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SeeHimFuck Releases The Professional Debut of Stanley Long

Pint-Sized ‘Big Dick Slayer’ Mini Stallion Gives HIM Royal Treatment

HOLLYWOOD – Wildly popular mancentric site, SeeHimFuck.com, has done it again, releasing yet another brand-new industry debut scene that is both amazingly fun and unbelievably erotic at the same time. This time it’s The Professional Debut of Stanley Long, featuring the aptly-named stud being passionately man worshipped by pint-sized “big dick slayer” Mini Stallion.

The scene starts with Stanley stripping from his sharp blue suit and teasing his thick 10.5-inch prick in his light blue See HIM underpants until that big, long gift is finally revealed. Mini steps in with a bottle of lube and gets Stanley nice and slick, reaching all the way around to make sure that cock is ready. She sniffs and licks pits, licks him head to toe, worships his feet, and soles, and then gets down to his cock, balls, and ass.

Stanley is happy to encourage her along, reciprocating oral pleasures with gusto. The look on Mini’s face when she puts his cock in her mouth and gags on it says it all – she’s in heaven! What follows exceeds all expectations as they switch between amazon fucking, piledriving, doggystyle, and more, in between plenty of sloppy man ass eating!

Though she’s tiny compared to him, Stanley finds her silky young snatch a snug fit for a king!

“Mini is amazing,” Stanley says. “She treated me like royalty, and I loved every second of it. Thanks again to See Him Fuck for a great first scene! That’s gonna be hard to top!”

See the trailer for The Professional Debut of Stanley Long now by visiting https://seehimfuck.com/trailers/See-Stanley-Long-Fuck.html.

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Stanley Long is represented by Hussie Models. Check him out at https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/stanley-long/ and book him through his agent Riley at https://hussiemodels.com/porn-agents-contact/.

Follow him on Twitter: @StanleyLongXXX and at OnlyFans: @StanleyLongXXX.

Mini Stallion is represented by Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed and bonded in both California and Florida. Mini Stallion is available for BG, BGB, BJ, bondage, fetish, GBG, GG, HJ, solo, taboo and toys. Check out Mini Stallion’s Hussie Models page at https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/mini-stallion/ and book her through her agent Riley at https://hussiemodels.com/porn-agents-contact/.

Follow her on Twitter @theeministalli and her OnlyFans is https://onlyfans.com/theeministalli.

You can find SeeHimFuck on SeeHimFuck.com, on Twitter at @seehimfuck, and Instagram @seehimfck.

4-Foot-4 Mini Stallion Goes Big in Pair of HussiePass.com Scenes

Makes Her On-Screen Debut With Brickzilla, Follows Up With Jmac Attack

HOLLYWOOD, CA – There is small, there is tiny, and then there’s Mini Stallion.

Many guys like a smaller chick because they are fun and can be put in positions a taller gal couldn’t dream of. There’s another benefit, especially in the porn biz: A guy’s cock is going to look all that much bigger when it’s next to a girl who’s only four-foot-four.

That’s right, Mini Stallion is a super petite 4’ 4” and weighs in at a crazy 71 pounds. Most of the guys she works with in the industry couldn’t even tell you when they weighed 71 pounds – maybe never! So HussiePass.com decided to take full advantage of that by hooking her up with Brickzilla and one of the industry’s biggest cocks for a scene they are calling “4 Foot 4 vs 13 Inches.” They also did some math for us and figured out that Brickzilla’s cock is a quarter of Mini’s height.

Another fun, if terrifying, fact is that this was Mini Stallion’s very first scene. The tiniest girl in porn takes one of biggest dicks in the biz for her first adult scene. That alone should get her nominated for the Bravest Performance trophy at upcoming awards show.

She goes in with all of her confidence, too. Even when Brickzilla’s monster comes out of his boxers, she unfurls as though in a cartoon though her reaction isn’t remotely nonplussed. With her hand and mouth treatments, Brickzilla gets hard and his tool is even bigger. Mini Stallion can only get about 1/5 of it into her mouth, but the wet little wonder has rather more success getting all that meat into her cooch.

He takes her from behind and she backs right up to let him in. in almost no time Brickzilla is balls-deep inside her and no one, not even Mini Stallion, knows where all that cock goes. She survives – even thrives – with that big dick and Brickzilla rewards her with her first-ever porn load, which he drops into her mouth.

HussiePass also has a Mini Stallion scene with Jmac titled “The Aerial Porn Show.” As pointed out earlier, guys love a tiny girl because they can play with her in ways not possible for a 5-foot-six gal. There is great opportunity in that petiteness and Jmac is eager to show the Mini one how to fly. He’s 6’ 1”, which means they are about the same height when he’s on his knees, though he’s going to weigh much more than 71 pounds from the knees up. He’s done over 2500 scenes and never worked with anyone of her height.

As with Brickzilla, the size differential is absolutely astonishing. But more importantly, Mini S turns in a great scene. She flinches at nothing and once the action starts, she is serious as hell about pleasing her partner. So while there will probably be a circus-like feel to how her scenes are presented just because of her height, the girl knows how to fuck, too, and is not afraid to work it.

Jmac takes full advantage of Mini and her 71 pounds and has her absolutely purring long before he’s done with her. He even gets the little thing in a piledriver. That’s what working with a man with so many years being an A-list meat puppet will get you: everything!

Jmac closes it off by cumming on her face and then they head off to the shower.

Also look for Mini Stallion in Adult Time’s “Super Horny Fun Time: Sabina Rouge and Mini Stallion,” which co-stars, as billed, Sabina Rouge.

Mini Stallion is represented by Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed and bonded in both California and Florida. Mini Stallion is available for BG, BGB, BJ, bondage, fetish, GBG, GG, HJ, solo, taboo and toys. Check out Mini Stallion’s Hussie Models page at https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/mini-stallion/. Follow her on Twitter @theeministalli and her OnlyFans is https://onlyfans.com/theeministalli.

Brickzilla is also represented by Hussie. To book him check out his Hussie page at https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/brickzilla/. His Twitter is @BrickZillaxxx and his OnlyFans is https://onlyfans.com/beat-backiwreck.

“4 Foot 4 vs 13 Inches”: https://hussiepass.com/trailers/Mini-Stallion-Brickzilla.html
“The Aerial Porn Show”: https://hussiepass.com/trailers/Mini-Stallion-Jmac.html
“Super Horny Fun Time: Sabina Rouge and Mini Stallion”: https://www.adulttime.com


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