Jenna Haze: The XCRITIC Interview

A Look Back at Nearly a Decade in the Adult Industry

VENICE, CA – With Jenna Haze’s 10-year mark in the adult business approaching this summer, the media has found yet another angle to include more of that valued Jenna coverage.

This week XCRITIC took the opportunity to feature a lengthy interview with the adult legend, exhaustively covering her storied career as a performer and the terrific success she has had with her relatively-new directing and producing duties at Jennaration X Studios.

“Jenna Haze has come full circle with her career and her claim to fame is her girl next door image that has kept her very loyal fans watching her for the past ten years,” XCRITIC’s Rayvn begins. “Jenna’s clean cut image has the male population carrying the biggest crush on her and become flabbergasted and speechless when they meet her in person at the porn events.”

From there they delve into everything from performing to directing to piracy to gender equality in the industry to the filthy sex scenes she so well known for.

“Directing is the general direction I am going,” Jenna told XCRITIC. “I really feel like I’ve spent so much time in front of the camera that I’ve kind of mastered that and so now the directing and producing and putting the DVD’s together is a whole new learning process for me. I’m finding my own directors style and stuff like that, but I don’t want to stop being in front of the camera anytime soon. There is still a lot more smut to come from me.”

Jenna is nominated for Female Performer of the Year, Orgasmic Oralist, Interracial Star of the Year and Best Anal Performer at the 2011 Urban X Awards and voting is open to fans. The Jennaration X Studios movie Legs Up Hose Down is nominated for Best Porn Movie Overall at this year’s TLA Raw Awards.

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