Natalie Porkman Initiates Brickzilla in So Many Ways for Scene

Calls His First-Ever Rimjob ‘Over-the-Top Amazing’

HOLLYWOOD – If you’re a size matters type of porn fan, Brickzilla is your man.

Measuring an intimidated 13 inches, Brickzilla’s cock is the stuff of both fantasies and fear, and as hot new superstarlet Natalie Porkman shows in’s “Brickzilla and His 13” Monster Cock Get Rimmed,” she sits sexily the former category.

Brickzilla doesn’t need to get undressed for folks to take notice of his huge cock. And standing just 5-feet-6-inches, this more-than-a-foot-long dick is even more impressive. The guy doesn’t need to depend on petite girls and/or camera angles to make his manhood look any bigger. For the scene, Brickzilla does the usual undressing tease and when is serpent is unveiled it’s obviously bigger soft than most guys could dream of when erect.

The 18-year-old brunette Natalie enters with a smile that reveals her enthusiasm. She starts pleasing her man by licking at his armpits, something that brings on a charmingly confused smirk from Mr. ‘Zilla. One can guess that the ladies rarely give attention to any body part other than his monster meat. Natalie pulls out her oil and soaks his chest, rubbing it in and pushing it down to his cock and eagerly jerks him off. There is no fear in her eyes.

Brickzilla lays back on the bed and Nat takes his socks-cover feet and gives them long draws with her nose. She takes in his scent and then removes the socks and licks his feet and sucks on his toes contentedly. After worshipping his feet, Brickzilla stands up and lets Natalie give her mouth a try on his big dick. She’s a quality cocksucker, but if she’s going to deep throat this guy, she’s gonna need more practice and she is clearly not averse to putting in her time.

Finally, BZ gets back on the bed and Natalie takes a long ball-suck and moves on to his ass. He pulls his legs back and Natalie goes for a butthole buffet. She devours without reservation, clearly both horny and hungry. For his part, Brickzilla seems to enjoy it, stroking his cock as he watches this energetic rimmer. Wearing nylons, she has one last trick before Brickzilla invades her teen twat with his weapon: a footjob!

Brickzilla ready to bang, Natalie mounts him and gets his cock in her puss with surprising ease. While she only bounces on the top half initially, she works her way down and finally manages to hide most if not all his salami in her pinkness. When the move on to doggie, our big-donged hero has the opportunity to really slide it in and out, his balls smacking against the young girl’s clit. While we don’t see much of her face, we can hear her deep moans and shallow breaths.

We get a better view of the both of them when they go to missionary. Brickzilla has her hold her legs back as he unleashes an intense cram-and-ram and our heroine is clearly getting stretched to a brand-new state of fullness. Brickzilla is familiar with that response from the ladies and he plows that pussy until he finally has no choice but to unload on the young lady. Fans of a guy’s cum face will love the inset showing his reaction and he pops his action.

And then the post-fuck shower interview! Brickzilla admits that he was hesitant early in the scene but it turned out to be “a pretty good experience. It felt great.” He said only person, a long time ago, licked his toes, other than that all this man-worshipping (other than the cock!) was new to him. He said he’s never been rimmed and the experience was “unexplicable. I can’t really put it into words just yet. It was over-the-top amazing.”

He also lets on that it was just a few years ago that he realized he had an abnormally large penis – quite a statement considering he’s 49 years old. It was then that a woman he had just been said to him, “You don’t know do you? Dudes don’t have dicks like this. Yours is like three or four dicks combined. I didn’t think it was a special thing at all.” Thirteen inches and 7.5-inches around and he didn’t know it was so much as above average until he was in his 40s!

Brickzilla is represented by Hussie Models, the only talent agency licensed in bonded in both California and Florida. To book him check out his Hussie page at  His Twitter is @BrickZillaxxx and his OnlyFans is

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