Brandi Love Pens Article Defending OnlyFans for The Federalist Website

MILF of the Year Calls Site ‘A Financial and Emotional Oasis’ During Shutdown

VENICE, CA – Anyone who follows Brandi Love on Twitter (@brandi_love) knows that she has no shortage of opinions and that she doesn’t particularly care if you agree with her politics or not. She’s an outspoken conservative voice among the overwhelmingly liberal adult industry.

She has written an article for the website of The Federalist (, inspired after seeing an a story on The American Conservative website by Charlie Peters that proposed an absurd idea: “Every now and then, the modern world produces a trend so ghastly you can’t help but sit back and think, would a global Islamic caliphate really be that bad?”

That “trend” is the sudden grown of OnlyFans, which, according the Huffington Post, has had a 75 percent spike in new users since the COVID-19 shutdown. Brandi, a popular performer on OnlyFans ( and, unsurprisingly, not a person eager to try life under an Islamic caliphate, struck back with her Federalist piece titled “No, Living Under An Islamic Caliphate Wouldn’t Be Better Than Keeping Camgirls Legal.”

“In contrast to the absurd idea that living under the draconian restrictions of sharia law would be better than the freedom for people to do things you think are wrong,” Brandi writes, “let’s look at how adult entertainment is not only legally protected but also providing relief during the current pandemic.”

Brandi goes on to explain the First Amendment protections and the U.S. Supreme Court decisions that have secured those protections for speech that some would otherwise strip away. Being offensive to whatever percentage of the populace does not suspend those protections unless they cross into obscenity or child pornography.

“For me, OnlyFans has been an answered prayer,” she continues. “At a time our real estate business has been decimated due to the shutdown, we will likely survive the losses because of OnlyFans. We won’t make profits this year, but we will not be forced into foreclosure.”

Brandi points out that her followers on OnlyFans tend to reflect her own values: “Constitutional, red state, Second Amendment-supporting pro-lifers who support our troops and our rights to free speech.”

“So when a conservative publication runs an article wishing for an Islamic caliphate because of OnlyFans and its people, it’s a slap in the face to this significant segment of population that votes Republican. It pushes us further away from Christian political conservatism.”

Like everyone, Brandi is eager for the country to reopen, but until then she’s found ways to entertain herself and continue to work. Rather than daydream about living in an Islamic caliphate, she’s keeping busy and looking forward to getting back to situations that were normal before the coronavirus hit.

“OnlyFans is a small sample of a world, where the beautiful, natural impulses of affection and a need to connect can continue when physical intimacy isn’t possible,” she writes. “When this shutdown ends, I will return to meeting my fans in person. I will be shaking hands and giving hugs. And for those people and times when physical meetings are impossible, I’m thankful there will always be OnlyFans.”

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