Adria Rae Stars in Sexy New Digital Playground Scene

‘Girls Go Clubbing’ Reveals One of the Secrets of How Young Girls Join the Party

VENICE, CA – Adria Rae stars in a new scene for Digital Playground and it will answer a lot of questions people have about how girls under 21 manage to go hit the clubs on weekends.

In “Girls Go Clubbing” Adria and Natalia Starr are the lovely lasses who go out to have some fun when a sharp-eyed bouncer (played by Tony Martinez) catches on. Adria and Natalia made it inside, but when their friend couldn’t get past the front door and makes a fuss, he takes another look at the girls.

He finds Adria and literally tosses her out, but she quickly recovers and goes for his cock. There is no way that Tony is going to look down at that beautiful face and eager eyes and say no. Soon Adria is chomping at his bit and then Natalia, looking for her friend, finds them and joins in as soon as she can wipe the shocked look off her face.

“I’m sure if you went around LA and interviewed doormen you would find plenty of stories like that,” Adria said. “Why not? If it’s a great enough club there are surely plenty of girls eager to suck cock to past the velvet ropes!”

Adria in several new collections released in recent days, including The New Stars of XXX 13 and It’s a Schoolgirl Thing (New Sensations), For the Love of Lesbians 2 (Digital Sin) and

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