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SeeHimFuck Release Real Life Couple’s Porn Debut

Sexy Latina Ava West Satisfies Hunky Ray Raven in Sizzling New Scene­

HOLLYWOOD – Wildly popular male-focused porntopia See Him Fuck continues their hot streak of sizzling new releases and debuts. Fresh content has been consistently dropping each week on the mancentric site all year long.

Good Friday was no exception, as SHF marked the occasion with another double debut, this time with real life couple Ray Raven and Ava West in See A Real Life Couple Fuck! Directed by Johnny Robbins, the scene is already racking up likes and comments from satisfied fans.

He’s a tall drink of water from Tullahoma, Tennessee, and she’s a hot Latina from Tampa. Together this gorgeous, tattooed couple steam up the screen as well-trained Ava showers her dreamy man Ray with her lusty affections, using her hot, wet mouth to properly demonstrate how a real man should be worshiped from head to toe!

Handsome stud Ray looks every bit the role of the dapper gentleman in his tan jacket, stylish dress shirt, and tight fitting, hole-free, designer-brand, dark blue jeans. But lurking just beneath that thin veneer of sophistication and manners lies a raw sexual hunger waiting to be unleashed.

Raven oozes masculinity like an irresistible aura in his opening teaser, from his rugged manly beard and soul piercing eyes to the intricate ink he sports on the backs of both of his hands and the visible portion of his broad, muscular chest exposed by his carelessly unbuttoned garment. He strips out of his clothes and strokes the outline of his thick erection through the soft fabric, leaving little to the viewers imagination.

Ava is only too happy to lend a helping hand, lubing him up well before sniffing and licking his pits down to the soles of his feet. Ray gets up on all fours and Ava works her way tongue-first into his welcoming asshole, with Ray letting out a satisfied moan of approval.

“Good girl,” he whispers encouragingly as she wraps her hand around his cock and strokes while licking his pucker. “Keep doing what you’re doing. That’s a real good girl.”

Ava clearly enjoys satisfying her stud, as she takes her time slathering his pucker in several perfectly captured positions before moving on to sucking his cock, getting her pussy eaten, and finally taking her lover’s thick dick in her tight, wet, pussy. Ava rides Ray’s rod in several exciting positions but can’t wait in between to go back to rimming his bung right.

When it’s time to bust his nut, Ray lies on his back and let’s his lady stroke him to completion all over his tan, muscular chest and abs then enjoys watching her lick it off her hands. In the post scene interview, he admits it was his favorite part of his first scene, along with the rimming of course.

“I have been rimmed before,” Ray freely admits. “I really enjoy it. It’s very stimulating. It’s a lot of fun. We like to rim. We like to peg. We like to do all the fun shit!”

Although it was their first scene ever on camera, Ava admits she didn’t feel nervous like her man did.

“I’m a dancer,” Ava confidently shrugs while carefully soaping up her man’s ropy muscles in the shower after their scene. “I’m used to being in front of people on stage and getting attention.”

When asked if they would consider coming back for more, the sexy couple doesn’t hesitate.

“Hell yeah,” Ray enthusiastically crows. “We’d love to!”

Ava’s face bursts into a glowing smile of pure joy at the offer.

“Any time!” the good girl coyly adds.

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Ray Raven is represented by Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed and bonded in both California and Florida. For more information and availability, contact his agent Riley at https://hussiemodels.com/porn-agents-contact/.

Follow Ray on social media at Twitter: @RayRaven_, Instagram: @RayRavenOfficial, and OnlyFans: @dRayRaven.

Ava West is also represented by Hussie Models. Visit her model page at https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/ava-west/ for her availability. To book her, contact her agent Riley at https://hussiemodels.com/porn-agents-contact/.

Follow Ava on social media at Twitter: @xxxAvaWestxxx, Instagram: @AvaWest_Official, and OnlyFans: @xxxAvaWestxxx.

You can find SeeHimFuck on SeeHimFuck.com, on Twitter at @seehimfuck, and Instagram @seehimfck.