Sienna Sinclaire Teaches the ‘Secrets to the Female Orgasm’

The Climax Comes From the Mind as Much as the Body

VENICE, CA – It’s the end of Sex Education month with Headmistress Sinclaire at her School of Pleasure. This month she has taught everyone how to give good head, eat pussy, enjoy anal sex and now she’s teaching the “Secrets to the Female Orgasm” where women can learn to cum in any position and every time during sex. Or how to teach ourselves how to cum in general alone.

“I’m teaching women how powerful our minds are when it comes to sex,” Sienna says.

“Just as we can have wet dreams, we can easily teach ourselves to come without touching ourselves at all, but with the use of our minds. If we can ‘train’ our brains to ‘think ourselves off’ then we can easily train ourselves to cum in any position and every time during sex.”

Sienna also offers tips for sex toys to help you practice from her sex toy store Sienna Sinclaire Sex Shop that offers over 100,000 sex and fetish toys.

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