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Got Trouble? Double It With the New Hussie Auditions DVD!

‘Double Trouble’ Stars Natalie Porkman, Indica Flower & Scarlett Fall

HOLLYWOOD – This may be the strangest year on record for most, but there are some things that just can’t be stopped – like a new DVD from Hussie Pass!

This is a very special edition that absolutely had to come out before the holiday season. It’s four scenes of two-guys-and-a-girl fun and three of those girls had never been with two guys before, which is all the better.

It’s a great group of gals, too: Natalie Porkman, Indica Flower and Scarlett Fall. One after the other they relinquish control to their chosen studs and come out stronger, sexier and slicker for it.

This wasn’t Natalie’s first time taking on two cocks, but she was still pretty new at it. It was her second time with two guys on camera and she said this would be better than her previous attempt: “Now I know how to do it better,” she says before the scene.

“Before I didn’t know how to suck them both at the same time, so I didn’t. This will be better!” She was right – her multitasking was absolutely on point. Brian Omally and Will Pounder took turns with her tight pussy and filthy mouth and left Natalie dreamy-eyed and cum-covered, just the way she likes it.

Indica was another firstie! The delightful hippie chick had never been with two guys at once, so Brian Omally and Oliver Flynn will definitely have a special place in her heart forever and ever. She was also the first dreadhead on HussiePass.com, so lots of firsts here.

She doesn’t seem to get nervous and while it might take a minute for her to get the rhythm of taking on two cocks, she is good-spirited and it’s charming to watch her figure it out. They guys give her a good run for her money. “I feel rejuvenated!” she said after the scene. “All that adrenaline….”

If anyone ever asks who Scarlett shot her first BBG scene with, you can tell them it was Oliver Flynn and Brick Danger – and tell them it was for Hussie Pass! Petite, slender and beautiful, this former gymnast shows off with a few moves before the scene and that endurance and flexibility comes in handy when a couple of pecker pros are coming at you.

The guys are way into it and that excitement seems to fuel her pussy fire – Oliver at one point gives her a touch and says, “It’s dripping! It’s legit dripping!” The post-scene interview was interrupted by Oliver and, well, let round two begin! What a sport!

Natalie is represented by Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed and bonded in both California and Florida. For more information and to book Natalie go to https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/natalie-porkman/, She is available for BG, BGB, BJ, deep throat, fetish, GBG, swallow, taboo, and her first blowbang is available. Her Twitter is @Natalieporkmanx and her OnlyFans is https://onlyfans.com/natalieporkmanx.

Indica is also represented by Hussie Models. She is available for BBGG, BG, BJ, bondage, facial, fetish, GG, solo, swallow, taboo and toys. Her page is at https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/indica-flower/. Follow her on Twitter @IndicaFlowerxxx and her OnlyFans is https://onlyfans.com/indicaflower. Her official website is https://indicaflower.exposed.

Scarlett is on Twitter @fall_scarIett and OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/fall_scarlett.

Check out Double Trouble at https://www.adultdvdempire.com/3062935/double-trouble-hussie-pass-porn-movies.html?partner_ID=46386249.

Brick Danger ‘Comes Back For More’ in Scorching New SeeHimFuck.com Scene

After a Long Dry Stretch, Blake Blossom Comes to the Rescue

HOLLYWOOD – Brick Danger was nervous going into his second SeeHimFuck.com scene, but not because he was shy about getting all the attention from Blake Blossom and the SHF cameras – he’s shot for the site before.

The hard truth is, he hadn’t been getting laid in a while. In a forever, by porn standards. And he was worried he might get a little, well, overexcited while shooting “Brick Comes Back for More” – and there are certainly moments where it shows in this video. Like when the concern consumes his face and he fucks Blake slowly, saying, “This pussy is just too good!” The picture-in-picture really shows off his predicament.

Usually the guys head off to the shower solo for a little post-scene interview, but Blake couldn’t resist the opportunity to follow him in there and make sure he was sent home cleaner than when he came in. She’s a full-service gal.

“I was a lot more nervous last time,” he says as a smiling Blake cleans his still-hard cock. “I was nervous this time for a different reason, because I thought I was going to cum really early. I shot a scene yesterday, but prior to yesterday I hadn’t had sex since April.”

Wait, a porn guy hasn’t had sex since April?! This is a brand-new scene, not something that has been in the can since springtime!

“I’ve just been in the outdoors chillin’, shooting guns, learning how to skin a dear, spending some time in the wilderness alone,” Brick said. Well, he’s alone in the wilderness no more and Blake gave him a helluva welcome back to civilization. It was clear things were going to get intense early with Blake sniffing at his armpit and gnawing at his pit pubes – something she says is kind of her thing, so be careful, fellas!

Blake greased him up, rubbed him down, sucked gloriously on his hard rod and licked his feet and ass like both their lives depended on it. The point at SHF is to get the guy properly worshiped and Blake certainly did that. Brick had his work to do, too, and he gave the dirty blonde a banging she’ll remember and probably revisit. As for him nearly cumming way too early, well, it wouldn’t be the first time that happened to Blake. But he didn’t, so all’s well that ends well.

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Blake Blossom is represented by Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed and bonded in both California and Florida. She is available for BG, BGB, BJ, bondage, creampie, deep throat, facial, fetish, HJ, and toys.

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You can find SeeHimFuck on SeeHimFuck.com, on Twitter at @seehimfuck, and Instagram @seehimfck.

Brick Danger Is a Fresh First-Timer in SeeHimFuck.com Scene

Aria Skye and Her Dependable Tongue Go All In With His Rectal Pucker

HOLLYWOOD – Brick Danger is all smiles in the opening minutes of SeeHimFuck.com’s “Brick Danger & His Dangerous Dick.” Maybe it’s the opportunity to show off in a way most adult content doesn’t allow for the guys or maybe he’s just happy to have Aria Skye worshiping him for the day. It is a pretty sweet prospect.

And show off he does! After he gets out of his regular-guy duds, we see him in red thong underwear (which matched his shirt and shoes) as he works his cock into a frenzy in the underwear and then unleashes it for serious stroking. Delicious Aria comes out and starts her work by lapping lovingly at one of his armpits, something they both seem to get a kick out of. Then she pulls out a bottle of oil and soaks Brick’s chest and has it running down his chest and stomach before cascading off his balls. Then she begins to slowly rub it in.

As she gets to his doused dong, she gives it long, slow strokes as she reaches between his legs from behind and grips his sack. She looks up at Brick and they share a smile, both clearly enjoying this man-play. Then Brick sits on the edge of the bed where he takes over cock duty as the Asian wonder licks his feet and sucks his toes. Brick watches in wonder, surely blown away by his luck: usually it’s all about the ladies and his needs would be met incidentally, but here he has a woman out to serve him and one who clearly enjoys the role reversal almost as much as he does.

Feel cleaned off and pleasured, Miss Skye moves on to his puckered rectum and gives it long, deliberate licks before really getting to work, getting lost in the process as he bends over for a rusty trombone. If Aria wasn’t in the high school band, it was their loss because she clearly knows how to play an instrument and hold a tune. When she finally gets some face time with his cock, we see a delightful blowjob from this up-for-anything cutie. She has the perfect mix of professionalism and playfulness and any man would appreciate her oral abilities. Brick certainly takes pleasure in the great work her tongue and lips put into her BJing.

Brick decides it’s time to fuck and Aria drapes herself over him so the camera can see his big cock deep inside her twat and his grateful reactions. He closes his eyes, pumps her from below and looks like he’s having a fantasy fulfilled. Aria moves her tiny body to please his magic stick and they find a good groove that probably could have had them both cumming if they didn’t need to keep things going for the camera.

They pause for more rimming of Brick’s asshole and then he takes her doggie style, the camera shooting as though it’s attached to the back of her head. The viewers get to see Brick in all his glory and his laughing and smiling has morphed into a constant look of ecstasy on the man’s face. Her little body quivers as he thrusts deep inside her and he holds her tight to make sure the petite beauty doesn’t slip away.

As is customary, they switch to missionary to work up the man’s cum. Brick grabs her by the neck and fucks her fast and furious and Aria is working up hers as well. She gets hers first and that’s enough for Brick to finish and he splatters his love potion onto her stomach as she runs her fingers on his groin.

Brick slips off to the shower for the traditional SHM post-screw interview. He cleans off his still-hard cock and makes it dance a bit. Asked how it went, he smiles: “Different. I liked it. You have to go in this mode as a male performer to shy away from the camera, it’s definitely a different mindset to engage with the audience.” He says he’s been rimmed before, but Aria was the first to suck on his toes. “It was a turn-on!” he says enthusiastically and Brick said he also quite enjoyed the armpit licking he got from Aria. That’s why we’re here!

Catch Brick Danger on Twitter @brickdangerous and OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/brickdanger.

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