Sunny Lane

Born in Georgia with early aspirations of Olympic figure skating, Sunny Lane has become the quintessential “Girl Next Door, Turned Hardcore”. After foot surgery left her unable to skate, the adorable blonde tried out feature dancing at the suggestion of friends in the NHL. Overnight, Sunny became extremely popular and was later named Déjà Vu’s Showgirl of the Year in 2004. Sunny was Déjà Vu’s first ever Contract Featured Star in 2009-2010, where she traveled around the country and rocked her “Girl Next Door Déjà vu Tour”

There she met head of Playboy Radio Ferrell Hirsh and he asked her to appear as a regular on Playboy TV and Radio, where she appeared on various Playboy shows, including “Night Calls” and “Totally Busted” and many more. She ultimately appeared in Playboy Magazine’s

Lingerie Issue. In a whirlwind, Sunny started shooting adult movies (and was recognized immediately for her efforts with 2006 AVN nominations for Best New Starlet and Best Actress for “Dark Angels 2 Bloodlines”.

In 2010 she directed her first feature for Tom Byron Pictures. “Strap on Sally” where she had an All Star Cast.

She went on to star in Erica McLean’s “Alice” and the notorious food truck feature “The Flying Pink Pig,” which made national headlines when legal troubles erupted from the food truck’s original owner. Since entering the adult industry over 10 years ago, the infamous Sunny Lane has been blowing it up!

The “Girl Next Door, Turned Hardcore” is an AVN and Nightmoves multiple award winner, including “Hall of Fame”, and can be seen in over 200 movies.

After an intimate interview on “ABC News Primetime,” the resulting publicity was immense, and she soon appeared on numerous networks and television shows including: ABC Primetime, Geraldo At Large, The Howard Stern Show, Playboy TV & Radio, E!, FUSE, Showtime’s Family Business, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Cinemax, FOX, Opie & Anthony, Adam Carolla, Comedy Central, TMZ, and the notorious cable staple “Pants Off Dance Off.”

She has also graced the covers of many magazines including: Playboy, Hustler, Club International, and Penthouse, People Mag of Australia just to name a few…

She has also made notable mainstream appearances in film and TV, including: “Don Jon”, “Guido”, “Naked Ambition”, “Look”, “Midgets and Mascots” , “Mommy and Me”, “Tribute to Big Red”, “Soup of the Day”, “Chillerama”, and “Homo Erectus”.

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