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Scottie Heartz Interviews Bluebird Films’ Paul Chaplin

From www.TonyBatman.com —

SH: Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News interviews Bluebird Films Paul Chaplin. Call him Owner, Director, Performer, Writer, or  Ring Leader, but don’t call him common or the norm.. We think you will enjoy his answers about his life and the Adult Industry below….

Can you tell us a little about your background, where did you grow up, what was your life like?

Paul: I’m an orphan and was brought up all over the world, including Brazil and the UK.

SH: I read that you are a lawyer, are you still practicing law, in what field and where do you practice?

Paul: I used to be a lawyer.  But compared to porn, that’s such a sleazy business. These days I do wealth management advice.

SH: How well does your mainstream career and your porn life mesh together?  Do you have problems with any clients that know what you do in adult?

Paul: It’s the 21st century dude! Although as Marc Anthony said to Caesar, “Who cares where you stick your erection?” All business is about performance. I make people money; they take the same view of my adult industry interests as Marc Anthony would have.

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