Diamond Foxxx Turns in What Might Be Sexiest Fleshtunes Ever

Busty MILF Takes Fleshbot Feature to a New Level

VENICE, CA – When Fleshbot asked Diamond Foxxx about her Fleshtunes – the songs that help her get her sexy on – she really struck a chord for the site.

The variety is astonishing, something that maybe can be attributed to her maturity and having lived through a few more years of music than many of her co-stars. It probably also has something to do with growing up in a military family and her moving around a bit in her life.

She goes from Dolly Parton to Pink, AC/DC to Martin Garrix and then throws in In This Moment just to make sure you can’t pin her down.

Music is a vital part of Diamond’s life and she even throws in some lyrics from her last pick that will win over any doubters.

“I absolutely love music,” Diamond said. “It’s a vital part of my life, whether I’m having sex, working out, relaxing or fixing dinner. I always have music on, so getting my opinion on music is pretty easy to do – just ask!”

Without giving the whole piece away, he’s a sneak peek: Her comments about “Backwoods Barbie” by Dolly Parton.

“I love this song because it is like my story, a girl from the country who just wanted to look pretty,” she said. “The song is so much deeper than that it is about being able to have a “certain look” but have something underneath, something that is in your heart and your head. It’s about being something more than they think you are!”

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