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Brandi Love Debates Porn With Terry Schilling on DailyCaller.com

MILF of the Year Tackles Tough Issues in First Part of Larger Conversation  

VENICE, CA – The topic of protecting children from pornography is as old as pornography and in a new debate on DailyCaller.com, Brandi Love and conservative activist Terry Schilling have a surprisingly civil debate on the top.

Brandi of course is the MILF of the Year and AVN Hall of Famer, while Schilling is the Executive Director of the American Principles Project, which he calls “the NRA for families,” and son of former Iowa Sen. Bobby Schilling.

Media reporter Shelby Talcott mediated and immediately put both of them on their heels by asking them to make the opposite’s argument. Schilling said the best thing about porn is that it opens up opportunities to open up the conversation about sex. Brandi’s argument against porn was access by the under-18 crowd.

Schilling is a proponent of reforming Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act so that adult websites with age verification would have immunity, otherwise they would be open to civil litigation, “making them liable for any content they posted illegally or inappropriately.”

“It would basically force a lot of the adult entertainment companies that are online to do some type of meaningful age verification,” he said.

Brandi came down on the side of digital ID, which she said would be just like having a driver’s license.

“I feel the responsibility needs to be on the person uploading the content,” she said. “By putting the responsibility and opening up companies to sue-happy people or potentially people that want to abolish a particular aspect of the industry, meaning adult, that leaves these companies wide open. By having a digital ID, which is no different than having a driver’s license … this would be attached to your age, your name, all of your information.”

She stressed that this isn’t something that should be applied only to the adult industry.

“The other key is equal application of the law,” she said. “If we can create a solution that solves all of these problems, it’s not about applying it to the adult industry, I want that to be very clear, it’s maintaining and preserving the free and fair market, but equal application of the laws we’re able to set in, so there’s not that one target.”

This 15-minute clip is part of a larger debate that will be released on the Daily Caller. Watch the first part at https://dailycaller.com/2020/08/19/debating-porn-brandi-love-terry-schilling-how-to-protect-children-accessing-adult-content/.

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