Gen Padova Ready to Cook the Books With Recipes

Cookbook Project Is in the Making and She’s Looking for Input From Fans

VENICE, CA – One day soon you’ll be able to walk up to Gen Padova and say, “Hey, good-looking, whatcha got cookin’?” and she’ll plop a big, fat cookbook into your hands.

For more than a year Gen has been cooking up her own cookbook, recipes for deliciousness from one of the tastiest girls to ever work in the adult industry.

“There’s so much more to putting a cookbook together than I imagined,” Gen said. “I very rarely ever measure when cooking so having to re-create recipes, measure the ingredients and get it spot on it’s the most difficult part. But it’s been a great challenge and an awesome learning experience.”

It will be a combination of old recipes passed down through the generations of her Italian and now Italian-American family, as well as recipes that she’s put her own twists on, dishes inspired from her travels and some original creations.

“Altogether, very healthy and fresh with a variety to please almost every palate,” she said. “Nothing processed or deep fried.”

The results are Italian, Greek, Honduran, Mexican and Asian dishes with some fusions by combining the aforementioned. She hopes to have the book done by the end of the year. She has invited people to be a part of her project by following her on Facebook ( and Twitter (@gpadova), where she shares some of her dishes/recipes for fans to test out and offer feedback.

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