Features Jack Rippher and His 11 Inches of Magic

Rimming Princess Molly Mae Falls in Love After Hot Session With Mr. Endowment

HOLLYWOOD – If Jack Rippher looks confident as he undresses for his debut, there’s a good reason for it – and it measures a lengthy 11 inches.

Rippher has every reason to feel good about dropping the duds and blonde babe Molly Mae has every reason to be excited. If she’s nervous about taking on Mr. Rippher, it doesn’t show. After watching him undress, she struts in confidently armed with a bottle of oil. Standing behind him, she drizzles the slippery stuff down his chest and it makes his black skin glimmer. She rubs it into his chest and stomach and then gets her hands-on Jack’s prick for her first strokes.

Jack lies back on the bed to give Molly the opportunity to do some foot worship and she gobbles up his toes and rubs his feet, looking sultry as she does it, smiling and giggling a bit as she goes from toe to toe. Rippher watches as she switches hooves and then takes them both at once, crowding her face as she greedily laps them up. Jack jerks off and watches, not giving away his take on the situation, but if his cock is any indication, he really enjoys the foot play.

He stands up to let the lovely suck him off some more and she may not go all the way, but gives it a noble effort while also doing some respectable work on his balls. Jack clearly enjoys both the nuts and bolt action – and there’s quite a lot of it, probably because it’s not easy to tear her away from it – but there’s some other business to get out of the way before things go too far in that direction: the rimming!

Molly is an eager anal lapper and Jack seems to be really enjoying it. For a lot of guys this is something new, but new or old for this dude, he seems to dig it, maybe even as much as Molly. And we can definitely tell she is not a first-timer. This girl knows how to lick an asshole. It’s a downright romantic experience, at least from the white girl’s perspective, and Jack appears to be into the action.

A quick footjob follows, her feet looking positively dainty as they stroke Jack’s penile wonder. And then it’s off to the fucking! That little pink pussy on the pale-skinned sweetheart takes a minute to really get the most of his shaft inside, but she’s wet, willing and horny, and before long she’s getting balls deep and grinding onto the thick, long rod.

They take a break for more ass-licking, maybe to give Molly a quick break from his largess, or maybe because they both just loved the first round. Then it’s back to the penetration, Jack squeezing his baseball bat into her mitt, flexing a bit for the camera and making no secret of how much he’s enjoying nailing the 21-year-old twatster. Molly gets off, too, and it’s clear that his dick is more than she’s accustomed to. Of course it is – it’s much bigger than most anyone is accustomed to – but she knows how to take it.

Jack takes her from behind, showing off he exceptionally muscular buttocks, starting slowly as a show of mercy, but soon kicks things into gear and Molly is able to stretch out her pussy lips to accommodate his 18-wheeler of penises. Lucky for her, Rippher knows he can do some serious damage with that thing and appears humane enough not to want to put her out of commission. The ebony and ivory duo turn things around to missionary and Jack pumps her slow then fast then faster to bring up his cum. She has hers first and then after repeatedly filling her to the rim, he pulls out of her gash and gives her a gush of creamy winner juice. Special bonus is the inset pic of his face as he comes.

In a switcheroo for SHF, the pair showers together and Molly soaps him up front and back, getting her last opportunity to check out this specimen of a man with her hands. She simply isn’t ready to let him go. “It was definitely a change of scenery to have the camera on me,” Jack says in the shower interview. Jack says he’s been rimmed a couple times, but Molly says it’s her “favorite thing to do ever.”

Asked if it felt good, Molly is quick to respond: “Ohhhhh yeah, no question.” In fact, she feels a love connection. Fans might be seeing more of these two together!

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