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Ally Cooper Breaks in Porn First-Timer Ralph Whoren at SeeHimFuck.com

Spoiler Alert: He Performs Like a Pro – Just Ask a Satisfied Ally!

HOLLYWOOD – SeeHimFuck.com has been bringing in some fresh talent and they don’t get any fresher than Ralph Whoren.

Ralph, who had never shot a pro scene before, had been doing his own thing on JustForFans when someone set him hip to SeeHimFuck. Next thing you know he was checking out the site and then went sniffing around for a shoot. SHM management quickly set him on the trail of Ally Cooper’s sweet scent and, just like that, he was officially a porn star.

He doesn’t have to get undressed for one to take notice of his tattoos – they are creeping up his neck and much of his body is adorned in his artwork. While he might look intimidating, Ralph is actually very chill, but Ally will take no chances – she’s going to make sure this heavily-inked man is completely pleased before she’s done.

She oils him down, rubs his body to glistening wonder, and jerks him off. When Ralph lies down on the bed, she starts in on the feet and she’s spectacular. As he jerks off and offers commentary, openly delighted with her work – though maybe less so than Ally, who appears completely in her element. She knows how to please a guy and she’s excited to do it for the world to see.

We don’t know Ally’s rimjob resumé, but she appears practiced at the art of anus-licking. She unleashes the same passion she’d displayed for foot worship on Ralph’s ass and if you’re not sure about him really being into it, you know when he asks for Ally’s phone number as she does her anal play. (She says sure!)

She’s also a master of the cock and Ralph is good at instructing as she is at listening and his hard cock swells in her mouth. She finally mounts his cock and after a few strokes her vagina is in acceptance mode. Her big tits push up against his face as the two new lovebirds stare into each other’s eyes. He spanks her and tells her to “Go ahead and do your thing,” inspiring Ally to ride and glide on his cock as he watches her ride his big one.

Once on top, Ralph shows that he knows how to use his monster dong and Ally lies there and takes it as he works her honeyhole from every angle possible. She gave expecting nothing in return and was thus reward greatly. He pens a love letter on her stomach with his cum then it’s off to the shower. And don’t forget about that phone number, Ally!

“A fan hit me up and told me about SeeHimFuck and said I would look great on here and here I am,” he said in a post-scene interview for SHF. “I watched some previews and they were amazing. It was cool, a lot of fun. It was awesome, a great experience.”

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Brick Danger ‘Comes Back For More’ in Scorching New SeeHimFuck.com Scene

After a Long Dry Stretch, Blake Blossom Comes to the Rescue

HOLLYWOOD – Brick Danger was nervous going into his second SeeHimFuck.com scene, but not because he was shy about getting all the attention from Blake Blossom and the SHF cameras – he’s shot for the site before.

The hard truth is, he hadn’t been getting laid in a while. In a forever, by porn standards. And he was worried he might get a little, well, overexcited while shooting “Brick Comes Back for More” – and there are certainly moments where it shows in this video. Like when the concern consumes his face and he fucks Blake slowly, saying, “This pussy is just too good!” The picture-in-picture really shows off his predicament.

Usually the guys head off to the shower solo for a little post-scene interview, but Blake couldn’t resist the opportunity to follow him in there and make sure he was sent home cleaner than when he came in. She’s a full-service gal.

“I was a lot more nervous last time,” he says as a smiling Blake cleans his still-hard cock. “I was nervous this time for a different reason, because I thought I was going to cum really early. I shot a scene yesterday, but prior to yesterday I hadn’t had sex since April.”

Wait, a porn guy hasn’t had sex since April?! This is a brand-new scene, not something that has been in the can since springtime!

“I’ve just been in the outdoors chillin’, shooting guns, learning how to skin a dear, spending some time in the wilderness alone,” Brick said. Well, he’s alone in the wilderness no more and Blake gave him a helluva welcome back to civilization. It was clear things were going to get intense early with Blake sniffing at his armpit and gnawing at his pit pubes – something she says is kind of her thing, so be careful, fellas!

Blake greased him up, rubbed him down, sucked gloriously on his hard rod and licked his feet and ass like both their lives depended on it. The point at SHF is to get the guy properly worshiped and Blake certainly did that. Brick had his work to do, too, and he gave the dirty blonde a banging she’ll remember and probably revisit. As for him nearly cumming way too early, well, it wouldn’t be the first time that happened to Blake. But he didn’t, so all’s well that ends well.

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Blake Blossom is represented by Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed and bonded in both California and Florida. She is available for BG, BGB, BJ, bondage, creampie, deep throat, facial, fetish, HJ, and toys.

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Milan Is the First Guy to Get Second Shot With SeeHimFuck.com

Chloe Temple Brings Appetite to Her First-Ever SHF Set

HOLLYWOOD – It took more than 30 scenes for SeeHimFuck.com to have one of the male performers come back for more and the lucky performer is Milan.

Milan made his debut in SeeHimFuck’s “Serb Stud Gets Serviced” with Melody Foxx way back in February, making him part of the first wave of SHF scenes, and now he’s the freshman sophomore with “Our First Return Client.”

This time Chloe Temple is the lucky lady with the opportunity to please this Serb import. Milan’s pretty lucky, too, since Chloe is as sexy as she is cute and she’ll stop at nothing to make a man happy. While it’s her SHF debut, the Ohio girl fits perfectly with the SHF ethos and she brought her appetite – for ass!

Milan is confidence on- and off-set, but young Chloe is not easily intimidated. The sweet-eyed 20-year-old likes a guy who knows what he wants, and this guy is certainly that. He leans to his dominant side whether the camera is rolling or not and he gives Chloe great leadership.

She oils him up, rubs his body, gives him a reach-around, but all that time she’s mostly hidden except for her arms and busy hands. When he sits on the couch and she takes his first socked-foot, we see the ecstasy on her face as she breathes in the fresh scent of his feet. She really likes it.

After a very thorough foot session, Milan fucks her mouth a bit and then Chloe moves in for the rimjob. She displays raw enthusiasm, losing herself in the licking, blubbering and making “la-la-la!” sounds as she shakes her face in his ass making a slobbery mess, Milan watching closely and letting her know what a fine job she is doing.

Milan takes that same intensity to screwing Chloe and the two had what is certainly one of the finest scenes SHF has put out thus far. Chloe is a can’t-miss performer and Milan shows why he was the first guy to ever shoot two scenes for the company. We know from the outro interview that Milan went home happy.

“It was awesome,” he said. “It was even a little bit better than the first time, it was everything I wanted to do, so I’m satisfied. I like to be different than the other guys, with a little extra sizzle. I’d be more than happy to come back!”

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Milan is represented by Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed in bonded in both California and Florida. Check out his page at https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/milan/. His Twitter @lanmimiami and his OnlyFans is https://onlyfans.com/lanmimiami.

Chloe Temple is also represented by Hussie Models. She is available for BBGG, BG, BGB, BJ, bondage, creampie, deep throat, facial, fetish, GBG, GG, HJ, solo, swallow, taboo, toys and her first blowbang is available.

Check out Chloe’s Hussie Models page at https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/chloe-temple/. Follow her on Twitter @Senorita_Satan and her OnlyFans is https://onlyfans.com/chloe_temple.

You can find SeeHimFuck on SeeHimFuck.com, on Twitter at @seehimfuck, and Instagram @seehimfck.

Mazee the Goat Gets Cleaned Up in New SeeHimFuck Scene

SHF Contract Girl Natalie Porkman Goes Rim Crazy

HOLLYWOOD – Mazee the Goat is no stranger to getting rimmed – he’s been hip to that scene since he was 19 and an older woman (she was 30!) took her tongue to his ass, and he’s never looked back.

Enter Natalie Porkman, the SeeHimFuck.com’s second contract performer and rimjob expert. She’s done some amazing tongue-to-ass work for the company, but in “So Much Ass Eating!” she really outdoes herself. This girl has manhole hunger like has rarely if ever been captured on video.

Maybe it’s because Mazee is a true specimen of a man or perhaps she was just in the mood to lick some butt, but the results are mind-blowing either way. Her determination is evident from the moment she pops into the screen. Mazee lifts up a well-muscled arm and lets her lap at his armpit as he looks at the camera.

Natalie knows the routine – and how to not make it seem routine for the man or for the viewer. She oils him up and reaches around, jerking him off with alternating hands. Mazee looks serious, but he cracks a smile now and again to let us know that he’s enjoying it.

He sprawls out on the couch and lets Natalie go to work on his feet and she looks so satisfied as she licks them clean one wonders if she’s going to move on to other parts. Oh, she will.

She gives him a long blowjob and Mazee responds exactly the way a sucking princess hopes he will. It’s intense and messy and Natalie works so hard to get it all into her little mouth. She moves on to his ass next and she can barely contain her excitement. It’s barely possible to imagine a girl being happier to rim a dude.

As if that wasn’t all enough, there’s still the fucking! It seems to feel as good as it looks, judging my Mazee’s reactions. He mentions how tight she is and it looks like a perfect fit. He uses that well-sculpted body well, fucking Natalie every which way including holding her up and banging her, which he later said was his favorite part.

“I haven’t been to the gym in a long time, so I needed a workout,” he said.

“She went nuts!” he said in his post-scene interview. “The scene was fun. It’s not what you would expect from a normal set. Natalie was all I needed and I definitely had fun.”

So will the viewers.

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Mazee the Goat is repped by Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed in bonded in both California and Florida. His model page is at https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/mazee/. Check out Mazee on Twitter @Amaziing718 and on OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/astroslikk.

Natalie Porkman is represented by Hussie Models. To book her go to https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/natalie-porkman/. She is available for BG, BGB, BJ, deep throat, fetish, GBG, swallow, taboo, and her first blowbang is available. Her Twitter is @Natalieporkmanx and her OnlyFans is https://onlyfans.com/natalieporkmanx.

You can find SeeHimFuck on SeeHimFuck.com, on Twitter at @seehimfuck, and Instagram @seehimfck.

Tori Montana Laps Up Jax Slayher for SeeHimFuck.com

Ripped Jax Clearly Enjoys His Lead Role as Much as Tori Enjoys His Pole

HOLLYWOOD – The camera loves Jax Slayher as much as the camera and that comes in real handy with the man being the focus of the lens in SeeHimFuck.com’s new “Jax Gets Refreshed.”

The site matched him up with Tori Montana, but instead of watching her warmup as is the norm in porn, viewers get to see Jax go from best dressed man to undressed to impress. He shows off a gym-sculpted body, bit by bit, until the cock comes out and he jerks himself into what many would consider intimidating largess and hardness.

Tori is undaunted. A professional cock worshipper and complete lover of the male form, she is happy to start at the bottom – licking, sucking and massaging Jax’s big feet, taking her time, knowing that that it’s not only the destination that counts, it’s also the route you take. Jax clearly enjoys her foot worship work, stroking his long dong as he watches her work her magic, knowing it’s only beginning.

We get a real feel for how big Jax’s rod is when Tori takes it into her mouth. Getting the whole thing into her throat seems like an impossibility, but she gives it a good try and Jax is most encouraging. “That’s a good fucking mouth, you got a good fucking mouth,” he tells her. “Keep licking that dick, it feels so fucking good.” She cups his balls tightly, stroking his meat into her mouth.

He instructs her to “get in the middle of me” and spreads his legs wider than one might think he could. His black angel gets down there and can hardly stop smiling as she rims his ass and tongue fucks him. Again he encourages her, letting her know how good she is with her tongue. He gets on his hands and knees and she pulls up behind him, chomping on his out door while jerking him off, the rusty trombone not so rusty when she does it.

Finally ready to fuck his girl, he pulls her on top of him and it’s clear her pink tightness is packed hard by her moans. Jax looks at the camera as he fills her puss, telling her he won’t stop until she cums on his big dick. He holds her ass cheeks while pumping her pussy as she drapes herself over him in complete submission. Jax looks at the camera and tells the viewers something they surely already know: “This feels so good!”

Jax looks like he’s in workout mode as he screws Tori missionary, doing reps with his cock inside her as he moans increase with every pump. Once she is on the verge he slows down and screws her romantically before picking up steam again. She reaches underneath to grab his balls, but she has little physical control as he continues to take Jax’s deep penetrating thrusts.

Banging her from behind, the bed springs moan along with Tori as Jax handles her doggie style, the ass slaps he gives her acting as percussion for the pumping. He looks at the camera as he talks dirty to his lady, smiling knowing we’re all in on this one. It’s a position that works for both of them, Jax pulling his pecker out at the last possible second to blast a big white load on her sweet black ass.

Jax continues his dirty talk in the shower, letting viewers know that he’s aware some would like to be in there with him, helping him clean off. He continues jerking off his still-hard cock as he soaps and rinses. “Oh my god, my nuts just feel fucking full,” he says. He promises to do another SeeHimFuck.com video if the fans like it. One expects he’ll be back very soon.

Jax Slayher is represented by Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed in bonded in both California and Florida. For more information and to book Jax go to https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/jax-slayher/.

Tori Montana is also represented by Hussie Models. For more information and to book Tori go to https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/tori-montana/. She is available for BBGG, BG, BGB, BJ, Blow Bang, Creampie, Deep Throat, Facial, Fetish, First Blowbang Available, Gangbang, GG, GGA, Solo, Swallow, Taboo and Toys. Her official Twitter is @torimontanaxxx, Instagram is @torimontanax and OnlyFans @torimontanaxxx.

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