Teens Go Wild! Avi Love in New Reality Junkies Release

Teens Go Wild! Avi Love in New Reality Junkies Release

Horny Young Starlet Proves She’s One Eager Beaver for Robby D

VENICE, CA – Gorgeous little Avi Love is quickly making a big name for herself, in part due to her love of big cock. This week she demonstrates her astonishing sexual abilities on Tyler Nixon in Teens Go Wild directed by Robby D for Reality Junkies.

“I’ll never forget that scene,” the stunning young starlet reminisces. “It started out pretty tame but we just kept pushing ourselves until we were totally out of control! I came my brains out!”

Last week Hustler’s Barely Legal series releases its 157th volume and, while few on earth have seen every single scene, it’s an easy bet that the latest is one of the best. Avi Love saw to that.

Barely Legal 157: My First Anal features Avi on the cover and she’s definitely the highlight of the DVD. Seeing that sweet ass get pounded is always a delight and the idea of seeing her first anal, that right there is enough to make most men need a change of manties.

Anton Slayer directed this edition of Barely Legal, which also features Chloe Cherry, Kat Monroe and Maya Kendrick. It streets Feb. 7. Get more information at https://www.romantix.com/s/adult-movies/p/452611/hustler/hustlers-barely-legal-157—my-first-anal.

Pick up her newest release Teens Go Wild from Reality Junkies at https://www.adultdvdempire.com/1960433/teens-go-wild-porn-videos.html.

Read her AVN Fresh Faces interview at https://avn.com/business/articles/video/fresh-faces-avi-love-756633.html.

Check out her Brazzers scenes at https://www.brazzersnetwork.com/profile/view/id/2830/avi-love/?ats=eyJhIjoyMzQyNjgsImMiOjQ5Mzg5MDAyLCJuIjoxNCwicyI6OTAsImUiOjI3NywicCI6MTF9.

SOCIAL: Twitter: @avilovexxx; IG: ms.avilovexxx

BOOKING: Nexxxt Level Talent: https://nexxxtleveltalentagency.com/model/avi-love/

PRESS/MEDIA CONTACT: Rising Star PR, info@risingstarpr.com, @RisingStarPR

For everything Avi Love go to http://risingstarpr.com/clients/avi-love/.

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Award Winning MILF Brandi Love Stars in ‘Meet Mandingo’ Series for Hard X

Award Winning MILF Brandi Love Stars in ‘Meet Mandingo’ Series for Hard X

Also Girlsway Posts Hot New 3-Way Lesbo Scene Starring the MILF of the Year

VENICE, CA – Brandi Love is the woman who has it all and for Valentine’s Day she got a little more thanks to a romp with the reigning long dong champion of the adult industry, Mandingo.

Mason directed the scene, which appears in the fourth volume of Meet Mandingo for Hard X.  Dressed in thigh-high boots and an outfit that covers only slightly more than a pair of shoestrings, the Mandingo pokes and prods, arguably hitting spots no other man has ever been able. Oh, the joys of one of the world’s biggest cocks!

“Working with Mandingo is the kind of thing you put near the top of your resume,” the reigning XBIZ MILF of the Year Brandi Love and February 2018 Girlsway Girl of the Month said. “It can really psyche you out if you let it, he’s really that big, but I go in there knowing we’re going to have a blast and the scene is going to be spectacular. He’s a genius with that cock!”

As this month’s Girlsway Girl of the Month, the company is releasing several hot new Brandi scenes.  The latest is a 2-for-1 with Jenna Sativa and Nicole Aniston. Nicole is Brandi’s boss, but Brandi is a conniving cutie and she usurps Nicole’s power by reassigning Jenna so that she reports only to Brandi. Oh, man! Nicole is pissed! She storms into Brandi’s office threating to take her to court. Knowing she is out of options, Brandi gives: “What do you want?” she asks her angry boss.

“Eat my pussy!” Nicole demands. Brandi complies and, naturally, Jenna has to join in, too, or her boss will not be satisfied. You can’t just leave a hot underling sitting on the sideline with her pussy all wet and untouched. It’s a girl/girl/bosswoman where everyone wins.

Grab a copy of Meet Mandingo Volume 4 by visiting https://www.adultdvdempire.com/1947416/meet-mandingo-vol-4-porn-movies.html or wherever adult content is legally purchased.

Check out this hot new scene at https://www.girlsway.com/en/video//Showcases-Brandi-Love—2-Scenes-in-1-Scene-01/129972.

Watch Brandi’s GOTM interview at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxT7J1mtD3Q.

Check out Brandi’s recent Brazzers scenes at https://www.brazzersnetwork.com/profile/view/id/1621/brandi-love/?ats=eyJhIjoyMzQyNjgsImMiOjQ5Mzg5MDAyLCJuIjoxNCwicyI6OTAsImUiOjI3NywicCI6MTF9.

Read the Men’s Health feature “MILF Porn Star Brandi Love Talks Penises, Orgies, and Whether She’d Bang Trump” at https://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/brandi-love-milf-porn-president-trump.

Get her Fleshlight at https://www.fleshlight.com/products/brandi-love.

Check out her VR scenes at https://vrporn.com/pornstars/Brandi-Love/

SOCIAL: Twitter and Snapchat: @brandi_love

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.brandilove.com

BOOKING: Nexxxt Level: http://nexxxtleveltalentagency.com

PRESS/MEDIA CONTACT: Rising Star PR, info@risingstarpr.com, @RisingStarPR

For everything Brandi go to http://risingstarpr.com/clients/brandi-love/.

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Shay Evans: The Puerto Rican Princess Takes Manhattan

Shay Evans: The Puerto Rican Princess Takes Manhattan

The Busty Lusty Will Be Featuring at Sapphire NYC Next Friday

VENICE, CA – America’s favorite Puerto Rican porn star is ready to take Manhattan.

No, it’s not time for the Puerto Rican Day Parade, though she will likely be celebrated there soon enough; for the moment she will settle on a big one-night gig at Sapphire New York next Friday, February 23. She will be taking the stage at Sapphire New York, a dream for every woman who endeavors on a feature dancing career.

“Featuring in New York City at Sapphire is a landmark moment for me,” Shay said. “I love that it’s a one-night, winner-take-all kind of moment, and I am totally stoked to be headed there next week. I hope to see all my friends and fans from the five boroughs at the show next Friday night – we’re going to have so much fun!”

She’ll be doing lap dances, posing for photos, signing autographs, doing DVD giveaways and generally charming the hell out of everyone she meets. It’s the Shay way!

Sapphire NYC is located at 333 E 60th St, New York, NY 10022. For more information call 212.421.3600 or go to https://www.nysapphire.com/NY-Sapphire-Adult-Star-Shay-Evans-Live.html.

Check out Shay’s latest mindblowing scenes for Brazzers by visiting https://www.brazzersnetwork.com/profile/view/id/2657/shay-evans/?ats=eyJhIjoyMzQyNjgsImMiOjQ5Mzg5MjY4LCJuIjoxNCwicyI6OTAsImUiOjI3MCwicCI6Mn0.

Read Shay’s Fleshbot interview at http://straight.fleshbot.com/6022953/twenty-questions-with-hot-porn-newbie-shay-evans.


Twitter & Instagram: @Yayy4shay

OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/shayevans


Shoots: LA Direct Models: http://www.ladirectmodels.com/model.php?n=ShayEvans

Featuring: Lee Network: http://theleenetwork.com/stars.php?id=170

Press/Media Contact: Rising Star PR, info@risingstarpr.com, @RisingStarPR

For everything Shay Evans go to http://risingstarpr.com/clients/shay-evans/.

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Jessy Jones Stars in ‘Fucking Millennials’

Jessy Jones Stars in ‘Fucking Millennials’

 Gives Stepmom Cherie Deville the Orgasm Revolution She Didn’t Know She Needed!

VENICE, CA – Jessy Jones just can’t stop fucking hot chicks and this time it’s someone in the family who has captured his dick’s attention. It’s the millennial way.

The latest to spread her wings for his caterpillar is Cherie Deville. The satisfying blonde is recently married and Jessy is her stepson, an eager boy who just can’t find his directly. After college he got caught up in the millennial way of retreating back to the parents’ house after they get their degree. Cherie isn’t crazy about the situation, but she also knows making her new hubby choose between her and his boy could cause some serious friction in the relationship.

But Jessy has ideas! He is always going on about the latest cryptocurrency or doing god knows what with all her missing avocados. His latest is an app he says he’s invented and he says it’s going to change the world! Finally Cherie has had quite enough indeed. He tells her that he’s going to “revolutionize the female orgasm” and this time she asks for proof.

Well, she asked for it. He puts his big Canadian cock into her throat and soon she’s taking her stepson’s rod deep into her snatch and, indeed, her orgasm may well have been revolutionized. God bless millennial cock!

“I love working with Cherie, she’s a real pro and sweet on the ol’ pecker,” Jessy said. “It’s an awesome scene and one I’ll go back and watch again and again.”

Check out “Fucking Millennials” at https://www.brazzers.com/scenes/view/id/2359078/fucking-millennials/?ats=eyJhIjoyMzQyNjgsImMiOjQ5Mzg5MDAyLCJuIjoxNCwicyI6OTAsImUiOjI3MCwicCI6MTF9.

Read the recent Fleshbot interview with Jessy at http://straight.fleshbot.com/6022453/twenty-questions-with-porn-star-jessy-jones.

SOCIAL: Twitter: @JessyJonesxxx; IG: jonestud; OnlyFans: jessyjonesxxx

PRESS/MEDIA CONTACT: Rising Star PR, info@risingstarpr.com, @RisingStarPR

For everything Jessy Jones go to http://risingstarpr.com/clients/jessy-jones/.

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Weekend Delight: Anikka Albrite Live on CamSoda This Saturday

Weekend Delight: Anikka Albrite Live on CamSoda This Saturday

BAM Visions’ Latest Is Anal Wonderland

VENICE, CA – The greatest porn star of the decade is ready to spend this Saturday night with fans and through the miracles of modern technology, she is going to do just that.

Anikka will be going live on CamSoda this Saturday and fans around the world will have the opportunity to share in this quality time with the superstar with several Female Performer of the Year titles on her resume as well as co-owner her own production studio.

“I was thinking about this a lot on Valentine’s Day, that a lot of people aren’t as lucky as I am with Mick, that some people are lonely and I would like to help relieve a little of that if I can,” Anikka said. “Of course, you don’t have to be lonely to join in the fun – it’s an equal opportunity performance! Everyone is welcome come along!”

The latest BAM Visions DVD is Anal Players 4 and stars a terrific, diverse cast: Audrey Noir, Kendra Spade, Liv Aguilera and Vicki Chase, all of whom enjoy the anal antics of Mick Blue. The move was directed by Mick and Maestro Claudio.

For more on Anal Players 4 go to http://www.evilangelvideo.com/video/5906/anal-players-4/ and www.BAMVisions.com.

Anikka will be live on CamSoda this Saturday from 5:30 to 7 PST. For more information go to https://www.camsoda.com/Anikka-Albrite.

Check out Anikka’s Fleshtunes at http://straight.fleshbot.com/6023650/fleshtunes-the-anikka-albrite-edition.

BAM VISIONS: www.BAMvisions.com, http://www.evilangelvideo.com/director/48/Anikka-Albrite/ and http://www.evilangelvideo.com/director/49/Mick-Blue-&-Maestro-Claudio/

SOCIAL: Twitter @AnikkaAlbrite; Instagram: @alotofbritesmiles; OnlyFans: @AnikkaAlbrite

BOOKING: Spiegler Girls: www.spieglergirls.com/html/anikka.html

FLESHLIGHT: https://us.fleshlight.com/collections/fleshlight-girls/products/annika-albrite.

PRESS/MEDIA CONTACT: Rising Star PR, info@risingstarpr.com, @RisingStarPR

For everything Anikka go to http://risingstarpr.com/clients/anikka-albrite/.

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Jennifer White Featuring Dancing in San Diego at Expose SD

Jennifer White Featuring Dancing in San Diego at Expose SD

Plus Hot New Brazzers Scene with Xander Corvus & More! 

VENICE, CA – When it comes to performing live, no one gets more into it than the lovely and talented Jennifer White. This weekend fans will get a chance to drink in her unforgettable stage performance at the fully nude Expose club in San Diego. Friday, February 16 and Saturday, February 17, the timeless beauty will perform two live shows, one at 10 pm and another at the stroke of midnight!

“I’m so excited to get back up on stage and perform my sexy new routines in my hot new outfits,” Jennifer boasts. “I love my fans so much and can’t wait to see the looks on their faces. Who’s coming to see me?”

Jennifer also stars in a hot new Brazzers scene that came out this week with acclaimed stud Xander Corvus. In “Catch of the Day” Jennifer is so hot for her neighbor she breaks in to his house to steal his clothes and masturbate. Xander sets up a trap, ensnaring the lusty brunette.

What naughty things will he do with his naughty new catch of the day? Visit https://www.brazzersnetwork.com/scenes/view/id/2355901/catch-of-the-day/?ats=eyJhIjoyMzQyNjgsImMiOjQ5Mzg5MjY4LCJuIjoxNCwicyI6OTAsImUiOjI3MCwicCI6Mn0=  to find out!

Expose San Diego is located at 5520 Kearny Villa Rd, in San Diego, CA. The club is totally nude and 18+. For more information visit http://exposesd.com or call (858) 278-5332.

And don’t forget to check out her virtual reality scenes at https://vrporn.com/pornstars/jennifer-white/.

SOCIAL: Twitter and Snapchat: @XJenniferWhiteX; Chatstar: Jennifer_White

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://jenniferwhitexoxo.com

BOOKING: Skype dates: jenniferwhiterequests@gmail.com; scenes/photo shoots: Jenniferwhitebookings@gmail.com

PRESS/MEDIA CONTACT: Rising Star PR, info@risingstarpr.com, @RisingStarPR

For everything Jennifer go to http://risingstarpr.com/clients/jennifer-white/.

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Inna Innaki Busts Her Slutty Housekeeper and Makes Her Clean Up

Inna Innaki Busts Her Slutty Housekeeper and Makes Her Clean Up

Taking Liberties With Her Dildo Was Taking Things a Little Too Far

VENICE, CA – Inna Innaki doesn’t much like cleaning the house herself, so she hired on a housekeeper. How hard can it be? So she picked a hot one; if she’s going to be around the house and can clean as well as anyone else, why not get one who looks nice while she’s doing it?

Of course, nothing is ever as easy as that.

Anastasia Vega is the housekeeper and dang it if she doesn’t spend more time trying on Inna’s sexy clothes than she does dusting or vacuuming. Apparently Inna didn’t give her a real examination or she’d have noticed the ‘Slut” tattoo on her fine ass.

She not only gets into Inna’s clothes, but also masturbates on Inna’s bed and even uses her U-shaped double-dong dildo. In Inna’s opinion, that crosses the line and when she busts Anastasia in the middle of her dirty antics, Anastasia has to do some fast talking to get out of it. And some quick lickin’, too.

“I can get over a lady trying on my lingerie, I suppose, but my dildo is my dildo!” the Greek Goddess said. “I know it all ended well, but I really don’t like girls who are practically strangers getting so comfortable with my things. Believe me, I have kept a very close eye on her since then – very close!”

Check out “Slutty Housekeeper Gets Busted” at https://sugarbabes.tv/movies/slutty-housekeeper-get-busted/5a187bd04017fde33b305777.

Read the Fleshbot interview with Inna at http://straight.fleshbot.com/6023191/twenty-questions-with-hot-porno-newbie-inna-innaki.

Dig her interview with Inside the Porn at https://insidetheporn.blogspot.com/2017/08/inna-innaki.html?zx=ce17916bb72cabe7.

VR: https://vrporn.com/pornstars/inna-innaki/
Twitter (@inna_sirina), Instagram (@innainnaki2)

STORE: https://sugarbabes.tv/store

BOOKING: t.sirina@yahoo.com

PRESS/MEDIA CONTACT: Rising Star PR, info@risingstarpr.com, @RisingStarPR

For everything Inna Innaki http://risingstarpr.com/clients/inna-innaki-greek-goddess/.

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Mick Blue Great Anal Valentine to the World

Mick Blue Great Anal Valentine to the World

Butt Funtime With Whitney Wright Is a Holiday Inspiration

VENICE, CA – Mick Blue wanted to buy the world a Valentine’s Day card, but he couldn’t find one big enough. So he came up with another idea: shoot a special scene and release it on BAMvisions.com.

He sat down with his partners Anikka Albrite and Maestro Claudio and they came up with a plan: hire Whitney Wright and stuff her ass with everything from giant dildos to Mick’s cock. It was, they knew, a no-lose idea.

The result is a spectacular holiday offering, “A Bunch of Anal Toys,” and it is the bangingest, pumpingest, stuffingest scene they may have ever uploaded to the site.

“We knew we needed to do something very special for Valentine’s Day and this was very special indeed,” Mick said. “Whitney was really open – and I mean that in more ways than one – and we put together and amazing scene. She is beautiful as hell and the things she was able to do with her butt were spectacular!”

Other recent updates on the official BAM Visions site have been Monica Sage in “Looking for Something Different” and “I Love Anal Sex,” Rebel Lynn in “Guess Where I Am” and “Fucked Into a Black Hole,” and “Take It All Day Long” and “Evil Sex Goddess” starring Leigh Raven.

Find all these scenes and more on www.BAMvisions.com.

Be a part of Mick’s racing adventures and catch his every high-speed lane change on Instagram @mickblueracing and https://www.facebook.com/MIOMRacing-265078627260782/.

Check out the Daily Beast article “Meet the Legendary Porn Star Turned Racecar Driver” at http://www.thedailybeast.com/fast-and-furious-from-porn-star-to-racecar-driver.

Watch Mick’s message to potential racing sponsors at https://youtu.be/R2dF9fYqtPE. To contact Mick directly regarding sponsorship opportunities, email him at miomracing@gmail.com.

SOCIAL: Twitter, Instagram & OnlyFans: @mickbluexxx

BAM Visions: www.BAMvisions.com

BOOKING: mickbluebookings@gmail.com

PRESS/MEDIA CONTACT: Rising Star PR, info@risingstarpr.com, @RisingStarPR

For everything Mick go to http://risingstarpr.com/clients/mick-blue/.

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Anna Bell Peaks Can Be Your V-Day Girlfriend Through the Power of Custom Videos

Anna Bell Peaks Can Be Your V-Day Girlfriend Through the Power of Custom Videos

Vote Goes on for Grossy Awards, Brazzers House

VENICE, CA – Anna Bell Peaks knows that Valentine’s Day is special but not everyone has that special someone, so why not let Anna fill in and do anything you want?

She is one of the most popular models using ManyVids and fans can use the site to order a custom video for themselves. Come up with a holiday-themed scene or one for any time of the year. Anna is open to the plights of her fans and is ready to help.

“Doing customs is a blast because I can play to an audience of one and really focus on making him or her happy,” she said. “People come up with amazing scenarios and they give me the opportunity to play with that.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Anna is in the running for Brazzers House 3 and voting ends Thursday, Feb. 15 at noon PST. It’s a very competitive group, but Anna has a strong fanbase and no doubt they would love to see her in this special situation.

Fans get 5 votes every 24 hours at https://www.brazzers.com/series/2419431/brazzers-house-3/.

Voting also continues for the Grossy Awards, where Anna has five nomination: Fan Favorite, Favorite Guest, Sexist Guest, Most Popular Guest and Favorite Adult Performer. Add to the tally at https://www.grossmisconductlive.com/the-2018-grossys.  Winners will be announced on GML on Monday, Feb. 19.

Everyone loves tattoos and if you’re thinking about getting your own, take a look at this primer for beginners put together by Jen at Jen Reviews. Why go blindly in for a tattoo when you can enter having a pretty good idea what you want? Check it out at https://www.jenreviews.com/tattoo-tips/.

Anna Bell Peaks 2018 Winter-Spring Cross-Country Tour

Feb 23-24: Heartbreakers & Show Palace, Milwaukee, WI

Mar 16-17: Golddiggers, Fresno, CA

Mar 23-24: Northern Gents Club, Fargo, ND

Apr 20-21: Gossip, Long Island, NY

Check out the recent ADT interview that Captain Jack did with Anna at https://interviews.adultdvdtalk.com/anna-bell-peaks-love-the-d/.

Join the hundreds of thousands who view her weekly Facebook Live shows for Inked Magazine’s Inked After Dark. She goes live every Monday at 7 pm PST. Go here to like ABP’s Facebook page and to catch all the past live shows at https://www.facebook.com/theannabellpeaksxx. Inked Magazine’s Facebook page is www.facebook.com/inkedmag/.


Official website: www.AnnaBellPeaks.xxx

Facebook: www.facebook.com/theannabellpeaksxx

Twitter, OnlyFans & Instagram: @annabellpeaksxx

IsMyGirl: https://anna-bell-peaks.ismygirl.com
Dream Lover: http://www.dreamlover.com/AnnaBellPeaks

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuRqetmEVU6AUFHeWa85p7A


ManyVids: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/152830/Anna-Bell-Peaks/

Customs & one-on-one Skype: annabellpeaksxx@gmail.com

MyFreeCams: Anna Bell Peaks

ImLive: Anna Bell Peaks

Chaturbate: http://chaturbate.com/affiliates/in/7Bge/n5KgV/?room=annabellpeaksxx.

MyPornProfile: https://mypornprofile.com/30409/anna-bell-peaks


Shoots: OC Modeling http://ocmodeling.com/model/anna-bell-peaks/

Feature dancing: Derek at Lee Network (www.theleenetwork.com/stars.php?id=127)  and Dave Michaels at A-List Features (www.alistfeatures.com)

PRESS/MEDIA CONTACT: Rising Star PR, info@risingstarpr.com, @RisingStarPR

For everything Anna Bell Peaks go to http://risingstarpr.com/clients/anna-bell-peaks/.

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Lauren Phillips Takes Over the ManyVids Loft

Lauren Phillips Takes Over the ManyVids Loft

A Week of Content Production Will Be a Treasure Trove for Fans

VENICE, CA – Lauren Phillips put her red hair into braided pigtails on Monday and off she went: stuffed into a Boeing aircraft, sent high over the flyover states on her way to Montreal for the very first time ever.

A busty redhead in Canada?! Yes, the busty redhead is in Canada!

She’s off to the ManyVids Loft, where wet dreams come true. In this comfy environ, MV models like Lauren can kick back and let the crew help with the tech end so she can concentrate on the sizzle end of the content. In a program that started last year, each week four models have the run of the place to use as their personal studio. Perks include a limo ride to/from the airport, a bottle of champagne, security, production assistance and they keep the rights to what they shoot.

The week also includes a spot on the MV Podcast MV Pop, the company’s social media and more.

“I am so excited to be in Montreal!” she said. “This is my first time and it feels so right. I have big plans for the ManyVids loft this week – I will be using this valuable time very wisely – as everyone will soon see! I’m really thankful for this opportunity and we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

Keep an eye on the MV Pop podcast for Lauren at https://tinyurl.com/y89sfyn3.

SOCIAL: Twitter and IG: @LaurenFillsUp; Tumblr: http://LaurenFillsUp.Tumblr.com; Sextpanther: https://www.sextpanther.com/lauren-phillips; IWantPhone.com: https://iwantclips.com/phone/store/130258

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://LaurenPhillips.com

BLOG: http://LaurenFillsUp.com

BOOKING: Nexxxt Level Talent: https://nexxxtleveltalentagency.com/model/lauren-phillips/

PRESS/MEDIA CONTACT: Rising Star PR, info@risingstarpr.com, @RisingStarPR

For everything Lauren Phillips go to http://risingstarpr.com/clients/lauren-phillips/.

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