Black Label Calls for ‘Disobedience’ With New Scene

Verronica Kirei Puts Maid Serene Siren in Her Sexy Place

VENICE, CA – Serene Siren may be the sexiest of maids, but she is easily distracted.

In a new scene from Black Label titled “Disobedience,” the scantily-clad cleaner-upper’s attention is taken from her work when she encounters a book that’s been left out. Rather than put it in its place, she starts reading the salacious tome and quickly becomes aroused and absolutely positively has to reach out and touch someone – herself!

Enter Verronica Kirei, who is more annoyed than shocked by Serene’s behavior. Rather than yell at her to get back to work, she decides it would be more effective to take it out on the maid’s ass. Thinking Serene has learned her lesson, Verronica banishes her from the room.

Soon Serene brings Verronica a platter full of jewels and begins to pamper and primp the lady of the house. The lusty maid is still feeling frisky and would like take care of her boss in a different way, but what would Verronica say? Then Serene notices a dildo on the platter. It seems Serene’s punishment wasn’t complete after all. Verronica removes what little clothes her maid is wearing and encourages her to play with herself as she removes her own clothes. Oh, what punishment this is going to be!

“The true talent of the actresses comes out in this film,” Black Label founder Lincoln said. “Their ability to communicate to each other and the audience without any dialogue, as you would in a stage play or a ballet, is the mark of true acting talent.”

The scene is set to a rather famous piece of classical music, adding to the elegance and the ballet-like manner in which the scene is presented.

“There was no other music to put this to other than Bach,” Lincoln said.

He uses the cues of the music in clever editing, making this truly a piece of high-drama.

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