Sienna Sinclaire Sex Shop Open for Business

New Interview With Leona Skye for Eden Café Brings Back the Sensuality

VENICE, CA – Sienna Sinclaire is the most active woman in the adult industry. While you won’t see her in 200 movies a year and being nominated for filthy scenes at every awards show in the industry, she’s come at it from another direction and come at it hard.

This week she’s debuting her Sienna Sinclaire Sex Shop, your one-stop shop for everything from pocket pussies to cock rings to use with penis pumps to lingerie. There are toys for both him and her and for every occasion imaginable including a huge collection of fetish sex toys, similar to the toys that are on Femplay. There are hundreds of toys to choose from. However, if your fetish is a bit more niche and you like acting or looking like an animal, then you are better off looking for animal tail butt plugs at foxyplugs.

With a simple to navigate interface, a selection as good as any store (over 100,000 items) and the always-popular Clearance and Holiday Gift Shop sections, this is a great site to find the perfect gift for your lover. And for those who sign up for her newsletter she’ll be sending out monthly videos on her sex toy recommendation of the month. There is some pretty stiff (excuse the pun) competition out there for her though including the ever popular but good luck to her, I’m sure she’ll do well with her new venture.

It’s perfect timing that Sienna’s interview with Eden Café came out this week, “Bringing Sensuality Back With Sienna Sinclaire,” since she’s bringing sensuality to couples with her new sex shop. Leona Skye and Sienna talk about everything from burlesque to photo shoots and how Sienna loves to incorporates different eras in her work from Cleopatra all the way to the 1900’s.

“Anybody can pose naked and do sexy acts,” Sienna says. “You need to find a niche so you can stand out from the other girls. So I decided my website would incorporate things from different eras.”

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