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Charlotte Stokely Exposed in XCritic Interview

Girl/Girl Performer of the Year Goes Deep Personally and Professionally

VENICE, CA – Universally-crowned Girl/Girl Performer of the Year Charlotte Stokely has a new major interview with XCritic and it’s a must-read for the Hall of Fame performer’s fans. For those who don’t know much about her, it’s a goldmine; for those who thought they knew everything Charlotte, it’s full of surprises.

Ossiana Tepfenhart sat down with Charlotte for this extensive interview that ranges from her career beginnings all the way to her current personal and professional life and how she is dealing with the quarantine.

Charlotte first received an offer to perform when she was just 17 – underage, of course, so she declined. In defense of the scout, he found her working as a stripper, so it was assumed she was of age. But it wasn’t long after turning 18 that it was, as she says, “pornography showtime.”

Now 15 years into her adult biz career, she’s “currently one of the top A-list actresses in the scene” (Tepfenhart’s words) and appears in many of the industry’s biggest productions. She discusses the recent scene with Jessica Drake for Wicked’s “FANtasies,” becoming a brand ambassador for CAM4 (she’s doing three lives shows a month for them), OnlyFans and, last but certainly not least, her fans.

“This August I have been in porn for 16 years,” Charlotte said. “I have fans still with me since day one. This is amazing. The loyalty, love and support from my fans is something I never even dreamed possible. Many of them have become real-life friends. My career would be nothing without my fans. For example, I wouldn’t have won some of my awards without fan voting and had the opportunity to shoot with Jessica Drake because that was by voting. I love my fans very much.”

They go into detail about Charlotte’s kinks, BDSM, her fascination with science, becoming a health coach, and her burgeoning writing career.

“I’m a pretty positive person overall and I will say that I’ve learned a lot,” she says. “At work and in real life, I don’t do anything I don’t want to do. Porn has taught me a lot about managing a business, marketing, commitment to schedules and updates, it’s given me a lot of structure. It’s given me the freedom of self-expression sexually. It’s connected me with thousands of amazing people. I’m in charge of my schedule and because of this, I was able to go back to school while simultaneously running my career. After a year of fast-paced online schooling, I just graduated! Time management is a very important key here. Porn has positively influenced my life in these ways and many others.“

Read the XCritic interview with Charlotte at https://www.xcritic.com/columns/column.php?columnID=6389.

Watch Charlotte in “The Golden Key” (Vuli.com) with Gianna Dior, Lesbian Performers of the Year 2020 (Elegant Angel) with Milana Ricci, and “Jessica’s FANtasies: Bathing Beauties” (Wicked.com) with Jessica Drake.

Check out all her CAM4 shows at http://CharlotteStokelyCams.com.

“The Golden Key”: https://vuli.com/
“Jessica’s FANtasies: Bathing Beauties”: www.wicked.com
Lesbian Performers of the Year 2020
: https://www.adultdvdempire.com/2788501/lesbian-performers-of-the-year-2020-porn-movies.html?partner_ID=46386249

SOCIAL: Twitter: @char_stokely; Instagram: @charlottestokely
CAM4: http://CharlotteStokelyCams.com

AVN STARS: https://stars.avn.com/charlottestokely

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://charlottestokely.com

BOOKING: OC Modeling: http://ocmodeling.com/model/charlotte-stokely-2/

PRESS/MEDIA CONTACT: Rising Star PR, info@risingstarpr.com, @RisingStarPR

The Greatest Feelings: http://thegreatestfeelings.com

For Charlotte news, visit http://risingstarpr.com.

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5 Porn Myths Exposed

Pornography is more popular than ever, even if most people keep their viewing habits to themselves, the majority of adults prefer to watch porn online via websites such as https://www.porn7.xxx/, it saves the embarrassment of facing the cashier at the rental store. The billion-dollar industry continues to grow and adapt, using new technology to reach customers in new markets all over the globe.

Yet despite the advances that can offer recommended videos or help find the best mature category for you, within the creation and consumption of erotic materials, the same tired myths continue to dog the industry. Here are the top five myths about pornography and the adult entertainment industry and why they no longer hold water.

Myth #1 – Porn Movies Are All Low Budget Shlockfests

The most common and pervasive myth about porn is that it’s all directed by film school rejects and Hollywood wannabe’s in foreclosed homes and warehouses in Porn Valley on a shoestring budget in a single day or less. Detractors joke that the storylines make little or no sense, that they are full of bad acting, subpar lighting, and that they all share that cheesy soundtrack even your neighbor can recognize through the walls. You will find some episodes come together to make a compelling viewing time for the audience. Case-studies have revealed that porn watchers are getting lured into Relazionisociali Escort Girls in Rome as a top hit when watching pornographic sites.

While there was a time during the video and DVD craze that this type of stuff was the standard fare, porn has come a long way in the last decade. From high end features like Kay Brandt’s Baumgartner series for Adam & Eve starring power couple Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite to sex education lines like Jessica Drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex: Satisfy Her Like A Legend to parody releases like Axel Braun’s Justice League starring Charlotte Stokely, commercial pornography is branching out to reach new markets, macro and micro.

These days you can find lesbian titles that focus on heavy foreplay right alongside the standard ‘porn-by-numbers’ stuff, along with shemalehd videos, transgender romance, interracial cuckolding, and slew of other niche fantasies! And if that doesn’t tickle your pickle, strap in and try out virtual reality.

Myth #2 – Porn Sex Is Unrealistic

The Standing Wheelbarrow. The Butter Churn. The Waterfall. The Snow Angel. The Emperor’s Hernia. Sporking. For years the popular myth was that you’d have to be just short of an Olympic athlete and trained contortionist to perform the sex positions captured in your favorite scenes.

While there are plenty of titles with professional level acrobatics and pyrotechnics you wouldn’t want to try at home in today’s commercial pornography, the vast majority of sex scenes feature the garden variety positions you’ve come to know and love. Worst case scenario, you might learn some new stuff to try out in the bedroom later.

Other complaints that fall into this general category are that the girls are all young, which the growing popularity of the MILF genre undermines (as XBIZ MILF of the Year Brandi Love can attest) and that they are all shaved, which Barely Legal star Avi Love and her big, beautiful bush assure us just isn’t so.

Myth #3 – Porn Guys Are Ugly

Back in the Golden Age of Porn, guys like John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Harry Reems, and Buck Adams got down and dirty with hot stars like Marilyn Chambers, Nina Hartley, and Vanessa Del Rio.

They were manly men with macho mustaches and chest fur. Getting into the business was difficult. Jobs were scarce, and sometimes questionably legal. The payoff was becoming a real star, if only on the blue screen.

With the rise of gonzo titles in the 90’s, storylines and acting took a backseat to explicit sex. The rapid escalation of production meant the need for more actors, flooding the industry with more mopes than genuine stars. Overnight male performers went from being celebrated studs to feeling like props. Female consumers noticed the change, and the myth that porn guys are all ugly began to take root. Only problem is, it just isn’t true.

If anything, the caliber of male star has gone WAY up since the Golden Age, with more demands than ever on the stars. Big name male talent dominating the adult industry landscape today look more like male models than former pizza delivery guys, with legions of horny fans hanging on their every word on social media and eating up their scenes.

Mick Blue, Jessy Jones, Derrick Pierce, Ricky Johnson, Jean Val Jean, Charles Dera, Bill Bailey, Ryan Driller, Seth Gamble, Keiran Lee, Shane Diesel, Xander Corvus, Johnny Sins, Isiah Maxwell, Johnny Castle, and literally dozens more, serve as proof that this porno myth just doesn’t add up!

Myth #4 – Porn Performers Are Victims Being Exploited, Especially Women

For some people the idea that women might enjoy sex enough to actively seek a career in it just doesn’t add up. To them, the only reason anyone gets involved in the adult entertainment industry is because they need to feed a habit or are being manipulated by an abusive partner making them perform. That’s just not the norm. Far from it.

It’s important to make the distinction between women being forced into prostitution and sex trafficking and adult entertainment. Adult performers actively seek out employment, of their own volition. They decide who they work with and what they will, and more importantly won’t, do with their bodies. They are free to get up and walk off set.

Performers today have more options than ever to take control of their brand and rake in the profits. Women earn more than their male counterparts, a rare feat in most industries. They run their own companies, like Female Performer of the Year Anikka Albrite, who owns BAM Visions along with her husband Mick Blue and their partner Claudio.

They use their brand to launch their dreams of becoming an author, like sexy XXX Puerto Rican Princess Shay Evans, who just released her erotic fantasies in a new bestselling series on Amazon, Shay’s Sexy Stories.

Most talent are now using their social media to earn money by giving fans exclusive access to their most private videos and photos via subscription. Popular redhead Lauren Phillips also uses hers to raise awareness about cyberbullying, donating part of her camming proceeds to organizations working to end it.

They plan out feature dancing tours across the country, like timeless beauty Jennifer White, create content for their websites and clips to sell in their online stores like inked angel Anna Bell Peaks, and plan vacations around jobs in other countries.

For those with the look, the sex drive, and the motivation, being a performer paves the way to a lifestyle beyond anything they could ever have dreamed.

Myth #5 – Porn is Free

Nope. Totally false. Just because you can see it on a tube site or download it on torrent, doesn’t make it free. Real people work hard, spending time, energy, and millions of dollars each year to create the stuff you love to watch – and not just performers. Production teams, set designers, warehouse employees, accountants, caterers, and literally hundreds of other skilled professionals make their living creating adult content.

They deserve to be compensated for their hard work, as well as the risks they take personally and professionally to create adult content.

If we do not support the people we love they will not be able to continue creating the movies, scenes, and content we consume. That’s why it is important to pay for your porn. Think it’s too expensive? Wrong again!

We can help you out there. Shop at Adult Empire today, where 20th Anniversary sale deals are helping porn lovers rake in HUGE savings. Visit https://www.adultdvdempire.com?partner_ID=46386249 for more info.

by DCypher

Sienna Sinclaire Getting In Bed With Jessica Drake

Duo Team Up for the Valentine’s Edition of Jessica’s Playboy Radio Show

VENICE, CA – One of the most memorable interviews Sienna Sinclaire did during her stint as co-host on Swami’s Last Call show was with Jessica Drake in November. Now in a special Valentine’s Day edition of In Bed With Jessica Drake, Sienna will return the favor.

“We really had a great show on Last Call,” Sienna said. “When Jessica saw that my DVD Boudoir was coming out, she thought it would be good timing to come on her show.”

Sienna was swamped last week with meetings and events surrounding last week’s XBIZ conference and awards show. She also appeared on Dr. Susan Block’s show the weekend before, along with doing an interview with SmutLife, which is available on their website.

“You put so much work into something like Boudoir that it’s nice people are eager to talk about it,” she said. “I’m really proud of the product, so it’s easy for me to promote.”

In Bed With Jessica Drake can be heard Tuesdays between 2 and 4 pm PST on Playboy Radio, Sirius XM channel 99. Listeners can call in at 877.205.9796.

For more on In Bed With Jessica Drake go to www.playboy.com/articles/playboy-radio-in-bed-with-jessica-drake/index.html. Check out the SmutLife interview at http://smutlife.com/mag/interviews/sienna-sinclaire-the-naughty-traveler/. Sienna’s appearance on Dr. Block’s program is at http://theater.drsusanblock.tv/wordpress/boudoir-panties/. Sienna’s social network can be found at http://siennasinclairesocial.com/. For more on Sienna visit http://risingstarpr.com/news/?tag=sienna-sinclaire.

Sienna Sinclaire Sits Down With Jessica Drake

Interview Will Be Featured on Last Call Show This Week

VENICE, CA – Sienna Sinclaire is still new to her co-hosting duties on the Sport Swami’s Last Call show on CyberstationUSA, but she’s already pulling out the big guns. This week Sienna sits down with longtime Wicked Pictures exclusive Jessica Drake.

Sienna will do her best to find out everything Jessica has going on at Wicked and elsewhere, and Jessica being a pro dishes well. They’ll talk about her role at Wicked, feature dancing, where her private life starts and a new business venture that will have ears perking.

“Jessica is the perfect interview because she is extremely smart and well-spoken,” Sienna said. “It’s always a pleasure to speak to a performer who has such a history, so much going on today and is able to speak about it so eloquently. It’s going to be as informative as it is fun.”

When she’s not co-hosting Last Call, building her own websites and social network, shooting content for herself and others, serving as a sex coach or showing off any of her many other talents, Sienna spends her time working on a nearly-completed book, which will be published next year.

Last Call airs Fridays from 6-8 pm PT on www.cyberstationusa.com. Sienna’s social network can be found at http://siennasinclairesocial.com/.
For more on Sienna visit http://risingstarpr.com/news/?tag=sienna-sinclaire.