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SeeHimFuck Releases The Professional Debut of Stanley Long

Pint-Sized ‘Big Dick Slayer’ Mini Stallion Gives HIM Royal Treatment

HOLLYWOOD – Wildly popular mancentric site, SeeHimFuck.com, has done it again, releasing yet another brand-new industry debut scene that is both amazingly fun and unbelievably erotic at the same time. This time it’s The Professional Debut of Stanley Long, featuring the aptly-named stud being passionately man worshipped by pint-sized “big dick slayer” Mini Stallion.

The scene starts with Stanley stripping from his sharp blue suit and teasing his thick 10.5-inch prick in his light blue See HIM underpants until that big, long gift is finally revealed. Mini steps in with a bottle of lube and gets Stanley nice and slick, reaching all the way around to make sure that cock is ready. She sniffs and licks pits, licks him head to toe, worships his feet, and soles, and then gets down to his cock, balls, and ass.

Stanley is happy to encourage her along, reciprocating oral pleasures with gusto. The look on Mini’s face when she puts his cock in her mouth and gags on it says it all – she’s in heaven! What follows exceeds all expectations as they switch between amazon fucking, piledriving, doggystyle, and more, in between plenty of sloppy man ass eating!

Though she’s tiny compared to him, Stanley finds her silky young snatch a snug fit for a king!

“Mini is amazing,” Stanley says. “She treated me like royalty, and I loved every second of it. Thanks again to See Him Fuck for a great first scene! That’s gonna be hard to top!”

See the trailer for The Professional Debut of Stanley Long now by visiting https://seehimfuck.com/trailers/See-Stanley-Long-Fuck.html.

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Stanley Long is represented by Hussie Models. Check him out at https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/stanley-long/ and book him through his agent Riley at https://hussiemodels.com/porn-agents-contact/.

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SEE THEM FUCK! Kyler, Jax, and Mazee in First Ever BBG SHF Scene

SHF Kicks Off 2021 w/ Quinn in Center of Hot BBG Sex Sandwich

HOLLYWOOD – Despite the challenges of these unprecedented times, wildly popular SeeHimFuck.com website keeps pumping out hot new content. On New Year’s Day they dropped ‘See THEM Fuck’, their first ever BBG scene!

“We choose 2 fan favorites: Jax Slayher and Mazee The Goat – to join the lovely Kyler Quinn for this groundbreaking scene,” a company rep explained.

The fireworks kick off after the men show off their impressive muscles and wide-eyed Kyler gets to work lubing them up. Kyler eagerly sniffs and licks their pits, then works her way down to their feet, removing their socks and suckling on their toes.

Jax and Mazee stand up so the ass-eating bonanza can begin and Kyler happily services both men, then gets tag teamed by the boys as they take turns fucking her face and pussy, each putting their ass in her face from time to time. Jax jerks his hearty load into Kyler’s open mouth and Mazee explodes in her tight little pussy. The scene runs 54 minutes and wraps in the shower with separate interviews with Jax and Mazee.

Don’t miss out! See Them Fuck now at https://seehimfuck.com/trailers/See-Mazee-The-Goat-Jax-Slayher-Fuck.html.

SeeHimFuck.com is nominated for Best New Production Banner at this week’s 2021 AVN Awards.

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Mazee the Goat is repped by Hussie Models. For more information and to book Mazee go to https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/mazee/. Check out Mazee on Twitter @Amaziing718.

Tori Montana Laps Up Jax Slayher for SeeHimFuck.com

Ripped Jax Clearly Enjoys His Lead Role as Much as Tori Enjoys His Pole

HOLLYWOOD – The camera loves Jax Slayher as much as the camera and that comes in real handy with the man being the focus of the lens in SeeHimFuck.com’s new “Jax Gets Refreshed.”

The site matched him up with Tori Montana, but instead of watching her warmup as is the norm in porn, viewers get to see Jax go from best dressed man to undressed to impress. He shows off a gym-sculpted body, bit by bit, until the cock comes out and he jerks himself into what many would consider intimidating largess and hardness.

Tori is undaunted. A professional cock worshipper and complete lover of the male form, she is happy to start at the bottom – licking, sucking and massaging Jax’s big feet, taking her time, knowing that that it’s not only the destination that counts, it’s also the route you take. Jax clearly enjoys her foot worship work, stroking his long dong as he watches her work her magic, knowing it’s only beginning.

We get a real feel for how big Jax’s rod is when Tori takes it into her mouth. Getting the whole thing into her throat seems like an impossibility, but she gives it a good try and Jax is most encouraging. “That’s a good fucking mouth, you got a good fucking mouth,” he tells her. “Keep licking that dick, it feels so fucking good.” She cups his balls tightly, stroking his meat into her mouth.

He instructs her to “get in the middle of me” and spreads his legs wider than one might think he could. His black angel gets down there and can hardly stop smiling as she rims his ass and tongue fucks him. Again he encourages her, letting her know how good she is with her tongue. He gets on his hands and knees and she pulls up behind him, chomping on his out door while jerking him off, the rusty trombone not so rusty when she does it.

Finally ready to fuck his girl, he pulls her on top of him and it’s clear her pink tightness is packed hard by her moans. Jax looks at the camera as he fills her puss, telling her he won’t stop until she cums on his big dick. He holds her ass cheeks while pumping her pussy as she drapes herself over him in complete submission. Jax looks at the camera and tells the viewers something they surely already know: “This feels so good!”

Jax looks like he’s in workout mode as he screws Tori missionary, doing reps with his cock inside her as he moans increase with every pump. Once she is on the verge he slows down and screws her romantically before picking up steam again. She reaches underneath to grab his balls, but she has little physical control as he continues to take Jax’s deep penetrating thrusts.

Banging her from behind, the bed springs moan along with Tori as Jax handles her doggie style, the ass slaps he gives her acting as percussion for the pumping. He looks at the camera as he talks dirty to his lady, smiling knowing we’re all in on this one. It’s a position that works for both of them, Jax pulling his pecker out at the last possible second to blast a big white load on her sweet black ass.

Jax continues his dirty talk in the shower, letting viewers know that he’s aware some would like to be in there with him, helping him clean off. He continues jerking off his still-hard cock as he soaps and rinses. “Oh my god, my nuts just feel fucking full,” he says. He promises to do another SeeHimFuck.com video if the fans like it. One expects he’ll be back very soon.

Jax Slayher is represented by Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed in bonded in both California and Florida. For more information and to book Jax go to https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/jax-slayher/.

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