand and Just Gets It’

HOLLYWOOD – One of the hottest new adult websites of 2020, SeeHimFuck.com, has stunned the industry by hiring its first-ever contract star with the inking of purple-haired stunner Val Steele to a six-month contract.

SeeHimFuck, which has broken with Porn Valley tradition by shooting scenes that focus on the male talent rather than the traditional minimizing of the guys in adult scenes, has been wildly successful.

It not only focuses on the men, but it also features unprecedented amounts of women worshipping the fellows with toe-sucking, feet-worship and scenes overflowing with lengthy, no-holds-barred rimjobs.

While alternative-looking models like Val often get turned away from more “mainstream” shoots, SeeHimFuck celebrates rather dismisses the performers who get the cold shoulder from other sites.

“With SeeHimFuck, we are breaking ground in many ways, not only with the content, but also who we hire for the content,” a SeeHimFuck spokesperson said. “From day one we knew we wanted to be an inclusive site and that means no discrimination, color, piercings, alt – we simply don’t discriminate. We never would have considered doing it any other way. We are thrilled to have Val under contract and think she is perfect for the brand. She is beautiful, enthusiastic and knows exactly what we are looking for and pulls it off perfectly.”

Since its March debut, the site has featured males of any color, whether it be skin, hairless or bearded, cock size or curve, and requirements for the ladies have been the same: so long as they are happy to lick ass, worship feet at length and get fucked without being the focal point of the camera for a change, they fit the SeeHimFuck ethos.

She has appeared in one released SeeHimFuck scenes to date, “Danny Mountain’s Debut” with, of course, Danny Mountain. Check it out at https://seehimfuck.com/updates/Danny-Mountain.html.

Val is new to the industry, debuting earlier this year. She is a delicious 21 years old who stands 5’2” and weighs a perfect 100 pounds. She has about a dozen credits so far in this corona-shortened year, including work for Team Skeet, HussiePass, Mofos, Swallowed and AllAnal. And, now, if you really want to catch her at her lickiest, head on over to SeeHimFuck.com. She stars in the site’s latest scene, “Ravishing Ruben Slikk’s Slick Asshole.”

Val Steele is represented by Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed in bonded in both California and Florida. To book her check out his Hussie page at https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/valerie-steele/. Her Twitter is @asphyxiateval and her OnlyFans is https://onlyfans.com/valsteele. Note: Hussie is currently unable to book performers due to coronavirus.

Follow SeeHimFuck.com on Twitter at @seehimfuck and Instagram @seehimfck.

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