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Ridge Crix’s Girl Gives Him First Rimming in SeeHimFuck.com Scene

Czech Couple Shows Off the Eastern European Way of Man Worship

HOLLYWOOD – Czech guys have been pretty popular in SeeHimFuck.com videos and for “Czech DILF Enjoys Ass Play” the site upped the ante by bringing in real-life Czech couple Ridge Crix and Jenifer Jane.

As fans have experienced previously with SeeHimFuck videos, performers who are couples off-screen tend to bring an intimacy that a couple of strangers can’t quite hit.

It is a great way to get a different kind of scene and, often, even deeper rimming than some others have. Ass-licking is pretty intimate and it’s assumed that Ridge and Jenifer have been down this dirt road a few times before.

They had not.

“It was perfect, very good,” Ridge says in the post-jizz interview through his interpreter, Jenifer. While we realize she could just be putting words in his mouth, but his expression matches what she says he said. He says that this was his first time – “maybe second” – getting rimmed and the smile on his face tells us it will not be the last. God knows his girl is down for it.

Since Ridge is a newbie to the ass licking game, we get to see his virginish expressions as Jenifer sticks her tongue in his backdoor. There is always a little shock on the face of a first-time and Ridge certainly has that – as well as a devious smile that suggests he enjoys the anal play. Jenifer even takes the opportunity to do some light fingering. One assumes this is not her first rimming rodeo.

This is a couple that is obviously not bored with each other in the sack. Even before he starts fucking her, Ridge has a look on his face that lets us know he is excited to get to work on that sweet pussy. She is beautiful and proves to be a blast in the sack. Big titties, a tight pussy and raw enthusiasm are a solid recipe for great sex that translates to video.

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Check out Ridge Crix on Twitter @egermaierludek and OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/egermaierludek. Jenifer Jane is on Twitter @JeniferJane_and and OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/jeniferjane.

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