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Dave Gammon Interviews Jenna Haze!

From EdenCafe.com —

DAVE GAMMON: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy and chaotic schedule to join us in this interview on edencafe.com. I understand you’re a little under the weather so this means that much more. You’ve achieved mesmerizing accolades within our industry. Multiple AVN, XRCO and Night-moves awards (just to name a few) are truly setting the precedence in adult entertainment in Jenna Haze. What is your single proudest achievement to date?

JENNA HAZE: Wow! My single proudest achievement to date? That’s really hard because my career has been almost ten years now.

DG: That’s right!

JH: I would have to say it’s a toss up between when I got performer of the year, and I got to host the AVN awards. That was absolutely an amazing moment; also this year when I got awards for my company. That was really, really amazing because I got my company, after two years, recognized. I won three major categories for it. The Best Girl-Girl Scene being the outstanding award. So this year was just amazing to see it finally do really well and gain accolades that I think I deserve.

DG: Absolutely. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with…and stars and starlets always sort of nay-say this kind of research but…Wikipedia.com?

JH: Yeah, the Wikipedia page is done by a fan of mine. He updates it all the time, he’s a good friend as well.

DG: Great, so you’ve seen the page then?

JH: Of course.

DG: Actually one of the pages in particular has two and a half pages of listing just the awards and achievements you’ve attained since in the business. It’s quite impressive, to say the least.

JH: It’s pretty crazy. I never thought that when I got in the business ten years ago, I would be as successful as I am now.

DG: You truly deserve it. You entered the business in 2001, and have achieved more in those ten years than most do within a lifetime. The business has evolved tremendously with the growth of the internet bringing performers and fans closer together through one on one cam shows, Twitter, facebook, and personal wish-lists. What do you think the next natural progression in technology will be to bring fans and performers even closer together?

JH: Honestly, I think the mobile stuff is next. I know a lot of girls have been talking about face timing with the fans. That stuff makes me a little bit nervous. (combined laughs)… a little bit really close to the fans.

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XCritic Interviews Joslyn James!

From XCritic —

The statement “do not believe everything you hear” can definitely be applied to Joslyn James. It’s unfortunate that the public already has an image of this woman without ever hearing her side or getting to know her. This talented lady does not deserve to be defined by that one relationship that everyone has ingrained in their heads. By having interviewed her, I was surprised by many of her responses and appreciated her taking the time to do this interview. I will always be grateful to her.  I also can’t wait to hear her songs and to see her in those videos that will be coming out in the near future. I always knew that she had a lot to offer this industry and now, others will begin to appreciate her as well.

XCritic: Hi Joslyn, I admire your dedication to give back to the less fortunate as you do with a percentage of your total sales from your glass adult toys. Where did that compassionate heart of yours come from? Did you have it as a young girl?

Joslyn: I have always been a caring person. I’m not the type to stand by and watch when I can do something to help. Even the smallest act of kindness can mean the world to someone that needs it. I’ve been this way since I was a child in my hometown of Mayfield, NY.

XCritic: You are also well known for your exciting dance shows. How does it feel to meet your fans and to dance in front of this loyal bunch?

Joslyn: I was born to entertain. I’ve been putting on performances for as long as I can remember. And being able to put on a show for my fans, its great. Everyone has a great time along with myself.

XCritic: Your Vivid film The 11th Hole has received rave reviews. I personally gave it a highly recommended rating. How was the experience of re-creating the scenes and making them into an adult production?

Joslyn: I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. That really means a lot to me because I must tell you, It was intense, very different then anything I’ve ever done in the adult biz. Because I got to Fuck how I do in my personal life. No one telling what they want. They actually said “So Fuck how you and TW fucked.” So that’s how it was for the most part. We did get naughtier, but you get the idea.

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Soaring the Skies With Bluebird Contract Starlet Dylan Ryder: Part 2

From Edencafe.com —

DAVE GAMMON: Ok, who have you met in the industry you now consider friends? And who has been your most pleasure to work with? Is there anyone you aspire to work with as of late?

DYLAN RYDER: That’s a tough question to be honest with you (laughs). Because there are a lot of people that I really adore in this business. A lot of people you’d never know because they’re not in front of the camera.

DG: Right…

DR: Aside from that there are a whole slew of girls I love to work with. And of course, there are my legendary people that make you say, ‘Oh I really want to work with that person.’ Because you’ve just seen them and you know them throughout their career. You’ve watched them in other porn. It’s not so much we’d ever have the opportunity to cross paths because we’re with different companies, so it’s more that you just watch the face of a company and how reputable they’ve become. “Oh I want to be that!” I want to be the Jesse Jane of Blue Bird Films. I want to be whatever it takes to get to that level. Not so much like, I want to have sex with that person because it would make my day. It’s more that I aspire the business side of it and the way they’ve branded themselves.


DR: Relationships are hard. I have guys that I like working with, but girls, it’s like hard. There are a lot of girls. I have my personal favourites I consider my—-Phoenix Marie I consider a good friend, Jessica Jaymes to be one of my good friends, but it’s one of those things. I don’t know if I have this super wish list. It’s more like I come across like, “oh she’d be good and she’d be good.” It just depends.

DG: Is there anyone you’ve worked with that you’d rather just as soon forget?

DR: (Laughs) Yeah–but you know–I probably shouldn’t name names.

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Q&A With Bluebird’s Blonde Beauty Anna Lovato

From Hollywood Skin Company —

ANNA LOVATO, Glambird and exclusive talent for Bluebird Films
Birthdate: April 23, 1985
Miss Bedfordshire 2007, has appeared in Nuts, Zoo, Mayfair and QX Magazines
Twitter: http://twitter.com/annaklovato
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/annaklovato

Hollywood Skin Company: At what age did you realize that you wanted to be in Adult Entertainment?

Anna Lovato: I think I always knew to a certain extent that I wanted to do this…I was always open to new things…. I’m just a little shy. so porn helps me to come out of my little shell…

HSC: What’s your favorite thing about working in Adult Entertainment?

AL: The job is the best job in the world…. we get to travel we get to have our hair and makeup done, take pretty photos and meet nice people…and we get to act like idiots…. I love it…

HSC: If you weren’t in the Adult biz, what kind of work would you be doing?

AL: I would hate that!! Umm I would be organizing events like I used to in Italy…. Pisa. It was stressful though targets, service level agreements…. yuck…. I love my job now….

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XXX Wasteland Interviews Bluebird Babe Dylan Ryder!

From XXX Wasteland —

XXX Wasteland Exclusive Interview: Dylan Ryder

Bluebird Films contract starlet Dylan Ryder has been climbing the ranks of the adult world since returning in 2008 following a break from the industry. The dark-haired beauty appeared in several Bluebird feature titles before signing an exclusive deal with the studio two months ago and recently landed the starring role in the upcoming BatfXXX spin-off KatwomanXXX, which is anticipated by many adult insiders to be one of the blockbuster releases of 2011.

Dylan kindly spoke with XXX Wasteland to discuss her part in KatwomanXXX, working as a substance abuse counselor and correctional officer during her time away from porn, common misconceptions many people have about the adult business, her future plans and many more topics.

You can visit Dylan online at her official website, DylanRyder.com, and follow her on Twitter under the handle @DylanRyderXXX.

Click here to view behind-the-scenes footage of KatwomanXXX on the official Rising Star PR YouTube channel.

(Special thanks to Lisa Massaro of Rising Star PR for arranging the interview. All photos courtesy of Bluebird Films and/or Rising Star PR)

XXX: Can you give us some background on yourself and how you entered the adult industry?

DR: Sure. I actually had a friend who was in porn, but at the time I probably didn’t even know it. She kind of introduced me to the idea of making some extra money.
When I got into it, I really didn’t think I could go through with it or be any good at it, and truth be told, I really wasn’t super-comfortable with my body at that time. So, I ended up doing it for about six months and then decided to leave to go and pursue another career. Then I realized I liked this much better and it gives you more flexibility, so I wanted to come back. I decided to leave my other “real” job and come back to porn.

XXX: You signed an exclusive contract with Bluebird Films earlier this year, is that right?

DR: Yes, March 1.

XXX: Can you tell us how your experience with the studio has been and talk a little bit about some of the films you have done with them?

DR: Well, I’m Katwoman – you’ve probably seen me Twittering about that. I’m going to be Katwoman and that has been interesting so far. I play an anesthesiologist in Nip/Fuck, which is another movie that we’re doing. So far, it’s been good. We just got back into production, so all month we’ve been working on the movies. In between all of that, Lisa, our amazing publicist with Rising Star, has had me doing tons of different interviews and events for Bluebird. So, when I’m not physically here at the office doing stuff or shooting, I’m doing interviews – kind of like what we’re doing right now – or working on my website. It actually keeps me quite busy. I like it.

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Hollywood Skin Company Interviews Bluebird Films’ Gemma Massey!

From Hollywood Skin Company —

Meet the very beautiful “Glambird” (www.glambirds.com) Gemma Masey as she answers our Q&A.

Hollywood Skin Company: At what age did you realize that you wanted to be in Adult Entertainment?

Gemma Massey: I started the adult industry only 1 year ago so I’m really new to it all

HSC: What’s your favorite thing about working in Adult Entertainment?

GM: I get to work with hot sexy girls and guys everyday

HSC: If you weren’t in the Adult biz, what kind of work would you be doing?

GM: I am a qualified Dental Nurse so I’d probably be doing that

HSC: Who are your favorite female talent to work with? Why?

GM: I love working with Natasha Marley, she is soooo sexy!

HSC: If you could have sex with any celebrity on the planet, who would it be and why?

GM: it would have to be Jenna Jameson or Katie Price because they are both gorgeous ladies…with huge tits

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Inari Vachs XCritic Interview

Inari Vachs Sits Down With XCritic for An Exclusive Interview

It is no surprise that Inari Vachs’ return to adult movies has been an incredible success. Her ageless beauty and talent transcend any generation. With the Academy Awards having been in the news, Inari reminds me of Hollywood glamour and poise. However, in her case, she also brings raw passionate sexuality into the equation that would put any mainstream starlet to shame. I am glad that this Hall of Famer is back so that her current and future fans can fully appreciate her memorable sexual antics with a high degree of satisfaction. It’s only fitting that this sexy beauty will be cohosting the 2011 XRCO Awards.

XCritic: Hi Inari, welcome back to the scene. You look gorgeous and better than ever. Your fans are going to be so overwhelmingly blown over to see you back in action. Why did you decide at this point to make your return? How has the reception been for you among your peers?

Inari: Thank you so much! You’re so sweet! It’s great to be back! I’ve been asked this question a lot as of late (lol). My return to the industry at this point was just the right timing for me all around; mentally, physically, emotionally. At the time I took my “break” in ’02, I was going through a lot; shooting Naughty Amateur Home Videos on Playboy TV regularly, featuring and doing appearances numerous times per month, as well as dealing with personal issues. So I felt it was an appropriate time to take a break from shooting and concentrate on other things for a little while. Inevitably, “life” kinda happened and I took a different path, getting involved in other businesses in other industries, moved out of the country for a while, had my daughter (by far the most amazing, important, and rewarding thing I’ve ever accomplished in my entire life! She’s my reason for everything!). The reception of my comeback has been greater than I could have possibly imagined! The respect I’ve received from my industry peers welcoming me back has been phenomenal and the love and support of my fans has validated the return a thousand times over! I’m so fortunate and blessed for the people in my life and the opportunities that have been given to me.

XCritic: For your upcoming new fans, could you talk about how you got into the adult industry? What have been your most pleasurable and memorable moments of your career? What has been your least pleasurable ones?

Inari: I had been a fan of the adult industry for a long time, and when I first moved to southern CA, I happened to catch this expose on World Modeling Agency. So I pondered it for a bit and thought, why not? I can do it once for the fun of it and if I don’t enjoy it, I don’t ever have to do it again! Well, it happened to be a great experience and I quickly saw what a great opportunity the industry could be for me. Having come from working in corporate America for several years at that point and being an exhibitionist of course, it seemed the perfect scenario for my next venture! So I continued on with it and vowed I would do it until it wasn’t fun anymore. I’ve always had the strong belief that the adult industry is not one you should be in solely for the money; it can be very taxing on the mind, body, and soul if you do not truly enjoy and respect it.

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Erin Marxxx XCritic Interview

Erin Marxxx Sits Down With XCritic For An Exclusive Interview

For me, her name Marxxx…Erin Marxxx conjures up an image of exotic adventure, illusion, and sexiness. She would be the perfect spy since her decent, down-to-earth, and compassionte attitude would make whoever is talking to her feel very comfortable and at-ease in her presence. Then, the adult performer’s seductive mannerisms would take full advantage of her target for her own pleasure. However, despite her on-screen “woman of mystery” persona, Erin’s real personality is no where near my conjured-up perception of this good woman. As a matter of fact, Erin Marxxx is actually a lovely and professional lady who knows what she wants and also takes other people’s feelings and work efforts into account. She is very comfortable in her skin and no one can label her as bigheaded. She is an ideal woman that production companies would want in their films.

XCritic: Hi Erin, one quality that sets you apart from other new starlets is your drive. You really know what you want and are determined to have a lengthy successful career. I admire that about you. What have been your most pleasurable moments so far? What has been your least pleasurable?

Erin: I really enjoy the variety of men I get. So far, I haven’t had an unattractive or mean one yet. The men that I work with take this job seriously and are very nice. When you get along personality wise, the sex comes naturally I think. One of the least pleasurable aspects would be traveling for long periods of time without my family.

XCritic: How did you get into the adult industry?

Erin: My boyfriend and I were looking at porn one night and playing and started talking about the idea of doing porn together. So we looked for a site that was buying amateur porn and actually sold them one of our personal tapes we had made when we first met. I saw it online once and it was pretty funny.

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Jewels Jade Reveals All in XCritic Interview

February Penthouse Pet Dishes the Dirt and the Dirty in Exclusive

VENICE, CA – When you’re catapulted from a star to a superstar, things naturally get crazy—sometimes they get really crazy.

Jewels Jade digs deep into her history in her interview with Apache Warrior for XCritic. She reveals who she most wants to work with (Diamond Foxxx), what she finds sexiest in a man (the eyes) and much more that you’ll have to read the interview to find out.

“It’s so cool that all these people want to talk to me and write about me,” Jewels said. “We get so much attention just by doing what we’re doing, but it’s cool to find out that people want to know more than just my cup size.”

Another Jewels interview, this one with This Week in Porn, has also surfaced. In the lengthy interview, Jewels shows the hosts and listeners that she has brains and personality to match her tremendous beauty.

Jewels is the February 2011 Penthouse Pet of the Month.

Read the Jewels XCritic interview at www.xcritic.com/columns/column.php?columnID=2492. For her This Week in Porn interview go to http://itunes.apple.com/ne/podcast/this-week-in-porn/id402098175.

Jewels Jade XCritic Interview

Jewels Jade Sits Down With XCritic for An Exclusive Interview

It’s only appropriate that a woman named Jewels Jade keeps shining brighter and brighter in her scenes after all these years. I am not the only one who is praising this lady’s assets and qualities since she happens to be February Pet of the Month for Penthouse Magazine. This iconic title still means a whole lot in both mainstream and adult crowds. Jewels has come back with a vengeance and will show her new admirers what the buzz was all about when she was delivering her hot sexual hunger on screen years back. This competitive and proud gem of a woman continues to be one of the most beautiful ladies in this industry and the adult viewer is the lucky recipient of her true talent.

XCritic: Hi Jewels, congratulations on being named Penthouse Pet of the Month for February. It is an amazing accomplishment. I am very impressed. You look incredible on the cover. How does it feel to obtain this iconic title?

Jewels: I feel very privileged to be Pet of the Month! I love working for Penthouse and to be recognized as a Pet is a honor! Now, my goal is to be Pet of the Year!!!!!


I love your body of work as well as your staying power in this business. The fans really adore you. What have been the most pleasurable highlights and most memorable events thus far in your career? What has been your least pleasurable ones?

Jewels: The most pleasurable highlights thus far in my career has been of course becoming a Penthouse pet. Also, AVN this year was awesome! I really have enjoyed working for Brazzers so much this year. I feel they are the best company out there and of course working with some of the best actors in the industry. I am looking to get nominated for an AVN award next year -that is my goal!!!!!!!!!! As for least pleasurable, I can’t really think. Most likely, being away from my family!

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