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Diamond Foxxx Gets a Taste of Young Lust in ‘Moms Lick Teens 17’

Busted By Stepdaughter While Taking Sexy Selfies, Diamond Turns It Into a Teaching Moment

VENICE, CA – Diamond Foxxx is a veteran performer but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to get her licks in with the young talent.

She gets a tasty one in Moms Lick Teens 17, a new DVD from Reality Kings, and she doesn’t have to go far: Elena Gilbert is her stepdaughter and she’s quite a looker. As is the fashion, Elena spends most of her time texting important things to her friends, and when Diamond hears the alerts going off as the phone charges in the kitchen, stepmother decides to do a little snooping. She is shocked to discover an impressive cache of dick pics that wouldn’t have looked out of place on https://hotnudemen.net/big-dick-pics/. Feeling naughty, Diamond decides to have some fun by snapping a few photos of her big tits and sending them in response to the boys showing off their wares. That’ll get some responses!

But it’s Elena’s response that matters. Elena busts her in the act and demands her phone back. But Diamond is done having fun, she pulls Elena in and takes a few stepmother-daughter snaps. She manages to get Elena naked and soon enough the ladies are satisfying each other right there in the kitchen.

“I love sex in the kitchen and if it’s a beautiful young girl for me to devour, all the better!” Diamond said. “She’s a very sweet girl and she plays a heckuva stepdaughter. I really enjoyed this scene and am thrilled that it’s out on DVD for all to enjoy.”

Also look for Diamond in My Friend’s Hot Mom Vol. 65 (Naughty America), which features a beautiful shot of her for the cover. Inside she Jessy Jones for a rockin’ scene.

Moms Lick Teens 17
: https://www.adultdvdempire.com/2605715/moms-lick-teens-vol-17-porn-movies.html?partner_ID=46386249
My Friend’s Hot Mom Vol. 65
: https://www.adultdvdempire.com/2573871/my-friends-hot-mom-vol-65-porn-movies.html?partner_ID=46386249

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East Coast Adult News Unveils Blockbuster Diamond Foxxxx Interview

MILF Superstar Stars in Real Housewives of the San Fernando Valley Parody

VENICE, CA – The folks at East Coast Adult News had a few questions and it’s no surprise that Diamond has some provocative answers for their straightforward questions.

She covers everything from how wet her pussy gets when she puts in a bigger ring in her hood piercing, how she enjoyed the real estate but discovered she loved porn more and goes into detail about her favorite directors and performers. Despite the heat, all is kept pretty cool until the write erupts upon finding out she’s not won any awards. “What, are they fucking retarded?! Where are her awards?”

Diamond is more controlled, reminding him that she has only been doing porn full-time for two years and that she has been nominated several times.

Another topic that comes up is that she’s been married for 12 years, which is probably one more reason she’s so fantastic in Mike Quasar’s Real Housewives of the San Fernando Valley Parody (Third Degree Films). It’s yet another acting and fucking combo from the busty blonde.

“It was just awesome,” Diamond said. “I love working with Mike and the movie turned out great. I have some more movies with acting in them coming up that I’m really excited about, but I can’t say much about them yet. Soon, I promise!“

Diamond’s interview with East Coast Adult News is online at http://ecadultnews.com/?p=1747. See the trailer for the Real Housewives of the San Fernando Valley Parody at www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VuVoGw73cg. More information can be found at http://thirddegreefilms.com/movieinfo.php?id=622.

Diamond Foxxx Makes Emergency Cam Show Appearance

Busty Superstar Feels Immediate Need to Be on Streamate Saturday Afternoon

VENICE, CA – It was just a regular day when Diamond was struck with a familiar feeling: She needed to share her overwhelming horniness with her fans.

That’s why from 2-4 PT Diamond will be appearing on Streamate, giving fans what they can’t seem to get enough of: Herself.

Because of the spontaneity of this show, Diamond was unable to be contacted for quote. Sources close to her describe her as “almost out of her mind with horniness” and one claimed seeing her “visibly wet” panties as she prepared for the show.

Diamond’s show can be seen today from 2-4 PT at http://www.cammodels.com/cam/diamond_Foxxx/

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Diamond Foxxx Puts Her Career in ‘Jeopardy’

New Hustler Movie Features Diamonds Acting and Sizzling Sex Scene

VENICE, CA – The answer is Diamond Foxxx when the question is, Who is the perfect blonde stunner to lead the way in Hustler Video’s new This Ain’t Jeopardy XXX?

With the DVD and Blu-ray on shelves this week—and featuring the flaxen-haired vixen in a lead role, once again showing off her fantastic acting skills and then solidifying her reputation as one of the industry’s sexual superstars.

“Acting is a real passion of mine and I’ve been really lucky to land some great roles in the past year,” Diamond said. “This was a great movie to shoot and my scene with ‘Alex” was a blast—literally!”

Diamond also came up in an interview with Spock Buckton, who wrote 3rd Degree’s Official Deal or No Deal Parody and said he expects to have her in some upcoming projects as well.

For more on This Ain’t Jeopardy XXX visit www.hustlervideo.com/show.php?m=3253&st=6&sid=497.

Diamond Foxxx: The Hits Just Keep on Cummin’

New Releases From Wicked, Digital Sin, Naughty America and 3rd Degree

VENICE, CA – If there’s one thing that the adult industry learned in the last year it’s that Diamond Foxxx sells movies. Is it her beauty? Her outstanding performances? Her super-charged sexual attitude? Try all of the above.

She’s featured on the cover of several new releases on the shelves right now, huge titles from some of the biggest companies in the jizz biz. Here’s just a delicious taste of what fans can find in their local stores or on their favorite websites:

Seduced By a Cougar 16 (Naughty America)
How I Fucked Your Mother (Wicked)
Official Deal or No Deal Parody (3rd Degree)
Manuel Ferrara Is a MILF Whore (Digital Sin)

“Every movie is an individual experience for me, a special memory,” she said. “And, yeah, I’ll admit that it’s a nice feeling to see them come up online and see myself on the cover. I love this industry and it makes me feel like they love me, too. Plus it helps fans easily find my product.”

Earlier this month Diamond announced that she had signed on with Premium Cash to handle her website, diamondfoxxx.com.

“We’re still in the very early stages of the relationship,” she said, “but I am very, very pleased with how things are moving ahead. They can take care of the technical stuff, which lets me get out there and do what I do best: Fuck!”

Fans can also find Diamond in the new (April 2011) issue of Club International.

Diamond Foxxx Signs on With Premium Cash

MILF of the Year Nominee Disappointed by Steelers’ Super Bowl Loss

VENICE, CA – Many Steelers fans watched their dreams fall apart on Super Bowl Sunday, devastated knowing as the Packers celebrated, plans for the Diamond Foxxx celebratory blowbang were falling apart before their eyes.

No one was more disappointed than Diamond herself, but she’s not going to let it get her down. First, she would like to announce that she has joined with Premium Cash to handle her website, diamondfoxxx.com.

“This allows me to focus more on creating the content,” Diamond said. “After running it myself for years, now that Diamond Foxxx Productions is taking off I’ve partnered with Premium Cash so I can spend more time creating content and not sitting in front of a computer. Premium handles Tori Black, Alexis Texas and others, and partnering with these top names will help us build the content and it takes a lot of the legwork—except for the actual leg-spreading—out of my hands.”

This week also marks the XBIZ Awards, at which she is nominated for MILF of the Year.

“I’m looking forward to the show,” she said. “It’s a great industry party and I plan on being part of it.”

The XBIZ Awards will take place at the Hollywood Palladium Feb. 9. Diamond can also be seen in the new (April 2011) issue of Club International.

Find out more about the 2011 XBIZ Awards at www.xbizawards.com.

Diamond Featured On Deadspin

The mainstream love continues for Diamond Foxxx as Gawker site DEADSPIN picks up the Super Blow story about how Diamond plans on giving out free BJ’s to Steelers fans if they win the big game.

Gives you one more reason to tune in, especially if you’re a Steelers fan!

Virtually overnight Diamond has become a mainstream star. According to the MILF of the Year nominee she has been adding HUGE numbers of Twitter followers ever since the release came out.

“It’s crazy all the attention I’ve been getting over this,” Diamond comments. “It’s amazing! I really do love all my fans…and I am hoping the Steelers win this Sunday so I can prove it in my own special way.”

Read all about what they had to say, including a full range of comments from fans, by clicking HERE!!!

Diamond Foxxx Featured On ‘The Dirty’ Today!

MILF of the Year contender and mega hottie Diamond Foxxx released a statement yesterday that she intended on giving Steeler’s fans a blowjob if they won the Super Bowl. Now, less than 24 hours later, she’s already starting to get a lot of attention, both inside adult, via twitter, and in the mainstream press.

The 1st of what is sure to be many responses has come from none other than Nik Richie, the original reality star and gossip blogger, and his now infamous site, The Dirty Dot Com.

When a fan writes in to ask Nik what he thinks of her offer, Nik replies that her “stock has skyrocketed” in his book. Not too shabby.

Read all about it HERE

then send her some love via Twitter  — http://twitter.com/DiamondFoxxx

Diamond Foxxx Vows to Take All Cummers if Steelers Win Super Bowl

MILF of the Year Nominee Preparing Giant Blowbang as Victory Celebration

VENICE, CA – A lot of people will be a betting a lot of money when the Super Bowl rolls around this Sunday. Going for a less traditional approach, Diamond Foxxx will be putting her mouth where her money is, promising to give a blowjob (or perform oral on any ladies on hand) to any of her Twitter followers who show up for her victory celebration.

While the details of the event are still being ironed out, Diamond has said she will, in fact, perform oral sex on any fan who shows up, so long as they meet the list of requirements. Those requirements will include legal identification, a clean STD test from an AIM Healthcare (Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation) draw station or Talent Testing Services or using another like this San Diego STD testing service, and the understanding that the event will be filmed for broadcast. Diamond reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. A complete list of the rules and event details will be posted online and updates will be available daily via the Diamond’s Twitter account (twitter.com/diamondfoxxx).

“I’m a huge Steelers fan and if they win-which they will-I wanted to do something super special,” Diamond said. “What could be more special than making a long line of horny men feel the pleasure that I’ll feel watching the Steelers win? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Diamond is also excited about next week’s XBIZ Awards and especially her nomination for MILF of the Year.

“Let’s face it, the competition in that category is fierce,” Diamond said. “It’s probably as competitive as any single category. Would I love to win? Of course! But I’m really proud to be on a list with such excellent performers and look forward to the show.”

The XBIZ Awards will take place at the Hollywood Palladium Feb. 9. Diamond can also be seen in the new (April 2011) issue of Club International.

For everything Diamond Foxxx, visit http://risingstarpr.com/news/?page_id=914. Find out more about the 2011 XBIZ Awards at www.xbizawards.com.

Diamond Foxxx Featured in April Issue of Club International

Short and Stacked MILF of the Year Nominee Makes Another Print Appearance

VENICE, CA – Last year was a bust-out year for Diamond Foxxx, and when you’re sporting a pair of DDD whoppers, busting out is, quite literally, a big deal.

The brilliant editors at Club International had the bright idea to feature the beauty in the April 2011 issue with a sexy layout that shows off all her finest curves. And, as it says on the cover, “Diamond Foxxx Craves Teen Pussy!”

“It’s no secret that I love going down on a woman and the chance to get a taste of some fresh young pussy is always a thrill,” Diamond said. “It was like the cameras weren’t even there, we just went for it!”

Of course Diamond is looking forward to next month’s 2011 XBIZ Awards where she is nominated for MILF of the Year. The show will take place at the Hollywood Palladium Feb. 9.

Go to www.diamond_foxxx.cammodels.com to see Diamond’s live cam shows.

Find out more about the 2011 XBIZ Awards at www.xbizawards.com.