Facts and Rumors

The adult industry is smaller than ever and everyone talks. We’re aware that sometimes agents, boyfriends, and even other performers can hear and repeat things that were not verified as facts. The bottom line is that there is a lot of misinformation out there and we’d like to address what we can. Here is a list of some of the myths we’ve heard along with our replies.

I’ve heard publicists don’t really do anything, that the girls get their own stuff and you guys just take credit. FALSE

All you have to do is look at our website or Twitter to see this simply isn’t true. We put out press releases about our clients every single week – and make sure they get run by all the adult media outlets plus a handful of mainstream sites, set up and promote interviews, place clients in adult and mainstream magazines, help arrange signings, push clients on social media through our Twitter network, and navigate clients through awards season nominations and campaigns.

Rising Star PR has the best track record of ANY publicists in the adult industry in terms of nominations and wins for industry awards. Clients that follow our advice have seen wins such as Best New Starlet, Performer of the Year, Best Director, Director of the Year and more. While we cannot guarantee that you will be nominated and win an award, we can promise you that we will use every resource available to us to help make that happen. Our outstanding and unprecedented record of success speaks for itself.

It takes a long time to see results from PR. FALSE

The first week your press release goes out you will start to see a difference. Clients who are consistent and responsive report seeing a noticeable difference the very first month they are with us.

Rising Star PR has too many big name girls on the roster. Any media offers that come in will go to them instead of me. FALSE

Unlike a talent agency, where girls often compete with each other for jobs, being with a publicist who represents big name clients can only benefit you. It’s been our experience that media outlets that come to us interested in a girl like Jenna Haze or Bonnie Rotten will often also interview all other available clients on the roster. Bottom line: All for one and one for all!

Rising Star PR doesn’t book work for their girls. TRUE

We are here to do your PR and marketing. We have always believed that it is best to allow agents to do their job and focus instead on what we are good at. That doesn’t mean that we don’t pass along offers that come in for adult and mainstream work or set up events and signings. While some publicists offer non-PR related services in an attempt to add value and lure in clients we stick to doing the work that matters most – increasing your brand visibility through our proven methods!

Rising Star PR doesn’t throw parties or help with signings. FALSE

We have helped facilitate parties, events and signings for our clients from the start, but prefer to put the main focus of our services on what matters most, putting out regular press releases and letting everyone know about you and your brand. While some publicists are out partying the night away or getting their pictures taken on the red carpet we’re hard at work making sure everyone knows about our clients.

Rising Star PR gets a kickback from so and so. FALSE

We have a clean hands policy and have from the start. That means we do not favor one agency or feature dance agent or webcam company or webmaster over another. We do not have deals with anyone. The only money we get comes from the clients we represent. We feel this allows us to give our clients the best possible advice and creates trust.

Rising Star PR doesn’t take everyone who wants to sign up. TRUE

We only work with clients that we believe we can really help. We determine who work with by talking over their goals and seeing if we are a good match. A positive attitude and ability to follow through are far more important to us than anything else. We also like to make sure that you have steady work and can see through the marketing and publicity plans we set in motion. Careers aren’t made overnight. They come from hard work and they take time. We only work with clients who are willing to do their part. We have always been word of mouth. We feel that taking on clients just to get a quick paycheck would diminish our company reputation in the long run.

Rising Star PR doesn’t do mainstream PR. TRUE

We do adult industry PR with an emphasis on growing your brand exposure here for the work you do instead of making false promises about turning you into a star. Let’s be clear: No other publicist in adult entertainment can make you a star in mainstream and anyone who tells you that they can is lying to get your money. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get mainstream attention if you sign up with us. Our clients have been featured in media outlets such as GQ, Spike TV, TIME, Cosmo, Gawker, Huffington Post, CBS, FOX, Maxim, Rolling Stone, People, Howard Stern, MSNBC, BBC America and dozens more.

Our philosophy is simple – do the work to make your a star in adult and the rest will follow. While some PR companies use gimmicks to get their clients mainstream attention we feel that in the long run these types of tactics are not beneficial to you and may actually end up hurting your brand.

Rising Star PR puts out press releases without their clients consent FALSE

Nothing goes out without our clients’ approval unless previously agreed upon. Ever.

PR costs too much. FALSE

At present our starting package for performers is just $500 a month. Considering the services we provide for that price (not to mention access to two industry experts with decades of experience working in the business) that is a steal! We are half the price of our competition but deliver twice the value.

We’ve also been told by some of the most popular directors in the business that they prefer to hire our clients, knowing they will get extra promotion for their movies if they do. Investing in your career by hiring a qualified publicist shows that you are responsible and can be trusted to show up and do a great job on set. While we can’t promise your work will increase most new clients report seeing a nice bump in work after just a few weeks with us.

Rising Star PR has a big following on Twitter but that’s because they bought those followers. FALSE

While we know it has become a common practice to purchase followers on social media we advise our clients against it. In fact we encourage those interested in our services to check us out by using Faker Status or a similar service to verify our social media accounts. Rising Star PR was an early adapter of social media for promotion. We grew our followers the good old-fashioned way, one at a time. Working with big names like Lisa Ann and Jenna Haze and Bonnie Rotten helped as well. By targeting fans of adult we’ve been able to grow our following on Twitter to nearly five times the average adult industry publicist. We’ve also added a Twitter network of several other accounts to increase our clients visibility with fans and buyers. Unlike some publicists we don’t claim to be social media experts, but we do work hard to utilize these important services for our clients. This means that in addition to our clients’ press releases being sent out to a huge string of media outlets they are also tweeted out up to 30 times through various accounts over the course of each week. This radically increases the chance of your fans seeing you. To the best of our knowledge we are the only publicists in adult who do this.

Rising Star PR isn’t well established in the industry. They’ve only been around a short time. FALSE

A quick look at the press releases on this site will reveal they go back to 2009. While Rising Star PR is celebrating its fifth year since it’s re-launch in 2009 both Dcypher and Acme Andersson have been actively working in the business well over a decade. Both have been in since before 2000.

DCypher started his career in 1997 working as Head of Production for Zane Entertainment. Since then he has been a production manager, producer, videographer, performer, director and publicist working with nearly every major adult studio including Wicked Pictures, Elegant Angel, Vivid, Metro Interactive, Sin City, Digital Playground, Hustler, and Club Jenna Playboy.

DCypher has been a contract director for Metro Interactive, Sin City, and Club Jenna Playboy. His movies have earned both critical acclaim as well as awards and nominations from AVN, XBIZ, XRCO, XCritic, and others. In 2003 DCypher wrote and produced the movie Breathless for Wicked Pictures. It won Best Screenplay from AVN as well as Adult Title of the Year from VSDA’s Home Entertainment Awards. In 2008 DCypher won Feature Director of the Year from XBIZ.

DCypher has written for Club magazine, High Society, OUI, Cheri, Hawk, Penthouse, AVN, XBIZ, and many other adult publications. He was a staff writer for the popular adult-themed online site Fleshbot for 4 years while it was still owned by Gawker Media. He has written over 200 adult scripts and is regarded by his peers as the most prolific screenwriter in all of adult entertainment.

In the mid-2000’s he began doing publicity and marketing for Metro and Sin City. A few years later he launched Rising Star PR with his business partner Acme Andersson which has worked with some of the biggest names in the adult entertainment industry including Jenna Haze, Lisa Ann, Bonnie Rotten, Allie Haze, Kagney Linn Karter and Anikka Albrite. In 2016 DCypher was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. He continues to write scripts and articles for the industry while running Rising Star PR .

Acme Andersson worked at AVN for five years before being trained to do PR for Kick Ass Pictures and Shane’s World. He has been the editor of and staff writer for several adult magazines, with 100s of clips from High Society, Club, Hawk, Cheri, Oui, Penthouse, Fox, XBIZ and virtually every other adult magazine in publication. He continues to freelance for adult magazines while running Rising Star PR.

Both of us bring our wealth of experience and contacts to the work we do for our clients every single day. What we don’t believe in is promoting ourselves over our clients. While many publicists in adult today put out regular press releases about themselves, using their PR company to further their own careers, we believe in putting our clients first.

Got a question that you didn’t see answered here? Why not send us an email? – info@risingstarpr.com –  We’ll be happy to respond to any questions or concerns you may have just as soon as we have taken care of our current roster. Thanks for your interest!