You Need to Book Audrey Noir and Now You Can Do It Via 101 Modeling

Captain Jack Interview Exposes So Many More Reasons to Love Her

VENICE, CA – Booking Audrey Noir has never been more important nor more easy: The versatile brunette has signed on with 101 Modeling and her reps over there are every bit as happy to book Audrey as directors are eager to feature her in their upcoming titles.

Audrey is the hottest new thing in adult and a master at playing both naughty and nice. In her new Kink scene you’ll find her with a ball gag in her mouth and Seth Gamble’s dick in her ass. In one of Tarantino XXX’s newest titles you’ll see her step comfortably into foot fetish heaven. If you want to witness her hot oral skills and feel like yours is the only cock in her life, pull up her sizzling scene in Miles Long’s POV Mania 4 (Fallout Films). She can act, too, something she exhibited recently in the lesbian Western, The Vagnificent Seven.

Simply put, Audrey Noir can – and will – do it pretty much anything.

Check out her 101 Modeling page ( and you’ll see that she can go it alone, take on guys and dolls, does anal, and race is not an issue.

“I’m really excited to be with 101 Modeling,” Audrey said over the weekend. “I think they are the best company for me right now and feel like they really get what I want to do, which is really important. I’m hoping to work on really interesting and diverse projects and I think they are going to be able to help me achieve those goals.”

Audrey’s new Kink scene has her playing a rookie hacker trying a sextortion scam and the guy she’s trying to pull one over on turns out to be an FBI agent (Seth Gamble). Seth sets the trap and next thing you know she’s gotta make a quick, possibly life-altering decision: she can pay the price for her crime of she can get tied up, have a ball gag shoved into her mouth and her ass fucked by the G-man. Her decision is the same she would make in real life: Tie me up and shove that cock in my ass, copper!

This isn’t Audrey’s first time working for Kink. She actually made her debut with the site back in 2014 doing a dirty little thing called Anal Lesbian Blasphemy. Last year went to the Kink gym and signed up for a tough class with strict-as-fuck trainer Mistress Kara, who will literally get your ass in shape – and give it a few hand prints while she’s at it.

But what is the real Audrey Noir like? Who better to get to the bottom of this bottom than Captain Jack, the King of the Interview at Adult DVD Talk! They sat down for a lengthy get-to-know-ya and Audrey is as interesting as she looks.

For example, she has been in a couple 24/7 BDSM relationships. And for her, 24/7 is exactly that: The collar stayed on even during dinner with Mom. Rules are rules!

There is some debate as to when Audrey lost her virginity. She was either 14 or 21, it depends how you define such things. And we know defining things has never been the same since the Bill Clinton years:

“It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is,” the then-president told a grand jury regarding his did-he-or-didn’t-he with Miss Lewinsky. “If the – if he – if ‘is’ means is and never has been, that is not – that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement.”

Audrey, fortunately for all of us, is much less confusing. She is also able to unpack a long list of interesting topics and people in a single interview. For familiarity’s sake we’ll go with the latter. These are a few of the proper nouns that came up with the Captain: Bowie, Lynch, Kubrick, Isabella Rossellini, Ken Marcus, Blue Velvet, Sybian, Siouxsie.

She loves sushi, swords and swallowing and has a deep TS fetish. But her interests go well beyond sex. You’d know that if you follow her on Twitter and see that she’s currently using a still from What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? as her profile pic. And you’ll also know it when you read Captain Jack’s interview.

“I like to travel,” she tells him. “I like to try new diners. I like older architecture. I like going to San Francisco and just walking around. I like to listen to music. I’m a huge movie person. And sometimes if I’m in a lazy mood, I’ll hang out with my pug and go on Archer binges. Or American Horror Story.”

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