Fetish-Loving Milan Is No Newbie to the SeeHimFuck.com Routine

Gets Pleasured by the Lusty & Busty Melody Foxx

HOLLYWOOD – Porn Valley can be a real melting pot and some of the performers from faraway lands really make a mark in the adult industry. Serbian native Milan could be one of those and shows some of those skills in SeeHimFuck.com’s “Serb Stud Gets Serviced.”

Slowly and steadily, he shows off what he’s got and for most that will be his big tool. After his long tease, the five-foot-three and 34D beauty Melody Foxx comes out with a bottle of oil and douses him from the upper body down. She rubs it in, taking joy in feeling his body and she slides her hands across his arms and chest, nibbling on his biceps and then letting him lie down so she can pleasure his bottom half.

She laps at his feet with her impressive tongue, giving the camera occasional dreamy-eyed looks as Milan looks on – it’s not easy for a guy to fake it – and keeps his meat firm. Eventually he gets her going BJ-style, holding her head and making sure his toes are going as deep as they can. Then he spits in her mouth and slaps her a couple times, which inspires her to work harder.

With the feet properly cleaned, 18-year-old Melody moves on to his asshole, lapping at his whole as he watches and encourages her. Unlike so many guys, Milan appears to have some experience getting rimmed and he’s very comfortable with it. Or maybe he was quickly tamed by Melody’s curvy tongue. When she breaks to suck his cock, he holds her head and demands an aggressive sucking. She tries so hard to get the whole thing into her throat, but she just can’t swallow it all. But with her attitude, she’ll get there one day.

Milan stands up for further BJ action and pumps her throat hard. He gives her direction and she does everything she can to please him. She smiles and laughs lightly during the few breaks, then he bends over on the couch and spreads his ass cheeks so she can get in deep. It’s a long, deep and at times almost romantic rim, followed by Milan finally pleasuring himself by allowing the busty and big-assed babe to get on and let that cock into her sweet pussy.

She gets on top and drapes herself over him. Unlike her young throat, his cock is able to get all the way inside her barely legal honeypot. Milan watches his cock sink into her as she rides him, following his orders and getting wetter the more he talks dirty to her and his cock moves more easily in and out of her damp pinkness. In search of more control he gets her in missionary. The camera is positioned over her head, so we see how he works his magic, both his hands pushing both of her legs back and pumps her hard. At one point he slows it down and presses his feet on her face and she sucks his toes, then he gets to drilling harder as we hear her moans increase under his cocksmanship.

For the first half of doggie we can barely even see Melody, but when the camera pulls back we can see that her hair is being pulled and then he mounts her high and his cock is as deep as it can go thanks to Melody’s inviting thoroughfare. To close things out he gets back on top and pumps her until his cum rises to the top. He pulls out and splooges on her puss and stomach “You like that?” he asks her. “Yeah!” she says, sounding sultry, but like a girl exhausted after an incredible lay.

The camera heads off to the shower and films Milan cleaning off before asking him a few questions. The cameraman notes that he comes off as a very confident man to which Milan responds – confidently – “Yeah.” When it’s pointed out that he really seems to enjoy the foot worship and the rimming, Milan minces no words: “I love that shit!” He says he’s no stranger to the acts and he’s got a foot fetish himself. It sure shows in this scene!

Milan is represented by Hussie Models. Check out his page at https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/milan/ and his Twitter @lanmimiami.

Melody Foxx is also represented by Hussie. She is available for BBGG, BG, BGB, BJ, bondage, creampie, deep throat, facial, fetish, GBG, GG, group, HJ, interracial, solo, taboo and toys. For more information and to book her go to https://hussiemodels.com/portfolio-item/melody-foxx/. Follow her on Twitter @melody__foxx.

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