ABOUT BIMBOFANS: is a division of BAB Entertainment LLC. Founded in 2018 by Alicia Amira, BAB Entertainment is an adult entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle brand for bimbos, strippers, porn stars, and their fans. The company launched its fashion store in 2018 and will be launching its BimboFans social content platform in fall of 2022.

BimboFans was created by Alicia Amira, founder of the now ubiquitous #bimbo movement on Instagram. Tired of constant censorship and shadow banning, Alicia has devoted herself to creating a platform where hot, fake, and sexy women can be who they are for the fans who adore them.

“With BimboFans, women like me will finally have a platform they can count on, that caters to our needs, our interests, and our fans,” said Ms. Amira. “Everything about the site has been custom-built for bimbos and fans, down to your choice of ‘bubblegum bimbo’ and ‘goth bimbo’ color schemes.”

When it goes live, BimboFans will become the exclusive platform for content by bimbo queen Alicia Amira, who will be joined by over two dozen leading adult entertainers that fans of bimbos know and adore.

Follow them on Instagram at @bimbo_fans and on Twitter at @beabimbo.

Alicia Amira is the founder of the #bimbo movement online and a top 0.5% adult performer. Alicia became famous in the summer 2016, when The Sun and Daily Mail told the story of her remarkable transformation from public relations professional to blonde bombshell. Since then, she’s been featured in documentaries for medias like Vice and interviews with various fashion/art magazines like Kaltblut Magazine & MEL Magazine, starred in adult films by Brazzers, and amassed an army of loyal followers on social media.

Follow Alicia Amira on Twitter at @aliciaamiraxxx and on Instagram at @alicia_amirax.

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