Virtual Reality Has a Found Its Star: Adria Rae ‘Ass for Grass’ Spot-on and Very Believable, Solid 9.7/10

VENICE, CA – The hotness of Adria Rae as seen in virtual reality is astonishing and a giant leap toward actually being with her. It has not gone unnoticed by the professionals at, where this week they have posted a very extensive review of her new scene “Ass for Grass.”

Adria and Megan Sage are sexy stoners who prefer to pay for their pot the old-fashioned way – sucking seed for a little weed. God knows they have the luckiest pot dealer in the world – and that pot dealer is you! This is virtual reality at its dreamiest.

As writer ErosVR explains it, “Megan is a dirty little junkie who’s up to no good, while Adria is the innocent schoolgirl archetype.” That innocence is short-lived.

“If everything is as expected on behalf of Megan Sage, the same can’t really be said about Adria Rae’s innocent character,” he writes. “She’s the real ‘good girl gone bad,’ as her brief introduction to the world of drugs changes her behavior in a very radical way. She used to be that lady who was reluctant when it came to the idea of marijuana and felt shocked by her friend’s easy nature. But after she loosened up a little bit, her prude and angelic features have progressively faded just to be replaced by a more beastly side.”

As an aside, the writer was also very complimentary about her acting, calling it “spot-on and very believable” and suggests that “you should totally look for her reactions and fuel your imagination.” With the ability to act, it is certain that fans can look for her to do more acting as her career grows and there are more opportunities for feature roles.

Overall this gash-for-stash scene clocks in at a very generous hour-plus and Adria and Megan make a great tag team for your VR experience.

“‘Ass for Grass’ is a solid 9.7/10 virtual reality porn film which features awesome sex, mild drugs, and a pronounced rock ‘n roll spirit,” he writes. “WankzVR has once again delivered an exciting title with an innovative premise!”

Adria is featured in two new collections in stores this week: The New Stars Of XXX 13 (New Sensations) and For The Love Of Lesbians 2 (Digital Sin). For more Adria, look for Lubed 3 (Vision Films) with Adria and Megan Rain on the cover, Best New Starlets 2017 (Elegant Angel), Her Special Day (Girlsway) and Lesbian Legal 12 (Girlfriends Films).

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