Gene Ross Reads Our Tarot on Adult Cybermart

Swami Gene Ross

I’ve long been a fan of both the eclectic writing style of Adult FYI’s Gene Ross and eccentricity of tarot card reading. Like Gene I spent some time learning the mysteries of divination, mostly during the pitch black days of my tenure as a Club Jenna contract director. In addition to working for a company caught in constant turmoil (the details of which would cause me to spend countless hours and money defending in court were I to divulge them) I was also in a downward spiral after the abrupt and unexpected end of my three year relationship to my performer fiance. Virtually everything in my life collapsed faster than a supernova threatening to take me down into a massive black hole with my old life. With a near perfect level of uncertainty and an abundance of free time I gravitated towards soothsayers and psychics with fanatical enthusiasm. Along the way I met a staggering number of phonies and frauds, along with some highly gifted seers, and even began to read with some accuracy myself for my friends amusement. I prefer the Rider-Waite tarot deck personally, although I started on the darker Crowley Thoth Tarot.

Last week Gene reminded me that he still reads, searching the arcane symbols for signs of what is yet to come, and that he is often frighteningly accurate. I casually mentioned that I wouldn’t mind hearing about our company’s future, all the while hoping he would take the bait. Who doesn’t love a good reading? It’s fun to dream, especially when you hear things you like. Yesterday Gene told me that he in fact did a reading for Rising Star PR and included it on his rapidly expanding site ADULT CYBER MART. We couldn’t be happier with what the spirits had to say were in store for our burgeoning Marketing and PR shop. We put a lot of energy and love into this company and, true or not, it’s nice to think that other people see our efforts and respect them.

Here is what the card said:

Rising Star PR [requested by DCypher]: Devan at Rising Star Public Relations is a brave man to make this reading public. However, besides that virtue, the cards for his company also reflect a discipline as well as patience and strength to overcome the day to day porn BS.  True to their word could be this company’s motto. There is a problem in the way of an obstacle right now that needs to be resolved and that will be taken care of. Outside of the fact that one of his employees may be leaving [which could be the problem], I see very good things for this company; and as the year progresses, should they continue to follow form, will be in a stronger position now than they’ve ever been with many more clients coming aboard.

Read the full article on ADULT CYBERMART.

On behalf of all of the partners at Rising Star PR thanks to Gene Ross, Adult FYI, and Adult Cybermart.