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Rising Star Brynn Tyler
Rising Star Brynn Tyler

Will Roll onto Rock 100.5 Thursday Morning

VENICE, CA – Brynn Tyler is really racking up the sky miles lately and this week is no exception. But the rack that most are going to be interested in is the one beneath her shirt–and she’ll be showing it off Wednesday through Saturday this week in Georgia.

The star of mega-hit Not Three’s Company XXX will be performing at the club three times each night, performing different shows each evening.

“This is a big trip for me,” Brynn said. “I love dancing and I love the crowds, but I admit I’m a little nervous being so far from home. I sure hope they’ll show me some of that Southern hospitality I’ve heard so much about!”

Brynn will be appearing at the Pink Pony South in Forest Park as part of the “Rookie Cookie Tour.”

On Thursday morning she will be appearing on The Regular Guys radio show on Atlanta’s Rock 100.5 between 8 and 8:45 am.

Pink Pony South Dates: Wed-Sat, June 17-20
Showtimes: 8:30, 10:30 and 12:30

For more information visit http://www.showbars.com/club_ppSOUTH.html or phone 404.361.5484. The Pink Pony South is located at 4730 S. Frontage Rd., Forest Park, GA 30297. For more on Rock 100.5 go to http://atlrg.dnn.cumulus.net.

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Blonde Beauty Features Tonight at Rouge Then Jets to Vegas for XBiz Pagaent

VENICE, CA – It’s big week for Brynn Tyler, who will not only be keeping her unusually busy shooting schedule, but will also be feature dancing as well as participating for the Miss XBiz Summer Pageant crown.

On Tuesday night Brynn will hit the stage at Rouge Gentlemen’s Club along with an all-star lineup with a fantasy baseball theme.

“I’ve been hoping to do more stage performances,” Brynn said. “It’s such an amazing rush to get up there in front of a crowd and really work it. This is going to be a great night.”

Others on the roster for the night include Kagney Linn Karter, Alexis Texas and Audrey Bitoni.

The following day Brynn will make the quick flight to Las Vegas where she will attend the XBiz Summer Forum. On Thursday she will compete with nine other beauties in the Miss XBiz contest.

There has been much speculation within the industry regarding the talent Brynn will choose for the contest, but she continues to remain tight-lipped.

“This is no time to go giving my secrets away,” she said. “I know most of the girls I’m competing with and if you think they aren’t taking this seriously, you’re wrong. I have a secret weapon and it will remain a secret until showtime!”

The Miss XBiz Summer Pageant will be held June 4 during the XBiz Summer Forum. For more information visit www.xbizsummerforum.com.


Starlet Set to Wow Judges With Shocking Top Secret Talent

VENICE, CA – Endless hours of hand wringing anticipation were finally put to rest this week when XBiz finally announced the 10 finalists for the Miss XBiz Summer Pageant, confirming that Brynn Tyler will be in the center of the competition next month.

The Miss XBiz Summer Pageant will be held June 4 during the XBiz Summer Forum. It consists of a bikini competition and a Q&A or talent portion, during which the starlets can choose to either perform a talent or answer a question chosen by one of the pageant hosts.

As is all the rage these days, Brynn received the news via text message. And then there was silence. Follow-up phone calls went unanswered. More texts went unanswered.

After hours of worry, she finally called her publicity team with big news: “I know what I’m going to do for the talent portion!” she said excitedly. “You have to swear not to tell anyone!”

The spunky blonde, who had been struggling to come up with a definitive plan for the talent portion, then went on to describe a surprisingly well thought out routine entirely unrelated to anything discussed previously.

While her planned performance will be top secret until showtime, it is safe to say that Brynn will be a serious contender for the crown. And no, her performance does not include ping pong balls – for those of you wondering.

The top 10 finalists were chosen from industry feedback via online message boards and email voting. The contest will be held June 4 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.


Star of #1 Movie Ready for Prime Time

VENICE, CA – Brynn Tyler knows a thing or two about unexpected success. The blue eyed blonde with the amazing smile sat back last month and watched as her latest release, Will Ryder’s famous spoof Not Three’s Company XXX, climbed the precarious path all the way up to #1 on TLA Raw charts and received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Tonight Brynn and Ryder will visit the studios of Playboy Radio where they will sit down with hosts Christy Canyon and Nicki Hunter on their legendary Night Calls radio show.

“I knew playing Chrissy in the movie would be a big deal, but I didn’t realize how quickly it would impact my career,” Brynn says. “Everywhere I go people are talking about it. It’s crazy!”

Her performance was noted by industry veteran Gene Ross of AdultFYI who saw it as award-caliber. In his review of the movie he said it has “marvelous comedic timing” and that it contains “an awards-worthy performance from Brynn Tyler who plays it apple cheeked sweet and delectably ditzy.”

In fact, she played the role so well that some are convinced that she is as ditzy as her portrayal in the movie.

“I’ve met a few people recently who were shocked that I wasn’t vapid like Chrissy,” Brynn said. “I take it as a compliment. I hope I’m that convincing in all my roles.”

Brynn has been nominated for Favorite Female Rookie at the F.A.M.E. Awards. Vote for her at http://www.thefameawards.com/vote_email.aspx. She also appears on the cover of Digital Sin’s Getting All A’s #6, which streets April 2.

Night Calls broadcasts live Monday through Friday from 4-7 PST from Los Angeles. The show can be heard on channel 99 on both XM and Sirius. Listeners are encouraged to phone in their questions and comments for the ladies by calling in toll-free at 877.205.9796.


Will F.A.M.E. Go to Young Starlet’s Head? ‘No,’ Says One Observer

VENICE, CA – Brynn Tyler is sitting pretty. The star of Not Three’s Company XXX saw the title hit #1 last week on TLA Raw. As the movie remains atop the charts, Brynn has been blindsided by a nomination for Favorite Female Rookie at this year’s F.A.M.E. Awards.

“I didn’t see that coming at all!” Brynn said over the phone earlier today. “I’ve been so busy concentrating on my work that I haven’t had a moment to even think about awards. This is great!”

This is the second time the starlet has been nominated for an award—the first being for New Starlet at this year’s XBiz Awards—and there is always the concern that a young performer may let such things it go to her head. But those closest to Brynn remain unconcerned.

“I spoke with her last night and she was very excited,” Rising Star PR founder Devan Cypher said. “But, no, I don’t think her ego is going to explode. She’s very good at keeping it real.”

Still, all his should be an excellent confidence-booster for Brynn as she takes on bigger projects. This week she not only boasts the #1 movie, but she also appears on the cover of Digital Sin’s Getting All A’s #6.

“I knew playing Chrissy in the movie would be a big deal, but I didn’t realize how quickly it would impact my career,” Brynn says. “Everywhere I go people are talking about it. It’s crazy!”

”Crazy” is exactly how some described last week’s Porn Star Karaoke, which Brynn co-hosted with Dane Cross. The night peaked with an all-star rendition of the Spice Girls’ “Spice Up Your Life” performed by Brynn, Kagney Linn Karter, Meggan Mallone, Kiara Diane and Mia Lelani.

“I love to perform,” Brynn says, “and when I get with my girls we tend to have a lot of fun.”

Vote for Brynn at http://www.thefameawards.com/vote_email.aspx.


This Is Not a Porn Star Karaoke XXX Spoof,’ Officials Say

VENICE, CA – The stars of two latest and greatest spoof blockbusters are teaming up to host Porn Star Karaoke this Tuesday night. Dane Cross, who co-stars in New Sensations’ The Office: A XXX Parody, and Brynn Tyler, who plays Chrissy in X-Play’s Not Three’s Company XXX, will be on hand as stars and fans of adult gather for another fun night of belting out the classics.

We’re going to push the limits of the genre,” Dane said from a set in Glendale where he had just finished a scene with Ashlynn Brooke for a webisode of The Office. “I’m hoping to see some folks belt out some Porcupine Tree and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. I will be bringing my dancing shoes and I recommend others do the same.”

Dane’s strong statements set up a possible clash with Brynn, who makes no secret of her love for the Dave Matthews Band.

I’m obsessed,” she said as she casually flipped the bird to no one in particular. “That’s cool if Dane wants to get all hipster, but he better not fuck with Dave because I will be bringing my girls and we will not be taking any shit from anyone!”

Porn Star Karaoke ringleader Tony Batman was not nonplussed by the possible face-off.

I know Dane just finished playing Bud in the Married With Children spoof,” Tony said. “I have a feeling he knows how to handle his blondes. If not, that could be fun, too.”

Porn Star Karaoke takes place every Tuesday from 9 pm to 2 am.

The event is open to the public as well as to members of the adult industry. The reserved section for the industry is held until 10:30 pm.

Sardo’s Bar is located at 259 N. Pass Ave. in Burbank, Calif.

For more information, visit www.SardosBar.com.