Sienna Sinclaire: How Not to Lie in an Open Relationship

Superstar Lends Well-Learned Advice to Alternative Lifestyle

VENICE, CA – Getting into an open relationship isn’t as easy as it sounds. With the emotions of more than two people at stake, things can turn volatile any moment. But it can also be mutually-satisfying and create a stronger bond between two people. Some people think that an open relationship means you can browse Meet and Fuck all day long looking for hookups, and for some that is the case, but it’s not the case for all. Every relationship is different and everyone in that relationship needs to be respected in order for it to work.

This week Sienna Sinclaire does a blog post giving great advice about dating and what not to do. With her help, you can learn not only about her sexy, steamy sex romps with her erotica but also learn about dates gone bad.

Looking for love isn’t easy but being honest will make it much easier to find what you’re truly looking for. You can look for significant others on Nerd Dating Sites, in bars and through friends as well as numerous other channels but it’s really important to tell the truth and make your intentions clear before committing to anyone.

The advice from her blog might seem obvious on the surface-things like don’t lie, be open, respect the others involved-but there are nuances that only a sexpert like Sienna might have. Open relationships aren’t easy as they might seem to the beginner, nor need they be as needlessly complicated as they often become. They often come about because of a dead bedroom situation between a couple so just take it step by step and it should be fine.

Under “Lying to Your Other Lovers” advice, Sienna offers the following: “Maybe you’re being honest with one girl you’re dating, about being in an open relationship because it was her idea. But don’t lie to your other lovers about only seeing them. Don’t use your time on a date to befriend some random guy at a bar to take photos of the two of you, so that you can text your other lover showing her that you’re out with ‘friends.'”

Little things go a long way, and Sienna’s blog can help keep you on the path toward healthy, more sensual relationships.

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