Fashionable Criss Simon Discover New Joys in His Scene

SHF Enlists Kyler Quinn to Show Him Previously-Unimagined Pleasures

HOLLYWOOD – It’s clear from the moment you see Criss Simon that he has a little more pizzazz than the average American performer. He’s got style in his dress and it’s not just the tie and jacket. Chalk it up to him being Franco-Canadien.

Whatever it is, Kyler Quinn is ready to eat him right up in’s “The Older Gent & The Coed.” She watches him go from his business suit to birthday suit and steps in to take an alluring whiff of his armpit – really, it’s a simple act that’s maybe never looked as sexy as Kyler doing it here – and it’s clear they both love it. A few seconds later Kyler takes the oil and starts dumping it on his chest and his expression momentarily reveals a bit of shock or confusion, but he relaxes into it. And he’s in good hands.

Turns out he’s never been treated like this, on-or off-camera. A lot of new things for the guy, including the opportunity to really relax, be the focus of the scene and just let a beautiful young thing worship him for a change.

“It was my first shoot like that,” Criss said with a smile. “It was the first time a girl licked my toes, licked my ass, I liked that.”

Of course he did, and all the better when it’s a pro like Kyler, one of the finest rimmers in the adult industry today. Watching her lap at his feet as she faces the camera, hearing Criss’ satisfaction, it is obvious that the Arizona girl truly gets off on a guy’s pleasure and to watch and hear Simon soaking it in was très magnifique for both of them.

By the time she really shows off her blowjob skills it’s a wonder Criss hadn’t already popped a load, but there was so much to come! A couple more rounds of rimming and Kyler’s rusty trombone is known as Porn Valley’s finest, so a guy doesn’t want to miss a moment of that. And then there is of course the fucking!

There is no such thing as a regular romp with this slender beauty and part of the SHF package is he gets to fully have his way with her. This is a scene Criss will be talking about for a long time. His countrymen won’t believe it!

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