Brandi Love Hacking Statement

ISSUED 6:00pm EASTERN TIME ON January 11, 2018

Good evening, On January 9th my Twitter account (@Brandi_Love) was hacked.  With over 500k followers it was alarming to say the least.  Twitter was actually fantastic about re-securing the account and it was returned to me within 48 hours of the hack.  What the hackers were doing however is newsworthy.

Using my personality, they reached out to employees of all the major telecommunications companies.  AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile etc.

They then began dialogue with these employees through the Twitter DM system.  The purpose… to get the employees to hack and clone cell phones.  In some cases, they even asked employees to download remote access software onto the company computers.

The shocking thing is… A number of employees were actually willing to do this.

Once I had my account back, my partner began looking through these DM’s, we have screen captures of over 25 separate individuals who identify themselves as employees of these phone companies conspiring with the hackers.

In each case the hackers used the same tactic. In most cases the employees were willing to at least attempt to help with the illegal activity.

Why is this newsworthy?  For starters:

  1. We are constantly hearing about hacks and phishing in the news.  Here we have proof of collaboration between criminal hackers & employees of the the major telecom’s to clone phones.
  2. This security breach is not the result of some sophisticated computer hack but rather it’s an “inside job” and it effects every mobile subscriber in the country.
  3. These hackers had specific phone numbers they wanted cloned… who did these phone numbers belong to?
  4. Can you imagine when companies like AT&T see their employees sending photos of their computer screens attempting to download remote access software FOR a hacker?

Unfortunately for me the salacious part of this story is that these employees were willing or “duped” to do all of this for a date and/or sex with a “pornstar”

Brandi Love