XCritic Loves Black Label’s ‘Mandarin Affair’

‘Highly Recommended’ Rating for ‘Spectacular!’ Scene

VENICE, CA – It didn’t take long to win over XCritic’s Don Juan DeMarko with Black Label Magazine’s “The Mandarin Affair” scene. According to DeMarko, it was about 120 seconds.

“Within two minutes of watching these two beautiful models walk into the room, make eye contact and begin to shred their fabulous wardrobe, the temperature in your brain will be making as much noise as a steam whistle.”

And so begins the Highly Recommended review of this incredible film from Black Label Magazine. Directed by Lincoln and starring Olive Glass and Verronica Kirei, this is 22 minutes of bliss.

“These women are able to do in two minutes what takes other companies ten plus in order to create this sexy vibe that has so many questions form within your head,” DeMarko continues. “This scene thrusts deep into the fantasy headfirst. Try and keep the animal inside caged because erotica that starts out this powerfully, it is almost certain to surprise you in ways you don’t see coming.”

The paragraphs of flattery are not coming from an outlet that has made its mark by pumping up every production company that comes along, which makes the review all that more special. DeMarko was clearly impressed – blown away even – by both the performers and by Lincoln’s directing and production, so much so that the XCritic legend goes so far as to say, “this company is doing things far different than anyone else before them.”

It is not often such things can be said in today’s adult industry.

“This is one of the most beautiful, glamorous and erotic scenes that I have seen in a while that shows the model side of these actors and performers. Both of these women are perfect tens and Lincoln brings that out in them with so much. It is truly erotic art come to life. The ending touch is just right out of left field and my goodness, it makes me wonder what else this company can create. Spectacular!”

Read the full review at https://www.xcritic.com/review/44917/the-mandarin-affair/.

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