Alicia Williams Seduces Stepdad for Naughty America

Also Stars in Porn Pros’ ‘Tiny Titties 6’ and ‘Mommy’s Family Recipe’ From She Seduced Me

HOLLYWOOD – Alicia Williams really packs a lot of sexy into her 89-pound body.

She can also pack a lot of cock into her tiny, 18-year-old pussy and when up against her 5-foot-two-inch body, a big cock looks absolutely enormous. But fear not, for the petite pretty can and will take all she can get.

In’s new “Sleazy Stepdad,” Alicia has been watching a lot of porn lately – a lot! – and her sweet little snatch is always dripping like crazy. And then her stepdad (Quinton James) found out. Oh, that girl was in for a scolding, but somehow in the middle of it all she realized that this was an opportunity to live out her fantasy by sucking and fucking her sleazy stepdad. Yep, Alicia really has been watching a lot of porn!

It doesn’t take too much to persuade her big-dicked stepdaddy to stick his monster meat in her mouth and then to pummel her innocence box. After this hot encounter it’s a safe bet that mom isn’t be going to be seeing much of her hubby’s tool – he’ll be too busy banging the hotter and younger version!

In Mommy’s Family Recipe (She Seduced Me), things are even dirtier. Alicia and her stepsister Scarlett Sage are in the kitchen learning how to cook up a dish that’s been in the family for generations. The girls’ stepmom (Serene Siren) doesn’t have to leave the kitchen for long and Scarlett puts the make on her younger stepsister.

Stepmom comes back soon enough and catches them screwing around. This will not stand! “I’m going to teach her!” Serene scolds. “I’m going to touch her first!” If anyone is going to teach these girls how to lick pussy, it’s gonna be Serene. She leads the little ladies into dining room and soon enough Alicia is saying, “It feels so good, Mommy! Right there, Mommy, right there!”

Scarlett doesn’t get left out of the fun, all three familial-bonded blondes get their pussies licked and orgasms are plentiful. Quite a family recipe Serene teaches those girls!

Alicia goes for more cock in Tiny Titties 6 (Porn Pros), which also shows her warming up her sweet entrance with a dildo, brilliantly using her hands with the fingernails painted yellow. She’s dressed up her legs, too, with pink, triple-striped tube sox pulled up to her knees. She and her man do some fine boinking on the bottom bunk and Alicia shows yet again she’s one of the finest little fucks in Porn Valley today.

Mommy’s Family Recipe:
“Sleazy Stepdad”:
Tiny Titties 6:

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