AINews: B.Skow ‘Among the Best Directors’ Today

‘The Gardener’ Is the Perfect Couples Halloween Movie, Says Director

VENICE, CA – B.Skow continues to roll out amazing movies and reviews continue to respond with their raves.

Writing for Adult Industry News, Rich Moreland inserted his two cents about Skow’s These Things We Do and out came a quarter’s worth of wisdom.

“As is his style, B Skow hires the best performers available and lets them take their sex scenes and do what they do best,” Moreland writes. “Chemistry between performers is topnotch. Bear in mind, however, that the sex is framed to fit the story, not the reverse.

“B Skow has an imagination and talent that ranks him among the best directors today. These Things We Do is dark and brooding and worth the price of the DVD.”

Over at XCritic, Don Houston wrote about Beautiful New Faces 3, which he found easy to recommend this movie that stars “amazing Carter Cruise, adorable Dakota Skye, spicy Ava DaLush and cute covergal Lilly Evans.”

“Beautiful New Faces 3 was the latest industry starlet showcase series for relatively new newcomers worth knowing about, a broad selection of ladies included here rather than a group that looked much alike,” Houston wrote. “Pick this one up and see what you think because I seriously doubt this is the last we’ll hear of this one as a potential series.”

Houston also took the time to review The Gardener, a feature Skow recently released that was adapted from the Jaycee Dugard story. The director says it is the “perfect couples movie for Halloween” and Houston’s review supports that.

“If you get off to this one, by all means seek help,” Houston writes. “It’s a drama involving kidnapping, pregnancy, and a host of issues you just don’t see every day in porn.

“The whole premise of kidnapping a child and raising her in a garden until getting her pregnant strikes me as far more gruesome than Skow’s previous works with David Stanley,” Houston concludes. “In short, Gardener was a story less suited for sexploitation than just about anything else I’ve seen on the market, no wonder the director tried to shy me away from reviewing it the other day.”

Upcoming titles from Skow include Sexually Explicit 4 and Daddy’s Girls 2. His next movie, American Nannies, releases in November. It is a vignette-style sex movie with a little bit of story.

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