Jenevieve Hexxx Special Airs on This Thursday

An All-Encompassing Look at America’s Favorite Witchy Woman

VENICE, CA – Lockdowns or quarantines or complete freedom, Jenevieve Hexxx will be on this Thursday and it will be a can’t-miss occasion for sexy Hexy’s fans to take a deep dive into her life and career.

On the menu is a wide-ranging interview about all things Hexxx: her dancing, her psychic work, her mystical beliefs, her work in the adult business, what she’s been doing and what she will be doing in the future. The program will splice in video footage of her performing various stage shows. It’s like a live show in a time when live shows are largely off the table.

“I’m very excited to be a part of this program,” Jenevieve said. “It is a great opportunity for people to see me as a full person. Rather than just focus on my work in porn or my acrobatics or spiritual side, this will combine all of those. Plus, there was some amazing clips from my performances that few have ever seen.”

“This is one you have to see and hear to believe,” an EXXXCOTICA spokesperson said. “Words cannot describe what you’re in store for, trust us!” is the online version of what the EXXXOTICA Expo, the largest adult event in the country, strives to be: an open, honest forum of discussion and education of all things sexy. From cooking to yoga, webcams to acrobatics, relationship advice to balloon animals, brings you all the wildest aspects of the show, and beyond, directly to you.

Check it out May 28 at 9 pm ET

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