Sienna Sinclaire’s Morning After

She’s Smart, Beautiful and…Funny! SS Gets Laughs on Popular Podcast

VENICE, CA – Episode #47 of the Morning After Podcast is out now and Sienna Sinclaire is in the hot seat, showing off her crazily diverse resume and her quick-wit and intellect that plays so well in a live show.

With comedians Eli Olsberg and Jake Weisman as their hosts, Sienna joined comedian Eliza Skinner for an 80-minute show that covered many topics—and many of them surrounding sex.

From sex coaching to men’s cum faces to watching herself masturbate, there seemed to be no topic untouched and everyone was fascinated by Sienna and her fantastic tales. Important questions were answered (Who certifies sex coaches?) and secrets like what kind of girls wear hoop earrings were answered.

“Watching porn increases my sex drive,” said Sienna, who also divulged that she likes to watch porn in motels when she’s on the road. “Images will make anybody aroused. I write about sex every day, I look at, and I’m constantly getting aroused and masturbating!” Doesn’t sound like she needs any female sex drive enhancements like Provestra, to us!

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