Two Newcumers Get Nasty! SeeHimFuck Releases Air Thugger Debut

Inked Jersey Girl Brenna McKenna Eats Hot Man Hole in New Scene

HOLLYWOOD – Another week means another hot new scene from male-focused porn paradise, See Him Fuck. The wildly popular site often offers double debuts, and this time is no exception. SoCal stud Air Thugger makes his debut with inked Jersey girl Brenna McKenna in Two Newcumers Get Nasty, which went live Friday.

Directed by Johnny Robbins, the scorching hot scene kicks off with the standard tease from Air Thugger, then adds Brenna with a bottle of lube. By the time she has him all lubed up, you’ll be ready to bust your first nut! Brenna knows how to make a man feel like a King with a capital K! Once she knows his girthy, 8-inch cock in all its glory is what awaits her, she wastes no time sniffing and licking Air Thugger’s pits, before making her way down to his feet and licking and sucking toes and sole.

Feeling all warmed up by his sexy costar McKenna, Air Thugger assumes the position on all fours so his naughty lover can lap away at his man hole. She gives HIM a rusty trombone, his meaty prick quivering at full attention with her tongue jammed up his dirt pipe. Her and Thugger swap oral favors but she can’t keep her face out of his crack!

But Air Thugger is ready for some of that sweet amazon fucking. He deep-dicks Brenna in piledriver, doggystyle and missionary in a passionate scene that’s white-hot from start to finish, their inked, writhing bodies moving in concert, each the perfect sexual compliment to the other.

When he can’t wait a second longer to bust, he unloads his hot load all over her tatted belly as she cries out for more. Afterward, the cameras caught up with the two lovers in the shower for a candid interview about how the scene went.

“It was great! 10 of 10,” says Air Thugger. “Some positions I never did before, like the Amazon, but it felt great. I’ve done rimming before, but this time was the best. Different positions, and she was just nasty!”

His costar can’t agree more.

“I’m really happy about it!” says Brenna. “He’s very manly and a great lover. Who doesn’t want to be with Air Thugger?”

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